Amazon ChristmasAmazon is one of most used sell-buy platforms around the world with its customized web sites for sales in different currencies and regions (Europe – EUR, America – USD, Asia – CNY and others). All begun being an electronic company of sales online in United States and also offering storage services in Cloud also online, Amazon gives support to its users in headquarters such as in Seattle (Washington), but the really support of Amazon is based in that you don’t have to exit from your home to get all the information that you need or to solve your problems of sell-buy.

Amazon offers bookstore services; even the name of this large company was Cadabra ( and started offering bookstore services both physically as online with more than 200.000 titles. After some years were changing its name to Amazon, came out to markets as bag (18$ per action) and in 2002 is when decide to extend its service list, so much that they also wanted to develop their own devices and platforms such as Amazon Kindle to read digital books with better ease, comfort and created by Amazon, one of the main online stores that offer almost all books and perhaps the best online store around the world.

Advertising campaigns in US

The giant in online sales also has the particularity that publicity is given very well, even in the reference programs that many bloggers use on currently to obtain profits in their websites. Amazon will make around 120.000 contracts to make the advertising campaigns only in United States, it’s due to in Christmas the demanding of products increase and Amazon has to accomplish with the demand and requirements of all its clients. Amazon was in charge to make know to its clients that will fulfill this demand in a release.

As well, Amazon declared that at least 100.000 contracts of employees to advertising campaigns are due to the same of the last year (2015) and more than 14.000 are undefined after the holiday period, is to say, Amazon expects this figure won’t be the same when year ends. According employees and attendants of the web support declare that is the best age of the year for the increase of sales in Amazon, furthermore that they love to attend users to support them in their demands as clients, in this case would be more than 120.000 employees with advertising campaigns and increasing of product’s demand.

Marketing Strategies

Amazon is one of the worldwide companies that have better strategies of publicity, maybe for that, Amazon has had success on being a totally recognized brand. Despite Amazon is one of the online platforms of buy and sales, also need to feed of users to create more demand in products and there’s where Amazon’s publicity acts; offering affiliate systems (earn commissions per each buying with an unique link), offering advertising campaigns to position better its products and even creating unique offers by undefined time.

Amazon has become very famous with big events of much publicity and unique discounts that nobody wants to waste; the famous Black Friday, the expected event for million users that will begin in November 25th with discounts and offers that we all should take. This is the kind of strategies that Amazon uses; people that have already bought or sold with Amazon will know that also is one of the safest platforms, due to Amazon is in charge of all the money and there isn’t possibility of swindle, in case of it happens, Amazon will be in charge to give back the money or try to repair the situation to your convenience.

The figures of millionaires

The CEO and Amazon Founder (Jeff Bezos) is one of the millionaires that are found in United States and his wallet keeps increasing thanks to Amazon’s figures. One of the reasons for which Amazon keeps increasing is its publicity and its secure platform of buying and selling; the result of this is 31.1% of sales increase during the last trimester that ends in July of this same year. In Spain ( it’s recognized as the sixth most visited web page behind the biggest such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter after its launch in Spain.

The benefits that Amazon receives are figures that only other distributor and manufacturer company could recover in a trimester; 857 million dollars is what Amazon has as benefit according the last trimester in front of the 92 million dollars that was notified in the first trimester of 2016. Amazon with its storage service (Cloud) is not behind; the figures that Amazon handles are about 2.900 million dollars in quarterly incomes, the Amazon storage service is one of the most used on nowadays by developers that prefer to use a secure platform as AWS (Amazon Web Services) or FireBase of Google.

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