Virtual GlassesThe virtual reality is one of most significant patents on the current technological advance, who’s expecting for 2020 reach to 100 million users, the first tests are based on videogames but all gave a big change when companies as Oculus VR (directed by Palmer Luckey) showed beyond that only videogames, experiencing and developing prototypes In order that other companies will take it and adapt it to daily life to areas as medicine, science, even for treatment to the health virtual reality is present.

Technology goes forward in big steps, and virtual reality is a clear example of it; a technology able to catch you in a digitized environment. In big technological conventions as CES we will appreciate companies that dedicates not only to digitize a environment if not that they adapt other tools as the 3D audio and platforms to walk and makes us the main character of a digitized world but as real, that you won’t notice the difference between real and the imaginary once you’ll be inside it.

The future in diapers yet

The project of virtual reality has many years on the market and though passed many years of prototypes, patents, projects to live the experience of the user; it’s thought that until now in 2016 it is being considered as the great beginning of the virtual reality and probably the future for big projects. Currently Sony and Microsoft bet as big tools for their videogames consoles, already exists products of virtual reality on pre-sales and ready to be used.

Passing throughout this year the virtual reality product most bought has been the glasses of virtual reality where has been sold around 7 millions of glasses around the world and Samsung with Gear VR has been the leader on sells of a million of glasses. The first homemade prototype presented was the Google CardBoard VR made of paperboard and glasses of 40mm (Focal distance and biconvex) to reach the virtual reality effect, very easy to set and with a smartphone is to live an augmented experience.

The school from the future

At the beginning of virtual reality only was known patents for videogames, truly this was the base for virtual reality glasses creation and to start with the technology from the future. The virtual reality adaptation consisted in passing all the works from videogames to educational platforms and was a success, on nowadays universities from United States use equipments to record in 360 grades a nursing hall and with it students on distance use the virtual reality helmets and make them able to see the whole area already seen by the teacher.

On nowadays Oculus VR is one of most experimented in adapting to other areas and the current benefited from this great technology are the students from school in United States with a special program called “VR for good”. 9 schools from San Francisco are going to be the first on having the opportunity to create videos from 3-5 minutes in 360 grades, an unique opportunity for cinematography students to start themselves on virtual reality.

More than 500 projects in Spain

Virtual reality in Spain have found that the 47% of projects have been carried out in 2016, exists almost 150 companies dedicated to virtual reality in Spain, however it’s expected in 2017 this companies extend their staff because the majority are start-ups companies from less to 5 employees (41%) and only a few overcomes 20 employees (8%). The half of this start-ups companies of Spain that dedicate to these areas only invoice less than 300.000 Euros a year.

In spite of the number of companies are very small respecting to staff, this projects of virtual reality in so far of projects (500 projects) is estimated that could invoice a totality of 45 million of Euros which for some technological companies is a small cipher, but for new technologies in Spain is a hope that it maintains advancing to virtual reality.

Virtual reality for all

From beginning of virtual reality it has been experimented other areas, one of most interesting is the military area; creating a digitized environment for assault practices with functional guns in virtual reality environment. Virtual reality has opened ways to big researches, even exists the possibility to heal diseases on psychiatry through virtual reality glasses.

The original idea for virtual reality glasses was the entertainment; on nowadays it keeps being the leader, but not so much, in the virtual reality projects, the enteirtainment only has 23% of the projects, the following of publicity (Marketing) 22%, tourism 17% and then, there are other areas which are in process of more searches such as the education, health, Real-estate market and services. Oculus VR is one the companies that have explored these areas, even is base to many other companies for their prototypes and experiments of virtual reality.

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