Xiaomi launches Mi MixIn the market, competition is essential and big companies such as Samsung, Apple and Google are the current leaders in mobile technology, competing amongst themselves to be the most sold and most used high-end smartphone in the world. From long ago Chinese manufacturers have tried to be in the ranking of manufacturers that sell more internationally and some have had success thanks to some big companies that are now out of the market such as Nokia. The statistics are calculated every trimester of the year depending on how much smartphones each manufacturer has sold and distributed.

As usual Samsung heads the top 5 of manufacturers that globally sell more smartphones  alongside Apple that despite of not having distributed its operating system (iOS) to many smartphones like Android (Google), it has equally maintained its’ spot at the top but it is going down with time. The great novelty is that 3 Chinese manufacturers have become the world leader in sales; Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo. These 3 Chinese manufacturers have turned the world around with their high-end smartphones which are adequately boosted to compete against smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or one of the  biggest brands like the iPhone 7S which are the smartphones getting most peoples attention today.

Xiaomi’s new Mi mix.

One of the manufacturers currently positioned at the top was pressured by its competitors to create a new high-end smartphone. Xiaomi without any fear has jumped into the market with a smartphone able to conquer the likes of Samsung and even the iPhone from Apple. Xiaomi will make the launch of its Mi Mix official on November 4th in China, in other countries it will arrive a bit later but it’ll be worth the wait to see the new Xiaomi’s smartphone. The launch of new high end smartphones ahead of Samsung’s smartphones, Google or Apple is very competitive, this makes the battle for sales in the global market more interesting.

Xiaomi assures us that its next smartphones will be similar to Mi Mix, with the screen of the mobile covering 91,3% of the body, first time presented by a manufacturer but that has been put in practice in others but not in a certain grade. The innovation that Xiaomi delivered is what has now given rise to the anticipation for its smartphones, with the new Mi Mix they’ve given a big blow to other manufacturers who previously have tried to cover up the large part of their smartphone’s body with the screen, nevertheless Xiaomi was quicker and on November 4th theirs is going to appear in the market.

Elegant and unique design

There’s no doubt that engineers from Xiaomi gave their all to create an elegant and unique design for the market, it covers up more than 90% of the smartphones’ body with the screen and the fact that it doesn’t have frames is a never before seen innovation, It is very similar to smartphones we see in movies or futuristic TV series. In spite of many people comparing it to a similar design of iPhone 7S, it’s important to highlight that Mi Mix is a bit heavier (209g) than its competitors (Pixel XL, iPhone 7 plus, S7 Edge) but is much bigger and covers up a large percentage of the screen but with similar dimensions to the Apple smartphone (iPhone 7 Plus).

One of the reasons for which Mi mix has delivered a great impact in technology is because it has not copied the same factory system that other smartphones have with respect to design, currently smartphone manufacturers only create mobiles with bigger screens and increase the components and their functions, such as is the case with Samsung who have now made it a practice with its generations series (Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S or Galaxy Note). Still the future of smartphones isn’t known but many people recommend that an opportunity be given to Xiaomi with its Mi Mix to see what the future has in store for them in the market.

High end Smartphone

The features that Mi Mix posesses are previous features of a high end grade, we hope that what happened to Samsung wouldn’t happen to Mi Mix whereby creating a powerful device proved to be dangereous for the clients. It was announced that the new Mi Mix of Xiaomi includes a Snapdragon 821 processor of 2.35 GHz, with NFC connectivity, cameras of 8 megapixels (Frontal) and a back camera of 16 megapixels, besides including a long life battery of 4.400 mAh integrated with a quick charging system.

Xiaomi will also introduce to the market a gold version that has 6GB of RAM and an internal storage of 256 GB; one of the most awaited alternatives in the market, a mobile of 6GB of RAM memory is synonymous of a response speed highly assured by a price of 540 Euros. For those who prefer not to have a very extravagant mobile, for only 475 Euros you’ll be able to buy a Mi Mix of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internet storage. Xiaomi includes features seen previously in the products of other manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple, but the quality that each one offers is high, almost the double in internal storage and 2GB less of RAM.

Malware arrives to our mobilesMalware are known as the codes, applications or malignant services that cause failures in computer systems; its acronym means “malicious software”. The objective of malicious software is to damage, and to seep in, having specific tasks to reduce a computer systems’ performance; or, in many occasions, information theft. Malware embraces all sorts of computer viruses that we know as; worms, Trojans, spyware, amongst others. Lots of these viruses are created for a specific task. It’s called malicious software because it’s a problematic software (bugs) but in an organized way, and with the intention of damaging other systems or services.

There’s a way to defeat these computer viruses; the most commonly used are antivirus programs or anti-malware to deeply analyze the whole storage, processes and services of our computer to erase them or just to find where the problem is. However, a malware is software that is specially designed to be invisible against these antivirus programs, anti-malware, or the seeking of any file within folders. While the intention of these viruses is to grow and spread within our phones, antivirus programs are becoming stronger; finding and detecting any sort of virus threat before it acts by itself. Lots of these antivirus programs recognize specific viruses because their makers also created their antidote; its’ antivirus.

Malware in smartphones

Any malicious software can be dressed up in different ways in order to be invisible to the users’ eyes. Even a simple publicity could be a virus which can infect our system just by a touch of the screen. It’s really important to consider that not every internet advertisement is true. One of the most common ones is when we get into any web page and a short advertisement, about our smartphone model displaying an error that could be solved if we download the application advertised. It is totally false and that’s when this malicious software dressed up as advertisement seeps into our smartphone and infects it.

We’ll  be able to see immediately if our smartphone has been infected by any malicious software; high battery consumption, and very low performance of the phone are signals that we can use to identify this. This type of problem is commonly caused by installing applications, but if you see that after downloading an application these types of problems begin to occur; you will have to do something more than just uninstalling the application because it’ll be recorded on the virus log. In order to deal with this situation, we should search for an application that works as an antivirus, or we can reinstall the standard firmware.

Anti-malware campaigns

Europe and the rest of the world want to carry out various tasks to prevent malicious softwares from being downloaded into our smartphones. One of those interested in this campaign is the police and the civil guard in Europe (Europol) who have initiated awareness among smartphone users to take maximum caution when installing any application that could contain malware since we have on our phones information such as our identities. Given that, it is guaranteed that if in our smartphones we have useful information, such as; IDs, bank or personal information, it can be stolen and used whichever way the malware wants. Usually, malware steals previous logs, bank accounts and personal information.

The way in which these campaigns should be taken is that we have to make sure we don’t install any application outside of the app stores, such as; Google Play Store or Apple Store. Many applications that aren’t in these stores are independent, and that’s why they have not been tested by a developer like Google or Apple before their launch. Some developers lack money to launch their applications in app stores. Whatever the case may be, we have to be careful about installing applications from unknown sources

How to avoid it or detect it?

Many antivirus programs were developed on mobile platforms to recognize and detect when they’re being attacked or infected by malware. The best recommendation is to avoid unknown and unreliable sources. We have to take note of where and when we are downloading an application from, and we have to read the applications’ permissions before installing. Here, we’ll find useful and detailed information about permissions required in order for applications to work.

One recommended application that currently analyzes most of our smartphone areas or sectors when they’re infected is Bluebox Security Scanner. An application pretty simple for Android which searches 3 of the most infected areas affected by malware; data application analysis, unknown application sources and the security patch. This application guarantees that your security patches are updated in order to better recognize and analyze an application package and search out malicious codes.


Quoting messages in WhatsAppWhatsApp is one of the most used apps for instant messaging in the world, as well as one of the most downloaded according to the app stores of all operating systems through which it is distributed. Lately, WhatsApp has had some upgrades that many of its users haven’t approved of but others have liked; however there are some rumours on the social networks and the internet about future upgrades such as being able to see with whom you are chatting, among many others which are totally false. We also have to take into account that many people have tried to hack into WhatsApp but haven´t achieved success doing so on this platform.

One of the most important steps that WhatsApp has taken was to improve its security to automatic encryption through which all conversations would remain totally secure, they could only be seen by the devices being used to have the conversation.This feature closed the door to the possibility of hackers seeing this as a vulnerability which could never be exploited, after this update WhatsApp also closed the door to the chances of its multi-platform system becoming the victim of a cyber attack. Unfortunately,WhatsApp allowed a lot of time to pass before implementing this integration, while Telegram ( Its faithful competitor) had already deployed the feature on its platform, even its security is better than that of WhatsApp.

Quote messages as answers

This great feature of WhatsApp allows you to directly answer a specific message regardless of what time it was sent, the most interesting thing about this is that it works both for personal chats as well as for group conversations, a feature that has already been integrated in Telegram and WhatsApp is now including it on its’ platform. Right here at Vofeel we will show you how it’s done.

  • First of all in your WhatsApp app you’ve got to get into a conversation in which you have had previous messages.
  • Then you’ll have to press and hold the message you’ll like to reply to until it shows that it has been highlighted.
  • After this you will see a tool bar at the top of the conversation, where you’ll have to select the second option from your left to the right, which is the reply button.
  • Press the reply option and then type in your reply as you would with any message.

Lastly we will see how to reply a specific message, get into that message and see it visualized with a small screen capture that we’ll be quoting, if we are in a group conversation the name of the contact will appear and the message to all online in that moment.

The reply option doesn’t appear what should I do?

It’s possible that you might be using a previous version of WhatsApp to that which is currently available in the app stores, it would’t stop working neither would it stop receiving messages, but you’ll have problems when the platform is upgraded, you wouldn’t enjoy the benefits that the app has until you download the latest version from the app store, if you are unable to see the reply option, Vofeel recommends you to do the following:

  • The first thing to do is to delete the WhatsApp application and officially download  a new one from the app stores, this way you are sure of downloading the latest version of the app.
  • Verify that your device has enough storage to upgrade the app, in many smartphones if you don’t have double the capacity of the size required for the upgrade you wouldn’t be able to install it.
  • If it doesn’t work, verify that your operating system is compatible with the latest upgrade, on previous occasions WhatsApp has been exempted from some versions of Android.

Note: In case your smartphone isn’t compatible with WhatsApp from the app stores, you can download it from your browser and manually install it.

WhatsApp Version 2.16.310

The most used messenger service globally in smartphones is currently in its version 2.16.310 which you’ll be able to download from a browser and manually install or simply download it from the app store of your smartphone and let it install automatically. This WhatsApp version includes the following features:

  • Draw or add text to pictures or videos from WhatsApp, same way you can add emojis to make it funnier.
  • When you are in a group conversation you’ll be able to make mention of a specific contact by placing the “@” symbol.
  • The emojis will appear bigger if they are sent in a unique way, or otherwise they will appear as a small image.

Soccer, innovation and technologyBreaking new ground in some life areas, in which we’re already used to, is a topic rather particular within technology. Not everyone take risks to innovate, to create or just adapting to a new method or a new tool that could bring excellent benefits. But it can fail in the attempt, and that’s what everybody is scare of; failing in the attempt. It isn’t easy to innovate and bringing new tools to what we already know and what we already use. Proposing new ways to find better results, gaining ground as much as possible, it’s also likely to have mistakes or negative results by the lack of calculations. That’s the main reason of why so many people don’t like to innovate; they already have a comfortable and secure position.

Certain life areas aren’t just filled with technology devices, such as; smartphones, smart TVs or virtual reality glasses. Actually, it goes beyond than that because it’s being implemented to sports, food products, music, life styles, entertaining, among others. Technology is embracing every one of them, for which today we enjoy a better and vast efficiency throughout time; when technology is still having updates and reaching new tools to enhance it. We have to take in account that in many life areas technology is present, but some things aren’t accepted by society, now that is being known as robotic processes, when in fact are just tools improving our lives.

Innovating soccer

One of the sports that has suffered more critics, both positive and negative in the implementation of technology, has been soccer. A lot of people agree with the application of technology to detect fouls, offside positions, if the ball goes into the soccer goal, and confirmation through slow motion if there is a foul or any other characteristic that fanatics disapprove justifying the human decision of referees; accepting that they can make mistakes in some things by the fact that we’re humans. However, supporting technology in sports is a great option to achieve perfection, without margin of error, being totally fair.

Nowadays, some technological characteristics were accepted, having the support and the right efficiency in the game, making it equal and fair for both sides. In the 2014 Rio de Janeiro soccer World Cup, an extension of unknown characteristics were displayed and implemented for the first time in a soccer field when the first whistle of the most important soccer world cup celebrated every 4 years was sounded. One of the characteristics is that the referees had smart wristbands that pointed if the ball passes the goal line. This characteristic helped, with slow motion, at taking decisions; because it wasn’t very fair before this pioneering device.

From a player to an innovator

Llana Milkes is the name of the ex soccer player who decided to leave the soccer field to become a groundbreaking entrepreneur. Llana Milkes was a soccer player and she wore during 5 years its feminine Colombian team t-shirt, feeling rather proud about it. Becoming today the World Tech Makers cofounder, she was also chosen to represent her country, Colombia, in the 2016 Start Tel Aviv lecture where they won the support of the Skype and Hotmail investor. Llana Milkes is well known in Colombia like “Superpowerful” by the fact of leaving a soccer field to become a cofounder of a startup company that has future in the teaching of programming.

World Tech Makers is a startup company dedicated to the teaching of an early age future programmers, as well as adults. Programming doesn’t have limits and if you can imagine, you can program. The well known World Tech Makers figures says that at least 95% of its students or people who has gone through it have found a job in the programming area. The company counts with a support of many Colombian companies. However, just the support of Skype and Hotmail will be enough to release this platform.

The innovation pit

One of the most important things of innovation is the information given to the users. Llana Milkes was successful and that’s why she received support from many multimillion-dollar companies. Nonetheless, many enterprises had failed at innovation of an area or a specific side of its business because they didn’t spread enough information for a change. Without the required information or lecture for its users, an entire company could fall and get worse if they take risks and do not expose the necessary standards.

The most important innovation topic is to stop doing something ordinary, taking action to obtain a better efficiency in the final answers. It’s necessary to make innovations in companies because staying with an old technology might unchain, in some cases, a forced and not prepared migration to other platforms. That’s why it must be very important to take action before these sorts of migrations occur; to avoid any type of regret.

Wire wants to give way to WhatsApp and TelegramNowadays the companies need to innovates their ideas and give way to the currently, there are companies that prefer to buy a prototype and boost it, offering all the monetary resources to accomplish its maximum capacity of performance, nevertheless an innovative idea always contributes both in new technological tendencies as in the technology market. Currently, innovate is a very important fact due to the big part of what we want to create has already been developed or is in developing, however, still exists some ideas of futuristic technology that nowadays are in trending and make difference between already exist and what we can create.

The possibility to struggle a place as the better app of instant messages, the better social network or even the better game on the currently is a role that have to be seriously taken. Facebook is one the enterprises that more have innovated and updated its social network since the launch in 2003 in Harvard University as many already knows, nevertheless there are other social networks or apps of social networks that compete for the first place but without result due to facebook is the most visited social network of whole internet according to the Alexa ranking in 2015.

Wire, the safest messenger in the world

Such as WhatsApp and telegram, Wire is an instant messenger app that today fights a place to be recognized and more used than the other apps; however Wire is so secure of its position to users that wants to fight a place among WhatsApp and Telegram. The security is the base of many apps and Wire has put it into practice since its launch, we all want that our messages only could be read by receptor contacts, nevertheless until now was that WhatsApp could implement the encryption to an elevated level, but wasn’t entirely.

Telegram is one of the safest instant messenger apps, even counts with an encryption larger than WhatsApp, however WhatsApp keeps making charge to be the most used instant messenger app in smartphones and tablets. The particularity of Wire is that use the encryption Point-to-point both to individual chats as for group conversations, this way the point-to-point encryption is used in calls or video-calling, a great warranty that only online and present people with the group administrator can visualize the content.

New features, new design

Usually we see the same features of an instant messenger app, the same interface of WhatsApp or same functions of Telegram, Wire despite using these features also presents to its followers; the viewing of links of any website, automatically showing the title and picture of the page, sharing of content directly from YouTube or any other video – music platform such as Spotify or Vimeo, group video-calling (More than 10 persons) in one only conversation, the experience of the stereo-visual effect that works with headphones to understand who is talking.

The persons in charge to create a redesign of this instant messenger app were the same Skype creators; even they’re in charge of some functions both in design as in features that will compete with the big ones as WhatsApp or Telegram. Wire has a design that helps it to its functions of gestures and ease to share links, music or video in a very easy way that only to Skype creators could occur. Wire counts with many functions and design that makes it one of the safest instant messenger apps with large functionalities and a totally creative and innovator design, the perfect to compete with the top of app stores.

WhatsApp is giving advantage

Since facebook became to be the owner of the most known and downloaded instant messenger app, in the world of apps has lowered a bit the motivation with some European joining. The discontent is due to Facebook took possession of all the data and communications that would carry WhatsApp, some organizations and companies of Europe didn’t like the new, Facebook created a little hate to WhatsApp where many companies will directly go to Telegram or if they discover at time all the features of Wire, will be its new messenger app.

All the defects of Whatsapp and Telegram served to Wire could create new functions and features that made it better than the previously mentioned. Nevertheless we know that in many occasions users prefer the usual as WhatsApp and don’t tend innovating new technologies, but it’s recognized the job of the Swiss company in spite of not being recognized, currently is one of the safest instant messenger apps and with functions that if it’s disclosed surely will be more used than others until the point of competing respecting to downloads and being on the top of the app stores with WhatsApp or Telegram.

Samsung loses 4.900 million by its Note 7The most expected smartphone by mobile technology lovers was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was released in august of the current year, with excellent characteristics that only Samsung can offer in a smartphone. Costing more than 800 euros in the European market, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has great features in comparison to the others smartphones in the market; the latest Android update (Android 6.0.1), 5,7’’ inches,  4 cores 2.3 GHz processor, 4GB RAM memory, 3500, mAh battery, and its resistance to dust and water, between other features, makes it very powerful and strong.

Samsung has always created high range smartphones according to the current technology. The Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t the exception. A smartphone with a 4GB RAM memory and a 2.3 GHz processor could be more powerful than a desk computer or a laptop. Galaxy Note was a generation created by Samsung in 2011, from this point, Galaxy Note has had big changes just like its other well-known families with a long time in the market, such as; Galaxy ACE or the Galaxy S. family. Unfortunately for Samsung, Galaxy Note 7 had many troubles that even the company wants to replace it if you still have one.

More than 4,900 million in losses

The past October 14, Samsung officially removed from the market its high range smartphone; Galaxy Note 7 had lots of troubles, after that, Samsung just evaluated the situation and in October 14 the taken decision was to remove from the market the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The most expected smartphone had a cost rather big for Samsung. It’s well-known that more than 4,900 million euros is going to be the loss for the first 2017 quarter; but, right now, stopping the whole production already started to bring more losses to Samsung. Nonetheless, the well-known figures of the 2016 four quarter are bigger than 2,400 million euros by the paralyzed production.

Its not working smartphone was the wrenching news for Samsung. One of the reasons is overheating; a smartphone of certain characteristics should maintain a correct system temperature. However, the Samsung smartphone was one the most powerful of the business, leaving behind companies like Huawei with its Huawei smartphone Honor P6 having a 3GB RAM memory. The Galaxy Note 7 was the challenge to many high range smartphones; that’s why knowing that it didn’t work out, Samsung started to see losses within its sales figures in the international market.

The smartphone “Bomb”

That’s how it’s being called the new Galaxy Note 7 due to its production problems. Still being researched, the Galaxy Note 7 has become, popularly, in a “Bomb.” One of its normal problems is smartphone overtheating, nevertheless, Samsung hasn’t spoken about it nor giving a solution for its Galaxy Note 7. The worst of the case is that the family Note could maintain this absence due to these problems. We won’t have news about a Galaxy Note 8 until further notice.

A very well known parody on internet its how a GTA V player doesn’t throw bombs but a Galaxy Note 7 exploding; just like a bomb. On internet, there are plenty of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone parodies acting like bombs. This has bothered the Samsung engineers due to its hard work on this high range smartphone, right now being known as a bomb. Samsung news about its Galaxy Note 7 are being expected due to its unique characteristics.

Smartphone Exchange

Samsung had the idea of creating an exchange program of information and help for the replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 already purchased. Clients having a Galaxy Note 7 will be able to replace it for a high range smartphone like the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge. Samsung is also returning the Galaxy Note 7 cost difference to the one chosen by you, or in case that you don’t want to change it  because you want your money back; Samsung is going to give you the total amount for the Galaxy Note 7 purchase.

The Samsung apologies to its clients are so big that even Samsung had asked, in its official web page, that if you still have this smartphone, you can turn it off and feel free to choose one of the substitution options that they’re offering. Samsung guarantee that this Galaxy Note 7 is the only smartphone that had troubles with its production, and due to the lack of testing, the international distribution went wrong. The ones who have more possibilities to approach the smartphone change are the clients who bought it from Samsung.com.

Prevent the breast cancer from your smartphoneTechnology has supported many people to achieve their personal goals, to remember important dates thanks to smart electronic calendars, task organizer in a common mobile app or with the reminder of certain tasks. The apps in technological world are programmed to complete one or many tasks can be simple or complex tasks but always with a purpose that for some it benefits us, the app developers or companies in charge of these apps are always monitoring the behavior and reaction of people who use it, to improve or complete some user requirements.

The technology for many people turns interesting when helps not only to entertainment followers if not that also helps to society; for runners it takes a pulse register, travelled kilometers, trace of routes, burned calories among other statistics that help to control a daily, monthly or yearly exercise. In 2015 the most popular mobile app store of the market (Google Play Store) has already overcome incredible figures of more than 50.000 million of downloads since its launch such as Android Market 8 years ago, this mean that currently only Google has obtained a shocking number of downloads of a really extended store, if you need any app it will be in the store of your smartphone, and if not, we assure you that it’s being developed for a person or a company.

Breast Cancer

The mobile apps also have helped to prevent important things in life; one of these is breast cancer; the October 19th international day of breast cancer, is one of days where we more remember the first death cause of woman in Spain (More than 30% of tumours in woman) and for being a very special day the developers have worried about this illness and how to prevent it. Excellent tools that we can find in app stores are the following:

  • Breast Self-Exam
  • This app has charges, but offers incredible features for women that don’t know where to begin. The app includes tutorials with animated images to provide the basic knowledge about the procedure, available in many languages.
  • Breast Cancer Prevention
  • A totally free app that’s being boosted by Roche’s laboratory in order to users can have suggestions; see the breast cancer risks, symptoms that indicates the breast cancer and most important are daily suggestions to prevent it.
  • Med helper
  • Free app but also has charges, is the perfect app for woman who forget their medicines and doctor prescriptions, with this tool the app will remind you and will organize your calendar for every medical dating, medicine or monthly check, the only thing which isn’t attractive in this app is that is available only in English.

Such as these apps, there is thousands of extra apps where we can have a space for our care, is very important to care ourselves and a mobile app can give you many tools to don’t forget of your medicines, dating, checkups or with the simple task of organize your agenda and arrange everything in one only mobile app downloaded from your smartphone or tablet.

Safe than sorry

Is very important to have tools that can help us to prevent illnesses, a mobile app may be an excellent tool because we won’t use monetary resources or being outside of home when in fact we need to rest or having an idea of what’s happening to us, even there are persons that have taken wrong medicines only by take information on web, is recommended to use the apps or web information to have a close idea, but is not enough to self medicate of certain form.

¡Not only is entertainment!

It’s been discovered by many researches that the number of entertainment apps is bigger than the rest that are found in all app stores, even in many situations are the most downloaded according statistics of the app stores. The use of apps is growing depending of the utility of this same; the most used mobile apps in every operating system are apps from social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, among others… And are the ones which with time constantly update themselves according to user requirements.

The mobile apps have helped to many people to change certain areas of their lives; there are apps such as Duolingo that with daily practices and lessons can improve the English language, even has levels and areas where you wish to specialize and take ways according to your level of motivation in every area (Food, transport, trips among others…) and only of English, it has many more languages. Duolingo is just an example of how mobile apps have supported to people to improve their techniques in some areas.

The mobile market in U.S.AUnited States of America is the country where more competencies exist in the technological device market. Smartphones are one of the most developed issues by users; they recognize all the possible characteristics before buying a device, deciding to pay for an expensive one, trying to cover their requirements. There are all sorts of users in every country, but the ones who identify technological advances are more demanding at the hour of choosing any device. That’s why companies like Samsung, Google, or Apple have so many competencies in the market; to show among them, the Smartphone chose by their customers.

Technology is progressing at a great speed and U.S. is one of the American countries that often have the latest advanced technology, at least that’s what they’ve been trying. U.S. is a country where so many corporations are located; and if they’re not, they’ll find a way to distribute their devices to this country. The reason is simple; there are so many users who support technological advances and the purchase of the latest devices, until they find the one that covers all their needs and the one that adjusts better to their pockets. The competition is based on their employees. That’s why so many enterprises look up for requirements of the highest level programmers; to compete day by day against other companies.

Android and IOS the most used operative systems

The smartphone’s list with the operative systems used by the majority of U.S. users is being commanded by Android and IOS. A constant struggle is taking place to improve their user’s orders and requirements making their operative system the most employed in the country. Android overcome IOS, more than 60%, in the entire country by the 2016 February figures. Even in the entire world, Android beats IOS, becoming the most used by more users. At the end of 2015, there were well known statistics about the smartphone operative systems most used at global scale; Android has 70, 9% in the principal European markets.

The principal reason of this competition is to satisfy the necessities of many users, collecting more of them, and obtaining more sales in the market. In spite of statistics pointing out that Android is the operative system most used at global scale; it’s by the distribution of the same. Apple just distributes IOS in their own handsets (iPhone). Nevertheless, Google has lots of corporations producing smartphones, such as Samsung, LG, or Huawei, which have integrated Android and its updates according to Google releases.

Leaders of sales in the market

At one hand, we have the operative systems most used in smartphones, but on the other hand we have the smartphone manufacturers who distribute these mobile operative systems. The smartphones most purchased ranking in 2015 was commanded by Samsung with its Galaxy S6 having a percentage of sales bigger than 40% of the U.S market. After this, there is Apple and its iPhone 6 with a percentage of sales of more than 30% in the market. And in the third place, there is LG; its G4 had a percentage of sales of more than 15% in the market

Apple had dominated for many years the U.S. market sales and it was internationally known. Its low points were known, after its departure, when Google started to distribute all of its operative systems to others manufacturing smartphone companies providing a good support to these ones. It’s not a surprise that Samsung has changed a lot and it’s been the new Apple’s rival with all of its devices and smartphones. Nonetheless, Google, as a current manufacturer, propose a great smartphone quality, like the Pixel XL presented this year.

Underneath China and India

Nowadays, India gave a huge step indicating that technology is becoming a useful tool we have to use more often, and what better example than smartphones for an everyday life; fulfilling basic tasks, remembering dates and appointments. Like a personal agenda in the pocket, between other basic functions of a daily life. U.S. has been founded below two major powers in the smartphone selling market. It was in this year that India came out becoming a leader in sales, since U.S. being the second one with higher sales in the smartphone market.

It’s undeniable that China is the major power in the smartphone production and sale; however, last year China didn’t remain very well in its figures being for the first time lower than the previous year. GFK made a comparison between the 2014 and 2015 within the smartphone market at a global scale; China, in 2014, obtained 392 million sales but in 2015 this figure decreased to 371.1 million smartphones sold. North America maintains figures increasing, like in 2014 when 177, 3 million smartphones were sold and that number rose to 194.5 million smartphones in 2015; a figure that’s still increasing, but India has already exceeded it.

The mobile business in Latin AmericaThe mobiles have been one of the technologies which have most advanced around the world, the first mobile’s generation started on the 80’s with digital telephony, in countries such as United States, Canada or Finland were considered as 0G generation. The evolution of mobiles has been a great impact on society so much that now is considered as Smartphones because they can understand actions of the user and make them common, save daily likes as most used words in a text message and show it as a suggestion, among other features that makes that technology has changed a lot.

One of the leader enterprises on market among 1998 – 2011 was Nokia with its mobile telephony, the best phones on the market and better distributed in all the continents. Nokia was one of the manufacturers of first mobile telephony generation; in 1982 Nokia creates its first mobile system for the first generation (1G) and on 1984 was when Nokia launched to market the Mobira Talkman; the first Handheld phone. In Spain on 1990 the quantity of cell phones was larger than the population and Argentina became one of the Latin American countries with large consuming of mobile telephony.

More than 100 million of sold smartphones

Latin America is one of the largest continents where the consuming of smartphones is high, according surveys 9 of each 10 persons already have a smartphone. In 2014, Gfk declared quantities by an increase of more than 59% of the sales regarding to 2013; internationally were sold more than 1,200 million smartphones, a figure of 23% bigger to the last year and only in Latin America were sold 109 million of smartphones heading the list of continents that have sold more smartphones.

In China is still maintained the large sales in mobile telephony with more than 392 million of sales in 2014, nevertheless isn’t the continent that bigger increase have had on smartphone sales. In Latin America is known that the market of smartphones increased a 25% from 2014 to 2015; the distributor that heads these figures is Samsung with a 29.5% on the 2015 year, the companies that are kept beneath Samsung is LG (10.9%), Apple (10.1%) and Motorola (8.6), leaving a total of 40.8% to other enterprises.

150 million of users

The figures of sales weren’t the only ones that increased, also the quantity of users that have a smartphone have increased in large figures. eMarketer was the in charge to give the figures to users or residents in Latin American that every year it’s been increased until a 22,2% of the last year, if the approaching continues with these figures in increase, it’s presumed that in 2019 it will be reached at least 245,6 million users that have a smartphone.

The biggest users of Latin America are concentrated on 6 countries; the 84% of users that have a smartphone are located and distributed between Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The figures for users are taken as residents of the country, however the the figures increase in sold devices, because an user can have many devices, even are taken into account the companies that buy smartphones to adapt them to the needing and areas of companies.

Smartphones dominate the world

One of smartphone’s objectives is to leave behind the old mobile telephony and become the market in a new in a new generation of mobile telephony; the smartphone. In Latin America one of the countries that achieved to disappear of the market the obsolete mobile telephony by profitability is Argentina, so much that the smartphone’s sales in Argentina is about a 99% over the whole market, being surprising figures in all the continent. The rest of the countries in Latin America are still increasing these figures to a 77% of the entire market.

Large manufacturers and smartphones distributors have risen up and have betted to come to Latin America to obtain better sales and global recognition. The other point is the local companies that compete against foreign companies to obtain more benefits, a great fight that can carry much difference in technology if it is not yet developed and completed all the necessary in the country. One of the local companies is Lanix (Mexico) that day to day competes against Asian companies that want to enter to the continent as smartphone’s distributor.

If the current figures continue with that increase the networks of fourth (4G) could become into around 76,000 million dollars between 2016 and 2020 to reach the large potential of networks on Latin American’s smartphones. The enterprise Ericsson that also produced and distributed smartphones esteems that in 2015 the connections between smartphones were more than 354 millions only in Latin America; Ericsson also predicts that connections between smartphones for the year 2020 will be about 603 millions. Latin America in 2015 was positioned in the third place of the ranking of the most followed countries by technological companies.

Mobile FutureThe most used tools by technology users are smartphones, intelligent phones that are able to recognize daily activities, such as; calling our mother, setting an alarm for the next morning, supplying useful words while you’re writing a text message, or even how much time did you jog, providing statistics of the rest of the days. These activities are detected and reviewed by a smartphone, providing answers, upgrades, and showing figures and statistics for a management. Smartphones are increasing their monetary cost day by day just as their characteristics. Nonetheless, they’re worth it because not all of them are the same.

The first well known mobile as a Smartphone (intelligent phone) was the IBM SIMON. However, we already know that Apple, presenting its first iPhone, showed phone characteristics described as the most advanced technology based on the current. When Steve Jobs presented it, everything about smartphones changed. Currently, after the launch of the first smartphones; Apple is having the second operative system most used. And iPhone is one of the smartphones most purchased at a global level, in competition with Samsung, LG, Google, among others. The launch of this smartphone changed the perspective of many manufacturers that nowadays are their competitors.

Nanotechnology in smartphones

Technology advances allow the creation of new patents for users and companies that want to develop the most advanced technology. Nanotechnology consists in designing and manipulation of technology on an atomic and molecular scale. Nanotechnology has been seen in many TV shows, science fiction, and detective movies, among others that aren’t still developed; but, they were the principal idea for major projects that nowadays if they’re not being produced, is because other people already developed them. One of the nanotechnology big projects was the creation of system prototypes to generate electricity while we’re walking or practicing any sport.

  • GlobalFoundries is officially working in a FinFET technology processor of 7 nanometers offering 30% more power in comparison to current processors of 14 and 16 nanometers.
  • StoreDot (star-up) presented in a Microsoft lecture, “Think next.” A prototype that enables the charge of a smartphone battery in just a few seconds with nanotechnology
  • Holograms would stop being a prototype. In Barcelona was presented a project where nanostructures created networking between them, and a LCD screen for a hologram sight.

Better designs

The next smartphone expected designs, according to the current technology, are totally futuristic. Nowadays, there are flexible screens and smartphones getting thinner and thinner, but they still maintain a hardware power that makes them unique. Not just smartphones are getting smaller; we can see devices, day after day, upgrading their designs adjusting to the major user comfort. And an endorsement provided by the company to let the users express their opinions.

Today, devices are getting smaller and smaller; a good example of this is earphones fitting in our ears with Bluetooth connection to our smartphone or Bluetooth device for listening to music. Certainly, it is a great patent that it has been coming to replace the uncomfortable earphone cables; however, they bring the worrying of battery lives. These future smartphone designs can be very small, thin, and even totally flexible, thanks to materials, such as, graphene. According to the future technology development; we would have, in accordance to the user necessities, something new and different to show to the world.

Future basis: graphene and silicene

Smartphones are made of many materials depending on the manufacturer, such as; plastic, to save even metal. Some millionaires, to waste their money, are paying to some manufacturers the invention of a special edition made of gold, diamond or a combination of both. Graphene is considered just as a future smartphone material. Now that the testing has been made; flexible screens, batteries with a major capacity, smaller and efficient processors or even smartphones totally made with graphene would help in the development of a different and futuristic smartphone perspective. Nevertheless, graphene is also considered as a harmful environmental material, that’s why is still being taken into account the development of major devices by the same consequence.

A great alternative with large possibilities in the market and development of new patents is silicene, but it isn’t better than graphene according to researches. Silicene is a material with characteristics very similar to graphene, but with a major production cost, because it isn’t founded as a raw material and it must go through a laboratory to process it. This increase the production cost and what it may be silicene smartphones. For now, silicene hasn’t had so much support as graphene to endorse new technologies and create patents; It would be a great alternative if it’s decided not to work with graphene.