iPhone 7Apple, after launching the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, has been in the public eye due to its specifications and better functions than the previous one, iPhone 6. The generation of a product is always being improved and Apple has an extensive experience in this field, making improvements either of the operating system or the cell phone design. Once again, Apple highlights a new contribution to the technological development with its products, and all the new functions they have incorporated to them.

On its official website, Apple highlights iPhone 7 and 7 Plus new advanced features as its camera system, which has been enhanced, as well as a longer battery life, wide color gamut and brighter display, and a more resistant waterproofed case. Nevertheless, the big news is not the new functions but its selling statistics, which we will further analyze.

Brand new design, translates into more new sellings!

Although iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is better than the previous generation of iPhones, in relation to many features, this does not mean that Apple have had better sales records. Regardless, many stores in Spain have sold all the stock, and this has happened in many others all over the world after its launching, it does not mean that the sales numbers are higher compared to those from iphone 6, according to Ming Chi Kuo from KGI securities.

One of the more highlighted features of the new Apple product is the “jack” better known as the headphone jack, which has completely disappeared in this new version. At first glance, we can think that Apple is not thinking in the users when introducing this new feature, because there have been many complaints about this new jack design, in this new product, but it may be something that will be considered for a possible “iPhone7s”.

Succesfull Sales since unveiling

9to5mac has stated that according to the sales records, the new Apple product has been a success thanks to its new variety of colors (a matte color called Black and a new Jet Black, with a higher gloss finish) and also because of the dual camera which has been incorporated to the new iPhone 7 y 7 Plus. The first days, after the iPhone 7 was released, were an accomplishment on sales, even iPhone´s 6 sales records were broken in some countries. Nevertheless, iPhone 6 continues having major sales records in general.

These statistics are based on the fact that Apple distributed iphone 6 only to the stores in 12 countries. Currently, iPhone 7 was distributed to the stores in 28 countries, all in which it would be launched the same date. It is also known that the Jet black color is the best selling model, which is more difficult to manufacture.

Higher Production Costs

All the surveys from KGI Securities show that producing a Black Jack iPhone 7 is difficult, they even pointed out that is 60%-70% more difficult to produce than any other color. In relation to this, Apple announced on its web site that even though it is the user´s favorite color, it can be easily scratched. Nevertheless, users did not give relevance to that information because it represents 30%-35% on sales records all over the world, and in China a 45%-50% of the sales records.

Another survey from KGI Securities points out that 128GB is Apple´s most popular model. Even when it does not have the sales record and the stock has not been sold out, it catches people´s interest. Apple launched 3 models to the market, in relation to storage capacity: 32GB, 128GB y 256GB. People might consider that 32GB is not enough capacity and 256GB is too much. That could be the reason why the users prefer 128GB version.

75 Millions were not enough

The amount of iPhone 7 sellings known by Apple is high. There have been sold 70- 75 millions of devices.  Notwithstanding, Apple has stated that the records are lower than those from iPhone 6s.  Apple informed about several statistics but it did not want to reveal iPhone´s 7 sales statistics on the first launching weekend. It is the first year that Apple did not want to reveal its Smartphone statistics.

Apple´s new product has improved and better functions than the previous model, but the real reason why the stock was sold out is that there were not enough devices in the stores, in comparison to iPhone 6s, but it is not a matter of an increase on the product users.

At the Apple store, we can check the products prices by ourselves and compare them to those in the market. That will help us to know, if the price is a major factor that could affect sales records. iPhone 7 price range may vary between 769€ and iPhone 7 Plus to 909€, in comparison with iPhone 6s, which can be found to 659€, and iPhone 6s to 769€.

Vofeel throws cases for iPhone 6 with total-proofVofeel international company has launched one of the best tools possible for our smartphones, the protective covers for iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 / 6s Plus. The company is mainly in China as headquarters and in Spain as a delegation of distribution for Europe, production is located in China where later will be distributed internationally in industrial quantities to all continents.

Vofeel is responsible for protecting smartphones, this time in one of the most current and best smartphones on the market as is the iPhone 6 providing total security of your Smartphone if it is submerged in water, crushed by a car, falls from great heights, among others. All you need to protect your iPhone, Vofeel will give it.

3 meters under water for 60 minutes

One of the most outstanding features of the Vofeel cases is that they offer enhanced features such as water resistance. Currently in the world there are cases that can only be submerged a few centimeters and do not last more than 5 minutes because your smartphone could be seriously damaged.

Vofeel case offers customers up to 3 meters deep and a resistance of up to 60 minutes, much more than a conventional case. The protection of these total-proof covers for iPhone protects your connectors, maintains sealed when not in use to avoid exposure to water when submerged.

Original design!

In conventional cases we note that the design of our smartphone could change, in some cases because they do not specialize in a specific smartphone but in a universal size and this is the final result a very large with a smartphone inside a bag cover, this is very common in anti-shock generic cases.

Vofeel is responsible for maintaining the design of Apple, so it will look as if they were using a cover and everything is maintained and gives a completely original appearance Apple smartphone. The company has worked hard on this aspect, since competition does not offer its users many features as Vofeel in their cases and this is demonstrated when the company designs a specific model, not a universal model where your smartphone may be damaged.

Total-proof certification

Vofeel case is certified by SGSToday one of the most important things for a customer to trust a product is its validation, if not validated by the world or by companies specializing in this area will not be enough to at least try to test the product. The Vofeel case is certified by SGS which can be submerged three meters under water and in addition 60 minutes. You can capture videos, take pictures, among other things … a good accessory and companion for water activities.

Vofeel stepped forward to validation before being released, giving users complete confidence that they can use their smartphones under water, and also to be anti-shock, anti-snow, anti-dust, anti-dirt, among others … Better known as total-proof when it complies with all these features.

Always Touch!

Vofeel made sure we not to lose contact with our smartphone, despite being a total-proof cover can view and manage our smartphone as comfortable as possible, high technology that manages Vofeel makes even the screen can detect fingerprints and optimize 100% contact with the screen of our iPhone6.

The company has secured and verified this feature by sending messages, making calls, taking pictures, among other tests … to 3 meters underwater. Vofeel currently has available is based on the official store but distributed on every continent, even expanding to all countries that do not stay without yours.

Up to 5 meters high!

In Vofeel we ensure that not only is a small drop, compared to other cases if the screen or case of the smartphone is not damaged, the case will do. This changes with Vofeel that besides protecting all smartphone anti-shocks may fall and no damage on the case or the Smartphone.

It is fully certified by SGS that the smartphone with a Vofeel’s cover may fall to 1.2 meters high up to 26 times, even more but validation for this company is to this test, however Vofeel create their own tests and drops a Smartphone with a cover Vofeel 5 meters and does not suffer any damage, such tests can find them on our YouTube channel.

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Vofeel is a partner company with many others, suppliers and distributors of our products. Vofeel specializes in anti-shock, anti-dirt, anti-snow, waterproof and also called total-proof covers unique in the market. Many companies have tried to adopt the same Vofeel’s technology, so do not be fooled with other products that offer the same as Vofeel, because we are original and unique in the market.