VOFEEL international

VoFeel it is a brand composed by an abbreviation and a complete word. VO + FEEL.

VO is the abbreviaton of Original Version used when we want to say that a movie is its original language and it wasn’t translated. That it means that the movie is pure, unaltered, original…

So VOFEEL means “Original Feeling”.

Our brand produce the future tecnology with the strongest originality. We don’t copy others, we don’t need to think about other’s market. We just think about what is innovative and we do it reality.

VOFEEL doesn’t copy others. Others copy VOFEEL. Because we are ORIGINALS

Vofeel has its main base established in the UK, its factories in Dongguan (China) and national delegations with distribution and support in Spain, Ukraine, America, China and Korea. Currently it is experiencing exponential growth in their business expansion through official distributors and resellers worldwide, and logistically having a central warehouse on every continent.

The main lines of business are Vofeel Total-proof covers for iPhone, special screen protectors for iPhone, glasses and other accessories for virtual reality technology and wireless chargers for mobile phones. All Vofeel products pass the most stringent quality tests and only incorporated into its catalog the newest and better sales growth potential short-medium term products.

We take great care about our sales channel and our brand image. For Vofeel, the most important is the user experience with the use of their products. A satisfied customer with the brand will be a happy customer. We intend Vofeel product users to enjoy the latest technology without worrying about the details that make a new product, have flaws to correct in the future.

Vofeel factories have a total of more than 3,000 workers and an area of over 40,000 square meters. Our quality control department has more than 50 workers and our production lines have more than 30 supervisors. We have own mold factory and collaborate with brands like DELL in the manufacture of computer keyboards and other peripherals.

Vofeel will be present in 2017, at CES in Las Vegas and the show in ternational Hong Kong technology, among others.