How to increase CPU usage in AndroidOverclocking is perhaps the most used method by people who want to get the most out of their electronic devices, it is not an illegal method so there is no need to take anyone to court, they are simply a series of techniques to force and get the most out Of our electronic devices, to deliver higher processing speed or higher performance without shutting down. These techniques only take advantage of the unused resources in our device, what overclocking does is to put them to good use. There are international oppositions to the use of overclocking, but it’s a totally legal method.

The reasons these methods exist are more than obvious, manufacturers do not want to leave their devices exposed so they place a recommended limit on it, only after exceeding these limits do we become fully aware of what happens with these products, manufacturers intentionally mark these limits and they are able to give technical support if these limits have not been exceeded. When these limits are exceeded no help can be received from the manufacturers, but on the web there are many people who are in support of overclocking, so much that there are free and open forums where the use of overclocking on different devices can be shared or how certain electronic equipments that have suffered the side effects of overclocking can be repaired.

High Performance Processor (Root)

The first requirement for overclocking on an Android operating system is to become a superuser, if you have root access you are guaranteed the use of overclocking and many more methods. The procedure is simple since the processor will stay at the highest ever, i.e if the processor is 800GHz it will be kept at a minimum of 800GHz, it will never be less and the smartphone will maintain a performance within these numbers for all processes. Here at Vofeel we will teach you how to handle these numbers and always keep the performance of our processor high:

1. Install Adware Kernel from the Play Store
2. Access the GPU tab of the application
3. Set the minimum frequency and maximum frequency
4. Restart your smartphone to see the changes

If you want to include other improvements we can teach you that here, it is always recommended that if we are in the ROM the kernel that has to be installed must have the required options and modifications. Below are some steps to take in order to have performance improvements in addition to increasing the usage of the processor:

In CPU: Switch to Performance or
In GPU: Switch to Performance
In I / O Scheduler: Switch to bfq or yps
In Pre-reading: Change to 2040KB.
In Entropy: For the reading 4096 and For writing 4096


First of all, these are methods that are not guaranteed to work a 100%, the performance of our smartphone will suffer a big change if we set a processor’s limit as high as its capacity, we can burn the processors if we do not make good use of it and if the smartphone is not placed in an acceptable climate. In addition we will not be able to have the manufacturers support when we apply these changes on our smartphone.

Another thing that is affected is the battery life of the smartphone, although the performance goes up considerably the battery life will begin to reduce and this can wear down the life span of the battery, you have to be careful on how you use your device. If we notice that the battery is not lasting long, it  might be time to change it or restore the phone to its initial performance settings, leaving it in its factory state so as not to suffer major problems.

The first print out of 3D BuildingsSince the 3D printer was released, new patents, new materials and new companies have been created that specialize in 3D printing designs. It is impressive how this new technology has helped many people and many companies to start developing prototypes using the corresponding materials in which they can print certain products with the 3D printer. The designs have been perfected over time, many developers since the departure of the 3D printer have been studying and developing new designs and today have taken these designs to real scale sizes, both as casts and not so large figures.

The 3D printer works in a very perfect way, the designs that are made have to be on a computer and they give it a specific size. The operation is divided into 3 parts so that a figure can be processed, it takes the original design of the figure that we want, next it makes it into a model in CAD and after that it makes it a model in separation of layers compatible with the 3D printer. The most common 3D printers are laser, the separation of the model into layers is so that when the first laser passes, the first layer is made and so on until all the layers of the modeling have been completed, it is necessary since beginning from the first layer till the last is what will give you a perfect design.

Buildings printed in 3D

It’s not a surprise that this has happened, technology is taking everything we are familiar with, over and beyond, and full-scale 3D prints is not a surprise, we have seen 3D prints with plasters, skulls and even figures up to half a meter. That’s why new business-size printers are being created that have enough space to create full-scale printouts. Materials are a broader theme of how the realization of these figures are made, some can be toxic and for this reason so much of the materials to be used in future have been taken into account in order to perfect them.

Holland is the first country to present the proposal for 3D buildings for the year 2017, but we are not talking about small sculptures of the Eiffel Tower or small buildings of less than one meter, we are speaking of a building on a scale of up to more than 90 meters Squares, a very interesting and surprising proposal that can enable buildings to be built more quickly but at a greater expense. “Meetings Factory” is the name given to this building that will soon be developed in Holland, the tentative date for construction to commence is early July 2017.

A construction of 375,000 Euros

The budget for the approaching year with respect to the materials needed for July 2017 is around 375,000 Euros, this can be more than 400,000 Dollars for a construction of this magnitude and we are only referring to 3D printer materials but we have left aside other machine costs, if they have to buy a real-scale 3D printer and the materials for printing, it becomes a bigger budget. De Vergaderfabriek are the people interested in creating this “Meeting Factory” for the meetings of a small luxury hotel that is located in the city of Teuge, in the Dutch province.
Only 10 days will be needed for the construction of a building of this magnitude, this creates controversy because it only needs a 3D printer built for this type of work and many construction workers will be left unemployed, so in addition to accelerating the construction process they will lose many employees, they will only need those who will verify that everything is in perfect condition. If this promise of De Vergaderfabriek is fulfilled we will see that many more companies will be interested in creating this type of projects, just for the fact that employees will not be needed but only an investment in materials for the 3D printer and the adequate materials for its’ construction.

The first building without environmental consequences

One of the promises of De Vergaderfabriek is that it will be the first building that will not suffer any environmental consequences and this is one of the best proposals that has ever been seen at the level of building construction. One of the materials used by 3D printers is called concrete, these does not produce almost any carbon emission therefore it will be better in terms of quality and reduction in environmental pollution, this proposal may also be one of the best so far in the market of 3D printers.

The expected reduction is up to 40% of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and more than 75% in construction waste, something that today is affecting the environment and what may seem bad for us at the moment could be a big step for the future of building constructions, there would be less material waste and this is really good for the environment. Material waste is one of the biggest complaints from environmental activists and people who protest against the construction of companies or factories that could cause damage to the environment.


The screen of the new Samsung Galaxy S8After the scandal of the Galaxy Note 7, there was a need for Samsung to exercise more care with its new products, the news of the withdrawal of all the Galaxy Note 7 from the market was one of Samsung’s worst moments because there was a reduction in its’ clientele and as a result of this they thought that new Samsung products might have certain features from Note 7 which could cause malfunctions and they might be right. Samsung should seek to reassure its customers and regain the trust of all those who had their Note 7 returned, even though it was a smartphone with incredible features it could not stay a long time in the market for obvious reasons.

This incident occurred because of the bad conditions in which the tests were conducted, every manufacturer must have adequate testing time for its products so that when the product is finally delivered they can guarantee their customers that there will be no faulty devices. The re-enforcement that was given to the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best in terms of performance; 2.3 GHz c4 core Processor, 4GB RAM, 3500 mAh battery and a very elegant design. Overheating was one of the first issues that the Note 7 had, this was the primary reason for the returns and for the bad reputation that Samsung engineers began to get.

The New “Force Touch” Screen

The new Galaxy S8 from Samsung will have new features that Samsung will integrate into its new devices beginning with the new Galaxy S8 whose exact release date is not yet known, perhaps Samsung will keep this as a surprise, the only known thing is that its Launch will be in 2017. It is one of the most anticipated products for next year as Samsung has invested all of its available resources in the success of this product, however they should be very attentive to the cooling system on the device if they do not want a repeat of what happened with the Note 7.

The new screen for the S8 will have sensors which are able to detect the level of pressure that we apply on it in order to give new ideas for applications to developers. Although Samsung by now has only done tests with the Force Touch screen, it is expected that it will be ready for installation on the S8, a Force Touch screen gives many alternatives to developers and to applications that Samsung wants to create for the future of smartphone screens. Integrating this new technology into the new S8 would be a step for Samsung to implement it in their next projects, the S8 would be the first prototype from Samsung with the Force Touch screen.

A Larger Screen

It is possible that the new S8 will not suffer from any modification of the size of the smartphone, however there are certain rumors that the screen could be 5.7 ” inches and its Edge version 6.2″ inches. So far, there have only been rumours concerning the size of the screen but it is fully certified that although the screen would cover almost all of the smartphone, there will be no need of making it bigger. Also rumors would have to be confirmed about Samsung not integrating a start button on its smartphones.

4k Resolution and Virtual Reality

Samsung is still in the process of developing the Galaxy S8 screen but as it is, it’s still in development there are also many rumors about the applications that this screen will have. Sources say that if it is possible to expand the screen of the S8, it will also be possible to integrate a 4k resolution, very little can be viewed on the devices we have presently but manufacturers like Xiaomi want to deploy new screens that cover the entire smartphone. The use of 4k resolutions would be one of the new features of 2017 that we could see not only in Samsung smartphones, but also in many other brands of smartphones.

Virtual reality is one of the applications that Samsung has worked on most in recent years, the Samsung application was fully recognized with the Samsung Gear which gave the opportunity to many to enjoy virtual reality even if they did not have enough money to buy an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive kit. If the arrival of a 4K resolution screen for the S8 is confirmed, it is more than certain that it would be a very good screen for virtual reality to be used on, currently one of the surest bets in technology for the future.

Water Resistant

It wasn’t a surprise for it to be integrated into the Galaxy S8 as we have also seen this in the S7 and S7 Edge, this feature is one of the best to come to the market for lovers of smartphones and water activities. An IP68 certification for Samsung’s new smartphone is currently being worked on, as well as enabling the phone to last under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters, but taking this a bit further they want to make sure the phone doesn’t get damaged when it is submerged. Many tests of this resistance have indicated that it will even be possible to write on the screen while underwater.

GoPro's first drone is out of the marketMost companies, at the launch of their prototypes are almost never sure about it, this is due to the fact that sufficient time has not been dedicated to the testing of the product because of their rush to launch the product, however we can see that many fail as a result of this. It is a very normal occurrence to have products withdrawn from the market, even though there are customers who have pre-ordered the product, having the confidence that it will be a success even if it has not been released to the market. The customers have simply based their decision on the picture that the company has painted about it, but we can’t allow ourselves to be blindfolded by a product that is still just a prototype.

Not only does this happen to small companies, one of the biggest examples of this was the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a company of great international repute with a lot of experience in the development of products such as smartphones and other kinds of electronic products had the worst happen to them, the withdrawal of one their products due to overheating which instantly caused an explosion. This happened this year, it is necessary to take into account a time for product testing since that way we can determine if the product is profitable and can be launched to the market, many companies dedicate and put engineers in charge of this, but Samsungs’ high-end smartphone got out of hand.

GoPro and its’ “Karma” drone

It was a huge surprise for the market that a camera company wanted to expand its product and launch a drone named “Karma”. If we reconsider GoPros’ proposal, we will see that its’ not so bad owing to the fact that the drone camera market has got a lot of competition and who other than one of the best in camera resolution to contribute its technology and continue with the advancement of high resolution cameras, this would help other companies to come up with new ideas.

The “Karma” drone was released on September 19, 2016, great news for drone and high resolution GoPro camera fans, owing to the fact GoPros’ cameras function well in different climates, it was set to be one of the best drones that we have today, but it could not compete against other drones with more advanced features like those of Parrot (Bebop), Yuneec (Typhoon 4K), DJI (Phantom 4) or Walkera (Voyager 3). GoPro launched this drone with the main purpose of being relevant in the world of drones, and little by little compete against the greats.

More than 2,500 units recalled

Just like Samsung, GoPro suffered a malfunction with the launch of its Karma drones, so much that the known number of drones recalled were more than 2,500 units, all were reported and ways were sought to appease customers and leave them as satisfied as possible, people who pre-ordered the the “Karma” drone received a GoPro Hero 5 after its recall, it did not have the same functions as a drone but it was going to take away the bad taste of GoPros’ failure.

In GoPros’ store we can see that the stock of the “Karma” drones is non-existent, they will be back for next years’ winter with much more functions and features, and GoPro will focus more on design and performance than the camera. Although the camera is the main attraction of the GoPro drone, it is not unique … Many of the competing companies have already included this in their drones such as Phantom 4, Voyager and even Parrot with its new Bebop 2, all these companies are already overtaking GoPro and if GoPro wants to compete, it should think of something beyond the “Karma” drone.

Features to improve

Despite it being the first drone of GoPro, some functions should not have been ignored, a drone should be as compact as possible, with good stability and control. GoPro did not comply with many required features and they should improve these aspects for their next launch. It is true that GoPro was not going to let us down with its foldable camera embedded in the drone but that was not going to cover up for the functions that they lacked.

One of the many complaints from users is its poor battery, the “Karma” drone only lasts for 20 minutes and it should have greater capacity if it wants to compete with other companies since its’ cost (800 Euros ) is somewhat similar to that of the competition (Parrot, Walkera, DJI, among others …). Also the lack of a tracking mode function or the simple fact that it can become unstable and parts get damaged easily. However, in the GoPro store they mention that they will replace damaged parts, such provision should not be a substitute for quality.

Samsung bets big on smart car technologyMany companies begin by specializing in producing a single product until they become recognized and expand into other products and grow into a large company with variety of stocks for sale. One of the best examples is Nokia, a company that manufactured phones with the Symbian operating system, it was one of the most recognized worldwide until the era of smartphones began and the Android And iOS operating system became more popular, this put the Nokia company aside because it did not take advantage of the opportunity to expand and create other patents, so its sales declined and later it had to be sold.

Samsung is a very popular company with products ranging from electrical appliances to smartphones. Presently, the company has been going through a rough patch after it suffered losses with its’ Galaxy Note 7, a lot of people made a joke of this incident on the internet with memes and GIFs mocking the product but Samsung lost a serious amount of money and apart from the money already spent in creating the product, they also had to refund money back to customers who were affected by the incident. Now, Samsung hopes to bounce back with a new investment, although it already produces a wide variety of electronic equipment, it still needs to expand its catalogue in preparation of the future, the sale of its smartphones alone will not be enough to recover all its losses and for this reason it is looking towards a new alternative for the market.

$8 billion dollars on Intelligent Automobiles

Samsung has invested around 8 billion dollars in the automotive industry, investing this huge amount gives Samsung some assurance that its recovery will be of great value. Investing so much money means that they have an edge over other companies that do not have the finances to invest in engineers, developing components, R&D and prototypes to begin with. This has given some sort of concern to start-ups that wanted to develop their own technology from scratch, since a company as huge as Samsung has commenced at a point way beyond what they are capable of.

Samsung made use of this $8 billion dollars to purchase an American company called Harman that specializes in automotive design and connectivity between vehicle components. Samsung is a smart company, it has not only invested $ 8 billion in a US company for its automotive technology, It will also make use of the sound technology that this company has developed for automobiles in its new Galaxy smartphones,
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will be on sale for next year and it will feature Harman technology.

Renault Samsung Motors

After the purchase of Harman, there have been rumours on how this company will be run. Harman’s production is based on the sale and improvement of vehicles that up till today have not gained much popularity, but it will invest all its experience in Samsung and has already equipped more than 30 million cars with devices bearing its’ brand name, some of its clients include companies like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, Renault Samsung Motors may become popular with these new additions.

Harman’s experience has shown that it is a company that can position Renault Samsung Motors higher than we can ever imagine with implementations and development of navigation systems, internet connectivity, vehicle safety and entertainment. Renault Samsung Motors will undergo a change in its staff and system of management, this will commence when Harman installs its production equipment and implements its production system. perhaps both companies may still have to discuss the issue but it’s possible they come to a 50/50 agreement on the use of their systems and equipment.

A step closer to the competition

Samsung has invested a huge amount of money in order to guarantee its success and be on the same level with its competitors, many companies already have this kind of implementation and are only just modifying and expanding what they already have, this gives us a lot to speculate about on Samsung’s first installment in the smart car market. The $8 billion dollars invested will be put to the test and Samsung would have to compete with greats like Tesla who have one of the best developed smart cars in the market.

Samsung is not the only company betting on a new technology that has not yet been exploited on a large scale, there are other big companies that have been working in secret to take smart car technology a step further; Google has long been developing vehicles without drivers, Apple has been working for a long time on smart vehicles and these are companies that also manufacture smartphones, perhaps this is the top one among many patents available in the market. Samsung should be careful, investing heavily and not studying the market adequately could result in a loss like that of its Galaxy Note 7 which would even be a bigger failure.

Transmit YouTube videos from your smartphone to your SmartTvFor a long time now technology has made us comfortable to a certain degree, we have machines that do unnecessary jobs for us up to the point that some companies only dedicate themselves to create prototypes that give us more comfort so that we can have everything we want easily at our reach without the need for us getting out of our sofas.

Just as we have used technology for our comfort, It has also been developed for large functions and there are machines that accelerate the production process in companies and there are others that give us easy access to platforms that enable us to work from the comfort of our home, give us certain notifications and provide us with handy tools for multiple uses.

Phones have now become this small handy device with so many functions, we need to learn how to use it and make sure that we can install applications correctly, we need to know which applications are safe to register our data on and we need to also be careful about which wi-fi network we connect to, since not all are genuine. Looking at the bright, we have in our hands a tool that brings us closer to people all over the world, that gives us access to information and news, virtual mail, instant messaging and even business video conferencing, we just have to put it to good use.

YouTube on our TV or console

It is important to have a new generation TV or a video game console that is compatible with our network connection, this is the minimum requirement in addition to having a smartphone that can run both applications and synchronize them. If our tv or console is not capable of downloading or using the YouTube application, it will not be possible to make the transmission.By fulfilling the basic requirements it will be possible for us to send actions on YouTube from our smartphone to our TV screen. Here in Vofeel we will teach you how to synchronize and transmit YouTube videos from your smartphone to your TV.

Steps to follow on your Tv or console:

1. Connect your tv and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network
2. Access the YouTube app.
3. Access the settings within the application.
4. Go to Link TV with phone
5. Scroll the options until you find the unique code in numbers, If it contains            letters it is advisable to exit and re-enter until you have it only in numbers.

Steps to follow on your SmartPhone:

1. Access the YouTube app
2. Access the options (at the top and to the right)
3. Select View on TV
4. Scroll to Add a TV
5. Select Enter sync code
6. Enter the code that was previously shown on your TV.

Finally, we only need to watch a video on our smartphone for it to automatically be transmitted in real time to our tv, it is always necessary to have our smartphone synchronized with our tv, whenever we encounter errors it is better to delete the device and add it again in case we are having bad synchronization. If any video we play is not broadcasting live we can select the option “synchronize with tv” that can be found next to the full screen button.

Error with the Wi-Fi connection

If we encounter problems when trying to connect our smartphone or our TV to the same Wi-Fi network we will not be able to enjoy the synchronization, it is important to do this step correctly. If our TV does not have the option to connect to a Wi-Fi network but you have the YouTube application installed on it you can verify the connection with an ethernet cable connected to the back of your TV (i.e if your TV has an ethernet port), you only have to connect a cable from your modem to your TV.

How to pilot the Parrot drone using a mobile appDrones have arived to the market to give us something different from what we have been used to for a long time or from what we have seen in movies or series about spies, how they use it or control it in a kind of interesting way that we can only imagine or can only be experienced in videogames such as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. We owe a great part of this advancement to these series and videogames, they gave us the idea of how these drones could be designed, controlled and what their functions could be,  this was the first step towards them becoming commercial.

Many will think that piloting drones is something complicated, however thanks to companies who specialize in this kind of technology it is easier than we think. Surely, you will have a degree of difficulty if you do not use certain tools that come along with advanced drones, but with so much functions, piloting a drone is like controlling a remote control car. The remote controls of these drones are usually provided by the manufacturer, however companies like Parrot also offer you a smartphone application which you can use to pilot, view information and synchronize to automatically save everything that it views and records to a cloud,all for a greater experience and greater stability of information.

Downloading AR.FreeFlight

The app is completely free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, you can download and install it automatically from the app stores or manually. With this application we can handle a lot of information and pilot our drone if we do not already have a specially personalized control for these drones. The company responsible for developing this application is the same that has launched these drones; Parrot.

If we have a AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot we can enjoy many interactions between the smartphone and the drone, as long as they are in sync. It will be necessary to have the application installed on our smartphone, the application is currently in version 2.4.15 in the app stores. Here in Vofeel we will teach you how to synchronize and manage your Parrot AR Drone 2.0 from your smartphone:

1. Connect the battery of the AR Drone 2.0
2. On your smartphone, connect to the Wi-Fi network that the AR Drone 2.0 automatically generates
3. Access FreeFlight
4. Confirm the status of the connected drone.
5. Begin Piloting your drone!

Functions of AR. Free Flight

With the app for controlling this drone we will find advanced functions that are not available in many remote controls of other drones. The way this application has been designed is to handle all kinds of information that the sensors of the camera captures, however this application is not compatible with all drones, it only operates with Parrot drones and not with all the Parrot drones, some have been excluded.

Capturing Photos and Videos

Within the app we can capture everything our drone sees, in addition to having this view for piloting it, we can also observe it from where we are to make sure that it does not hit a tree or any obstacle.


In the app, there is a section that allows us to make our drone perform stunts, pirouettes and twists without it losing any kind of stability. To prevent accidents that might happen if we pilot it manually, the app enables us to perform these stunts automatically just at the touch of a button.

      The AR.Drone Community:

We can apply for membership to this community and share images, videos, drone travels and even acrobatics with other users. The section is called “AR.Drone Academy”, we can register our email in this section and obtain news and access to this community where we can begin sharing with other pilots.

Director mode:

This tool was added since the last update of this application, where we can choose different movements for the camera to run on our drone, shoot videos, select sequences to record the video and even adjust the speed at which our drone records the sequences in real time.

The new smartphone for photographersMore and more people are using technology daily but with so many different users with different needs, only general patents are often created. In present day technology, this panorama has changed a little because many mobile apps have been created to assist us with various tasks,  there are apps that monitor vital signals in our body while we run, apps that help us to learn a new language, apps for daily university life such as calculators, task organizers and apps that help to improve and accelerate the instantenous manner in which we communicate with other people.

In the technology market we can find various types of accessories for whatever kind of occupation we have; Music, Photography, art, sports and many more. When there is so much development of patents in the market, there is also a lot of competition. kodak is one of the companies that has led the patent portfolio for more than 125 years. It hasn’t been enough to just create devices that improve photography, but Kodak has now introduced a new smartphone that will feature some of the things we now see on its camera, a new accessory that sets it apart from its competitors, probably this device created by kodak could be the best smartphone for lovers of photography.

21 MegaPixel Camera

There has been a big wait for this smartphone since we got to know who the manufacturer was; Kodak has decided not to only introduce a new camera to the market but to also include in it a high end smartphone. It was to be expected that one of the greats in photography would put in all of its effort and resources in improving the performance of such an important accessory of the smartphone and it has demonstrated this by integrating a rear camera of 21 megapixels, also, the design of its smartphone camera is not like the conventional ones but more like that of a professional, though it does not blend well with the common smartphone designs, it is very useful.

Kodak Ektra is the name of Kodaks’ new bet for the smartphone market. kodak decided to change its’ product scheme a little bit and get into fashion by producing a smartphone that can compete with other big brands, but its prominent feature is its’ 21 megapixel camera. A camera such as this gives a chance to Kodak that lovers of photography and technology will be inclined to buy it for its great performance and high quality pictures.

High End Smartphone

In spite of its most outstanding feature being hilghlighted by Kodak there are a couple of things that have not been evaluated by the Kodak Ektra such as its components; 5 inch screen, 32gb memory capacity, Android Marshmallow (6.0), 13 megapixel frontal camera and a processor that comes with a RAM of 3GB. Compared to other smartphones in the market which are usually recommended by Photographers, Kodak Ektra comes highly recommended not only for its camera but also for its ability to process all the information of the photos taken with its 21 Mega Pixel Camera.

A smartphone with a camera of this capacity, with mid-range or low-end components can not process all the information captured on this smartphone, not to mention that the pictures taken with cameras such as Samsungs’ 14 megapixels have a size of 5mb. Incredible but true, It is not just about a single feature being unique in a device but it is also necessary to create an environment for this feature to stand out.

Advanced Options for Photographers

It would not be enough to just have a 21 megapixel camera but Kodak has gone a step further by developing advanced features for this smartphone; Shooting adjustments, filters, photo editing, 4K quality video capture and settings that will make you feel as if you were using a professional camera. The main 21-megapixel camera will also have features such as Reflex or DSLR depending on the lightning at the exact moment needed to adapt the images and settings to the photograph. The Kodak Ektra will be released in mid-December but many of its features have already been made known and it’s going to cost about $ 550.

The features that Kodak has included in its new smartphone goes hand in hand with Snaspeed, an app for placing striking and creative filters; You will have the ability to record a 1970s video without losing image quality. In addition to this great feature Kodak includes a unique and special design, the smartphone looks so much like an old camera and It has a button to give this very elegant touch in all black leather. The best thing about this smartphone is that it’s like taking your own professional team of photographers with you wherever you go , Kodak claims that this smartphone will be all that you need.

Samsung's new virtual assistantWhen we talk about comfort and optimizing certain tasks, technology will always be present. It is not that we are no longer able to carry out those tasks but in most cases the use of such tools help us to optimize our work or verify that everything is in order. Many people see it as something that weakens us or as a tool that makes us useless when in fact they have being developed to optimize results and one of the best examples we have today is the calculator; A tool capable of performing complex arithmetic calculations just by the input of values, optimizing large-scale calculations to only seconds and then giving a result.

The use of tools to optimize our work is good as long as our work is legit, sometimes using tools that does all the work for us may make us look unprofessional, however it is not too bad to use these tools to compare their results with ours. There are tools like Google Translate that have helped people from different countries to communicate, however this tool does not always give the correct translations and so there are a lot of errors; It translates words but most times it doesn’t interprete sentences in a way that users can understand.

Bixby, the new Virtual Assistant

Samsung is currently one of the companies that is placing its bet on smartphones, smart TVs, virtual reality and much more … Being one of the companies that competes at the top place of the market, it did not want to be left behind without a virtual assistant for its smartphone. We’ve already got Cortana from Windows Phone / Windows 10, the new Google virtual assistant included in Google Pixel and Siri by Apple. Samsung wants to reinvent the delivery a little bit for its users and has decided to integrate in its new product (Samsung Galaxy S8) this virtual assistant which is still in development but is already known by the name, Bixby and we will surely have more news on this.

It is rumored that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 may include new features from other smartphones but there could also be something unforeseen like what happened with its’ Note 7, all rumors for now, but there are still many unknown things about the new Galaxy S8. The only known thing about the Galaxy S8 is that it will include Samsungs’ new virtual assistant and that the launch of the smartphone is planned for the first quarter of 2017 by then Samsung should have everything ready and make sure the same thing that happened with its’ Note 7 doesn’t repeat itself.

Speech recognition

Like most virtual assistants, Bixby also includes this great feature which can not be left out, this feature activates the hands-free, recognizes tasks and can even makes phone calls using voice commands that have been recognized by Bixby. This is a feature that has taken so many years to be developed by so many companies and currently a patent is being developed that can be used in prototypes and for major productions as Samsung is doing now with its new virtual assistant.

Previously, Samsung had a voice recognition software called S Voice, however it has never before being a virtual assistant. S Voice only has basic commands for interacting with the settings or help information for the smartphone. One of the companies with which Samsung also allied with was Sherpa in order to have a base software to obtain improvements and then proceed to an idea for the future of the virtual assistant. Samsung has always been at the top place in the smartphone market, both in applications and products, and by creating this software it will also be keeping up with large companies that have spent years developing a virtual assistant.

A Software in development

The software created by Samsung and registered with the trademark “Bixby” in South Korea, has proven that it will handle many commands for the management of our Samsung smartphones, computers or tablets. It is a bit logical that after the vice president of Samsung announced that there would be changes for the benefit of the future of the company, It shouldn’t be be news that it would be devoted to something more competitive in relation to what is trending in the market with companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Samsung’s innovation began after it bought a start-up company “Viv Labs” (the original creators of Siri), a compromising foundation for the future of the virtual assistant. This same company is in charge of the development Samsungs’ new Virtual Assistant, they are the ones responsible for this new virtual assistant with a totally revolutionary AI. There have been a lot of rumors since Viv Labs was bought immediately after Bixby was registered in South Korea, as it all came after Samsung’s announced that it was looking for alternatives for its future.

Increasing internal memory in Android Since manufacturers began placing limitations on their products, people have always discovered a way around them. It is not always recommended to do that because when manufacturers place limits, it means that they can be held responsible up till that point, nevertheless we don’t always want to settle for just the limits. In the case of smartphones, their performance, capacity and the possibility of installing new applications that give much more advanced functions than the conventional ones can be extended.

Exceeding the limits that a manufacturer places on a product almost always causes loss of warranty and support of the company responsible, since you’ve crossed the lines they placed, they will not be held responsible for a fault that arises from increasing the memory or from overclocking in some cases. Overclocking is the best known method of surpassing limitations in computing, it is used to describe the process of increasing the capacity and speed of a computer’s components, both the CPU and the GPU are modified to surpass the limitations with which the device has been designed, even many people apply this until they witness the real limits of these devices or in most cases until the devices stop working.

Increasing internal Memory in Android

In Android there is a method highly recommended but not valid for all smartphones with Android operating system; That is to increase the internal memory of the device by partitioning an SD card. A partitioning of the SD card will be sufficient to increase the internal memory of our smartphone and enable us to install new applications, transfer applications from the systems’ memory to the new internal memory, among other features … a very good option if we do not have enough memory resource on our device.

For this method it is necessary to have superuser permissions, this is the first step in exceeding the limits on your smartphone. This method was very practical for low-end smartphones that were produced in the early days of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy ACE which was very good initially at its launch but did not have enough capacity to download many applications due to low internal storage. Using this method as a superuser has made it easier for people who still have these kind of smartphones to download and enjoy more applications.

Partitioning the SD Memory Card

The first step is to partition the SD memory and it is highly recommended not to remove the SD card from your device too often, if you are one of the people that always like to change the SD memory card, this method is not recommended for you. Here at Vofeel we will teach you the most practical way to prepare the SD memory card for the device and increase its internal memory.

  1. With our smartphone being turned off, the first thing is to enter into Recovery mode, then enter into CWM (ClockWork Mode) this is different for each device.
  2. Enter the advanced section and then the Partition SD Card option to select an amount.
  3. Depending on the capacity of our SD memory and how much we want to partition we select a size (Recommended 1204M)
  4. Once you enter a size it is best to choose 0M for the Swap Size and wait for the partition of the SD memory to finish. Then restart our device.

Note: It is not recommended to change the Swap Size unless you have an idea of what it is meant for and you want to experience new features.

Attaching the partition to the device

It is not sufficient to partition the internal memory, some additional steps need to be followed so that the partition can be recognized. It is necessary to download an application called Link2SD from the Google Playstore to attach the partition and increase the memory of our device.

1. Download Link2SD from the Play Store or install the apk.
2. Enter the application first and select Ext2 as the SD memory partition.
3. Reboot the device so that the partition is recognized by the application and the device.

Transferring Applications to the partition

After following this process and the partition has been recognized by the application. Now you can transfer applications installed in your internal memory to thie new partition or SD memory card ising the Link2SD app.

1. Press and hold down the application you want to transfer until you see more options.
2. Touch the Create link and accept the option to transfer the application to the partition.
3. In Link2SD settings activate the Automatic Link option so that each time an application is installed it goes to this created partition (Recommended).