Vofeel total-proof

It can be submerged 3 meters of deep during 60 minutes.

Our protection cases have closure caps that will hold their connectors in a sealed when you don’t use them.

3H hardness

The surface of PET screen is built with high hardness. It reaches 3H standard. Scratch-proof. No more worries about your iPhone screen´s glass.

IP68 certified

Water-proof certified by SGS. It can reach 3 meters 60 minutes. Use the phone under the water. Take photos and videos when you are diving.

Cristal Tech

The PET screens film provides an optical transparency and it supports 3D-Touch function. Also fingerprint identifying thanks to its fingerprint recognition membrane.

We are manufacturers and distributors.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, Vofeel provides you quality and versatility for your multimedia daily life.

All our products are manufactured in China.