In many countries in tCuba is one of the beneficiaries of the Google internethe Caribbean we can find the Internet connection to be too slow, it is almost impossible to download a movie because we have to leave it for a whole night to download and if we talk about the o
nes with 4K resolution then you can imagine how long it will take to download them. It is a big headache when we have a slow connection and there are so many people connected to it at the same time because many present day devices require an internet connection.Currently Google has been able to improve internet connectivity like fiber optics, many countries have benefited from this feature of Google but there are still other countries like Venezuela that would still have a slow connection unless the government decides to do something about it.

Google goes to Havana to innovate

The incredible news comes after several meetings between the current technology giant like Google and Etecsa (Empresa Estatal de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba) to reach an agreement and improve the internet connection of the big island. But it all started with the relations that Obama wanted to improve with Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro, for some it was the worst news of the present time however some even celebrated it. Ben Rhodes being the Security Advisor to the United States Presidency took the initiative by attending events in honor of Fidel Castro to establish better relations.

It is confirmed that Cuba was one of the countries with the lowest connectivity rate worldwide as many countries in the Americas, it is very beneficial for Cuba that Google has decided to establish this connection that will be improved upon daily, this will be so beneficial because the number of users who connect to the Internet both in Cuba and in other countries continues to grow daily and improving their connection means that many can enjoy it at a higher level, many residents of Cuba have often complained about the low internet connection and stabilization in Havana.

Google Global Cache

Nothing more and nothing less than Google will help Havana with their very own expert system called Google Global Cache, perhaps one of the best technologies from Google for servers and for the improvement of  internet connections. The network of servers that will be available in Havana consists of servers inside Cuba that will contain and store information of all types of content from Google services and On-Line storage sites like YouTube and others.

Here is a fact that Google did not make very clear but if we start to think and draw up some rare conclusions we can deduce that this will not improve the Internet connection of all of Havana, this will improve the connection of Havana with Google. We can even visit the official site of the Google Edge Network that specifies this structure is coming, is obvious for Google but not for users who only think of a better connection throughout the whole internet, certainly it will improve the connection rate of Cuba to some Web pages, Google services and even Google data center, but it will not be something very widespread as the improvement of Havanas’ internet.

Are Cuba and the United States in an agreement?

It is strange in many ways because the relationship Cuba has had with the United States was never really good, it is known that since 2014 that there have been many meetings between the Cuba and the United States to clarify issues and improve relations between the two countries. These bad relations were due to the current presidents of each country, some think that they only wanted wars but that would not solve anything, so the leaders of each country decided to improve their relations and what better way than bringing new technology to innovate the great Havana .

Surprises for Cuba in 2017

Google was not the only one interested in penetrating and improving the internet connection of one of the countries with the lowest connection rate, other companies like General Electric, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have tried to enter into an agreement with Cuba so that by 2017 they can begin certain visits to Cuba and improve many of these services and their connections, something interesting because many companies in the United States have begun to improve relations with other countries and Cuba is among them. In the year 2017 many projects will begin both from Google and other telephone companies to improve the experience of navigation in Havana.

the led lights of the present and the futureLED lights have been a very eye-catching accessory in some devices, it has long been used by kids on their shoes, some with functions like; when you step on them and the pressure is felt by the LED shoe, it begins to shine with different colors and different forms to make the shoe more attractive. But people don’t really know that LED lights really do more than decorate Christmas trees, modern sports shoes or make items appear nicer. At the moment there may be some improvements being proposed for this technology.

Maybe in your city or somewhere near you, you could find yourself in several seasons (mostly at Christmas) when the trees are decorated with LED lights. The big question is, is there any science to it? Is it really useful? Why do they do it? The answer is simple, it’s for the entertainment and amazement that it brings to people, the LED lights are very striking and go well with almost all the devices and accessories we have today, as long as the color of the LED is compatible (well designed) with the color of the item.

Is it possible to treat Alzheimers?

If you thought that LED lights had no function other than to just shine, you will be surprised to find out LED lights are being considered for use as a possible treatment of Alzheimers and the process is still in the testing phase. “Nature” magazine was one of the magazines that published this remarkable news, it has already been tested in mice with the same disease and yes, it works!!! But it has not yet been tested in people.

So, how is this possible? The procedure which was developed at the University of Massachusetts involves LED lights blinking intermittently in a designed order and timing. Obviously the mice that were used in the experiments had been genetically modified to suffer from this disease, by causing the LED lights to blink intermittently  at 40 Hertz they were able to see improvement in the protein of their brains affected by Alzheimer’s, so it has not yet been confirmed to work for patients who were born with the disease or inherited it.

The Lexus IS lined up with LED lights

I guess you must have seen the MTV show “Pimp My Ride” presented by rapper “Xzibit” where he converts a horrible looking car to an eye-catching spectacle equipped with LED lights, screens, speakers, leather seats, a Playstation console and many other things. This was the concept the manufacturers of the LEXUS IS had in mind when they lined it up with 41,999 LED lights, it could just be the perfect car for those who like to show off with the best and most eye-catching car on the streets. The LED lights make the car very flashy and some modes have also been included in the car that make them part of a very important set of functions, we have; the Music Viz mode and Gesture mode.

The fact that it has 41,999 LED lights around the car is not what makes it impressive, what printer is that the Lexus IS has each of these LEDs mounted by hand, just to be well designed and not a badly placed LED , Imagine repairing a shock that damages more than 20,000 LEDs, something disastrous. The new Lexus IS will be present in the year 2017 available for sale, however there are commercial videos where we can see Music Viz mode in which the LEDs are according to the music we are listening to or in Gesture mode where the LEDs will move according to a video game console that will be used to control it.

The cataracts, a spectacle of another level

Niagara Falls is perhaps one of the most beautiful and emblematic places around the world, a great waterfall that many tourists want to visit. About a century ago was the inauguration of LED lights of the Niagara Falls, an incredible show that could be perceived by about 30,000 people without counting the ones that can see it from the city, certainly not something new but imagine that so much work They had some engineers and architects in placing a lot of LED lights inside the falls to see such amazing drop shining.

The innovative thing is that on Thursday, December 1, the technology, colors and resistance of LED lights in Niagara Falls were updated, it is known that it was an investment of almost 4 million dollars in which a ceremony was even made For those who wanted to attend this update of the Niagara Falls. Many of those who attended this event were able to witness the change between the LED lights that were previously and those of now, since 1925 the Niagara Falls lights worked but this very capable update will give you more of another century if they are not updated.

cars and motorcycles created with 3d printersInnovations will never cease to exist, most of the technology we consider to be futuristic are already in development.  The type of devices that we see in Sci-Fi movies like holographic screens are already in development, there will always be someone who will attempt to create these things  and convert dreams into reality.

The 3D printer is one of the patents that we did not have much faith in at the beginning and thought that they were going to be something short lived, I was one of those who thought ‘How is this possible? Where do they get the material from? ‘But let me fast forward a little, without a doubt 3D printers are the future for many manufacturers in the innovation of their products. Believe it or not a 3D printer capable of producing whole buildings is now in development, it will leave many unemployed but it will be a new way to save time and money, it is now even possible to produce motorcycles and cars with a 3D printer and who knows what else …

Divergent Dagger, the 3D motorcycle

The company responsible for this is Divergent 3D, a manufacturer specialized in the development of new patents and projects of 3D impressions. If some companies are already printing large scale projects such as business buildings, it shouldn’t take us by surprise that a manufacturer would create a motorcycle with a 3D printer, what is surprising is that it works in such a way that it combats real environmental problems hereby aiding the reduction of pollution. Thanks to the material used in its’ production.

The Divergent Dagger was presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, the motorcycle uses a supercharged Kawasaki H2 engine and it adapts a chasis from the same company. Divergent 3D also declared in this exhibition that it was neither the first nor the last motorcycle created with a 3D printer, such a powerful patent has never been created before and this is just the beginning for 3D printing. There are millions of manufacturing possibilities with 3D printing and it lowers some manufacturing costs related with labour and raw materials.

Divergent Blade, the 3D supercar

There is no doubt that Divergent 3D has developed something that we can sum up with only one word; Amazing. Divergent 3D has given us so much reason to believe that they can be one of the best manufacturers of automobiles created with 3D printers and as if that’s not enough they aspire to be on the same level with supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Model S and even smart cars from companies like Apple, Google and Samsung, but without a doubt Divergent 3D has gone a step further than expected.

If you do not believe me imagine a car with a weight / power relationship never before created; The Divergent Blade only has a weight of 635 kg and an unequaled power of almost 700 CV ( Horse Steam), with this we deduce that the Divergent Blade can go from 0 to 100 km / h in only 3 seconds, certainly many high performance traditional cars  can do this but most of them take up to more than 5 seconds to reach that speed.The Bugatti weighs 1838 kg, which is almost 3 times the weight of the Divergent Blade.

Cars and Motorcycles of the future

I do not think it’s a topic for debate, if companies like Divergent 3D join the automobile market with 3D impressions then we will have more patents than we can count. Manufacturers should also think about the money, cost of materials and time. Since a super 3D printer can be much faster that it produces a car for you in lesser time than the conventional manufacturing process.

Divergent 3D may be the first company to take a revolutionary leap in automobile manufacturing with 3D printers, as its CEO (Kevin Czinger) said; “We are developing a path to sustainability for the automobile industry.” We are all well aware that we need more of these projects for use in daily life, these cars and motorcycles will also use much less gasoline, electricity and other materials needed for maintenance  compared to many traditional cars.

pokemon go from success to failureI think we must have heard about the application that combines virtual reality with the real environment called Pokemon Go, if you have not heard about it, it’s because you’ve not kept yourself up to date, a few months ago it was a hit but unfortunately it has come to nothing today and you ask yourself how is this possible? The truth is that, it is difficult to explain. So it is with companies, manufacturers and distributors who today are at the top and the next day are nothing.

Nokia is one of the biggest examples in this case, the smartphone division of Nokia was bought by Microsoft to innovate it a little bit and add value to a company that had fallen far behind in the market. Then we wonder if the same happened to Pokemon Go? It is a question that we must ask Niantic, the company responsible for the development of this great app which many have already put aside although its technology is much more advanced than that of other apps in the market, if Niantic does not do something quick, Pokemon Go would end up as a total failure.

According to Silicon Valley, Pokemon Go has already failed.

One of the most respected places in the world when it comes to technology is Silicon Valley and if they do not want it, it’s because something is wrong. The main reasons for the failure is because of the poor vision that Niantic had for the application, it is true that they had reached millions of downloads in just one day and broke download records but Niantic did not think about the future of Pokemon Go and they did not allow new investors to make input both in terms of finance and innovation.

Niantic is responsible for the low performance of Pokemon Go and the repetitive process it has, it kind of stayed the same because Niantic had let go of the possibility of new events, other options from other companies and it was a little selfish for being the only joint company with Google, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company to develop an app as powerful as this. Right now in Silicon Valley they do not want it, they do not even see the importance of investing money or time on this application.

Innovative technology

Pokemon Go is still available in app stores and if you do not believe me when I talk about innovative technology you can go to the app store on your smartphone, look for Pokemon Go and it will appear as being available for download as long as your smartphone has necessary features to run the app. Pokemon Go undoubtedly innovated the way of perceiving virtual reality for users who had not yet learned about this feature.

So the question really is Why is Pokemon Go no longer popular? well, what we have observed is that it is so repetitive and no new features, events or challenges were added which kind of bored users over time.

The same happened with ‘Ingress’

If we revise Niantics’ progress it is very similar to its previous application which at that time was a high-tech innovation, it combined Google maps with the geographical positioning of each individual to create a tactical role play in which there were to think things through and fight around the world. The release of this application was perhaps one of the most important for Niantic, but after a while its lack of innovation and investors revealed the true face of Ingress and the repetitive nature of the app also bored users.

Operate your Android device without contactJust like in many movies where actors utter a command and their devices comply, likewise our smartphones can be operated the same way, it is not about our smartphone being ‘intelligent‘ it is about it understanding an action, a search and if it is possible the execution, it is as simple as following orders, however the notion that they are intelligent is a little bit out of place. We can also surround ourselves with these alternatives not only with a smartphone but with devices that we can operate with signs, voice commands and even with our look and make them do everything that we want.

Voice Access, beta testers

Surely we must have heard about beta testers, they are a group of people who test softwares and applications before they are released to the market, even many of these applications are not released to the market no matter how well they pass the tests, as a result of vulnerabilities or malfunctions in the execution of the application. Many powerful applications have come through in this aspect, even better than some current ones, but they need to undergo a series of tests before they are  published.

If you are already a user registered as a Google beta tester it is best that you try out this great application that is not yet available to the market in the app stores.

1. Download and launch Voice Access in the Play Store
2. Learn the basic commands of the application
3. Start the verification test
4. That’s it! you are ready to start giving commands!

This great Google tool can be of help for people with disabilities or who can not use the touchscreen of a smartphone for whatever reason, the important thing is that we can give basic commands such as scroll down, select an application, call contacts, access to configurations, modify gestures, among others …the options that Google offers us are so infinite and surely when it is released to the market, it will be complemented with many updates and significant improvements.

Be a Beta Tester and give it a try!

If you are curious about testing the application, you can register as a beta tester for Google by clicking here.

Voice Access Settings

If you can view screenshots within the application you can also operate it with gestures just in case you do not want to use voice commands but if you want to make certain gestures on the screen to access applications or predetermined actions, these will have to be configured in settings. Also once installed and configured Voice Access will run automatically on the smartphone every time the Android operating system is launched, it should be noted that because this version is still under development it can only be operated using the English language, so be careful when issuing some voice commands.

Smaller but more powerful dronesSince the advancement of nanotechnology for creating smaller components than usual it has been possible to create bigger patents on a small scale, however this does not stop them from delivering optimal performance even for some devices the smaller ones work better because there is less overheating. Nanotechnology has made it possible for smaller patents to now be created thanks to components being placed in smaller spaces, thanks also to manufacturers of processors and other components like Intel that have used nanotechnology in innovating its’ processors.

The production of smaller components has been an innovation that has been in development for many years even before nanotechnology became popular there already existed small components but they were not on the same level of performance as the big computers. One of the best examples that stands out today are the first generation computers, ENIAC was one of the largest computers ever and it operated with more than 17,000 valves or vacuum tubes, More than 7,000 glass diodes, 1,500 relays, among other features more than 5 million welds with a weight of around 27 tons, now imagine all that reduced to a device that currently weighs less than a kilo.

DJI, top drone maker

If you know DJI then you must know its’ track record of producing great and innovative drones, certainly with a high cost but with a performance that its’ competitors cannot reproduce. DJI is not only a manufacturer of drones but also a manufacturer of high resolution cameras, always innovating and incorporating one technology after the other. Highly recognized as one of the best manufacturers in the drones market, it is also well known by great investors like the Silicon Valley of China, growing from a small office in 2006 to becoming one of the top manufacturers today.

DJI is one of the most respected drone manufacturers among others like Walkera, Parrot, Yuneec, 3DR and even GoPro. One of the most respected DJI installments is the Phantom series; Different versions of powerful drones with high resolution cameras, long duration of autonomy in flight and unique characteristics, many of the versions like the Phantom 3 4K, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 4 and the incredible Phantom 4 Pro offering highly advanced and recommended technology.

Mavic Pro, smaller more powerful

The creation of small drones or mini-drones has always left much to be desired, both in performance and flight autonomy, they are usually characterized with low resolution cameras and very little stabilization, however today DJI offers to the market one of the smallest aerial drones that exists But with features that can compete with their own series of Phantom drones. It is true that smaller is better and that is why the new Mavic Pro offers scrolling propellers so that it can be stored in a small bag or carried in your hand for you to take it wherever you want.

Unmatched features

If you do not believe me, take a look at it because it may be the best smallest drone in the market and it will be so for many years, maybe the only manufacturer that can improve upon this proposal by the Chinese company DJI are they themselves. Certainly the new Mavic Pro is very compact and very flexible, the only concern that users have is that when it’s in the air and it reaches its maximum speed, it could swoosh through the air like a piece of paper and get lost, however DJI clarifies that this would not happen due to the following …

Improved Flight Autonomy: The Mavic Pro has so much precision that it could autonomously dodge some obstacles that it encounters on its’ path using its’ 5 cameras, 2 ultrasound sensors, GLONASS and GPS, all for maintaining the stability of the Mavic Pro.

4K camera resolution: A high-resolution camera that not only delivers great performance but also captures photos and videos, the 3-axis set of this 12-megapixel 4K / 30fps camera helps the Mavic Pro to know its’ orientation, an amazing feature that most drones don’t have.

Longer Flight Duration: The Mavic Pro has up to 27 minutes of flight autonomy in addition to this the Mavic Pro can fly for a distance of 13 km without exhausting its’ battery

OcuSync DJI: You can pair the drone with DJI’s new goggles, which display an 85-degree bird’s eye view of the world below while it’s in flight. The goggles have built-in Ocusync to display 85-degree video directly from the drone.

Methods of capturing your smartphone screenWe have constantly seen how on YouTube many users record the screen of their devices to teach a tutorial, a step-by-step guide or simply show a problem on their operating systems, this can also be done with smartphones. YouTubers always use these tools, without a doubt they should always use the best program that lets them present high quality videos because showing poor quality content is not worth it.

Android (Google)

On Android phones there are various options, even when you are a user with root access you can obtain tools that go beyond the normal performance of each application. Perhaps these are the top 3 applications for the Android operating system; AZ Screen Recorder, ADV Screen Record and Screen Screen, they all have different features but carry out the same function.

IOS (Apple)

We already know that Android freely accepts certain applications meanwhile the Apple Store does not have many options, recently some applications with screen recording functions were allowed into the store which is not quite common for iOS. One of the best options is Display Recorder or Shou, both have the same function of recording your smartphones’ screen. Due to lack of demand for iOS applications that record the screen of your smartphone, before, it was necessary to be a superuser in order to access applications with these kind of functions.

The procedure is similar for all smartphone operating systems, some applications also offer features for video sharing depending on the length of the video. Here at Vofeel we will show you the steps to follow to install almost any type of screen recording application:

1. Download the app from the corresponding app store.
2. Set the time, performance and quality
3. Start recording and exit the application
4. Record everything that happens on your screen
5. Stop recording and export the video
6. The video will be saved in a folder


We recommend that you use a high-end smartphone with at least 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB RAM so that it can support both the application that is running to record the screen as well as the applications and the different services that you will be using while you are recording the Screen, not to mention the network connection of your smartphone. If you do not use a high-end smartphone, the app will get stuck and your video capture will be very slow.

Recovering files from your smartphone with MacThe information we save on our smartphone is very important and valuable that we often have to take measures to protect it, both from malicious applications as well as from we ourselves unknowingly sharing our location and private datas. We are also constantly deleting files and folders, and when we reset our smartphones we lose almost everything and the big question is if they can be recovered, at present there are many programs you can use for this both via smartphone and computer. Here at Vofeel we will shortly explain to you how to recover a deleted file or app.

From PC for Android and iOS

If you have a computer with Mac operating system it will be very useful in recovering files from smartphones. The application that lets you do this on Mac is called Disk Drill, an important tool that will not only work for our smartphones but also for our computer. Generally, if we had problems with a file and it got deleted, whether it be in Windows or in Mac , we will still be able to restore them. Let’s show you how…

1. Start Disk Drill on Mac
2. Enable USB Debugging on your smartphone (Android)
3. Connect your smartphone via USB to your computer
4. Wait for Disk Drill to detect it and open your window
5. Press the recovery button
6. Wait for Disk Drill to analyze and give an output
7. Restore the Available Files
8. That’s it ! your files are restored

For either Mac or Windows this series of steps works correctly, even if you want to use a drive to restore some files, it is the same process you only have to omit the USB Debugging step which is only necessary if you are using a smartphone with Android operating system, you can skip the permissions and try to restore the files with brute force.

From Android or iOS

In Android we can find some other alternatives that may ask us for root permissions because we are going to expose folders, files and somewhat confidential content, both ours and Android. One of the best alternatives is DiskDigger for files recovery, you can recover images and whole folders containing lots of information, we will show you the steps to follow for almost all Android and iOS applications …

1. Download and start DiskDagger from the Play Store
2. Enable root access
3. Select the partition or memory card to recover
4. Select which type of files you want to recover
5. Press OK to begin the analysis
6. Select the files you want to re-establish
7. Save Selected Files
8. Choose the folder where these recovered files will be saved
9. That’s it ! you can view the recovered files in any file manager

As it is with any application that we install on our smartphone, the same process can be followed, the only thing that changes is selecting the type of files that we want to recover, the rest remains the same. We have to take into account that if we have root access or jailbreak we will have access to applications with greater functions, share information or uploads directly to a server on our network, there are infinity of functions for root applications.

Nokia's new team promises it's comebackNokia was undoubtedly one of the companies that revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry, something very remarkable for which it is highly recognized for today, however since the arrival of Apple and the launch of its’ high-end smartphone Nokia began to lose clients when it refused to adapt to the new touch screen technology and accept never before seen apps on its smartphone, there is no doubt that Apple hit the nail with its’ iPhone which began to move Nokia away from the market.

But Apple was not the only one, other companies like BlackBerry began to arrive with its famous BlackBerry Messenger which attracted so many users and became the best instant messaging application of that time (surpassing WhatsApp), finally we come to the patent which undoubtedly gave a boost to the competition against Nokia. BlackBerry and even Apple thought that it was not going to catch up, but on the contrary, Android today is the operating system with the most users and it is currently trying to attract all those who own an iPhone to come over to its’ platform and for some years it has successfully done so.

Is a revival possible?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Nokia and think on how we can make a come back with so much new technology available today, Apple and Google are the companies at the top and they also compete against manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and LG. We would find out that this is quite a difficult question to answer, Nokia must put everything it has from its first generation phones to new patents such as virtual reality, 5K resolution, holograms, among others to achieve the same level of performance as  smartphones of today.

If Nokia manages to reach the top as proposed with its’  new team then we will have a competition that will give much to be desired, would it be Nokia against the world, would it be able to prove that even though it is lagging far behind in innovations it can still be the great manufacturer we once knew, it would be an interesting proposal because other manufacturers have contributed more in innovation to smartphones, patents and applications.

HMD Global, the ‘dream team’

It may be Nokia’s only hope to launch into the high-end market, but if Nokia does not do it now it will be very difficult because it will have to make huge investments just to keep abreast of current technology. This team is comprised of many former Nokia employees, including Arto Nummela (Executive Director), Pekka Rantala (Marketing Director) and Florian Seiche (President of HMD) . All of them have worked with Nokia, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Orange and even HTC with top representative positions.

This time the proposal is somewhat different, all having gained great experience in large companies mentioned above, these entrepreneurs have also built their own businesses but there is a big issue; Microsoft … If HMD wants to give Nokia a great comeback it should think beyond Microsoft because its’ purchasing of Nokia smartphone licences has done absolutely nothing, Annually the market for Windows smartphones decreases by 15% What can HMD expect to achieve? We do not know yet, however in 2017 we will know all its’ intentions.

2017 with Android and Foxconn

Nokia does not yet have a great future established, it is in 2017 that we will really get to know HMDs’ plans to make Nokia great again. Currently, Nokia doesn’t have anything left to sell except its’ old mobile phones which are not new generation smartphones, on the contrary they are those devices with full “QWERTY” keyboards and multi-colored screens with applications, agendas and great features that revolutionized Nokia at that time.

Nokia does not seem very enthusiastic, if it were it would have already made investments like Samsung did to advance its technology, however HMD Global are those who are very enthusiastic and perhaps this is what motivates Nokia to begin investing again, with so much experience in its’ present team, Nokia should be rest assured of a new year full of innovations and if it is not so Nokia should give up unless they already have future plans that we still do not know about.

Homes from $40 with a Super 3D printer3D printers have had a great impact on society, not only because of innovation or demonstrating to the public that they can create very perfect prototypes with 3D printer templates, it is more than that … 3D printers have helped to create custom-made plasters and parts of the cranium for people with disabilities; A girl with hydrocephalus received a skull printed in 3D to her exact measure, the real head of the girl weighed 20 kg and this weight problem was resolved using a 3D printer, reducing it so much so that the girl did not suffer any more problems.

It is here we realize that innovation is not only about displaying better graphic components or satisfying the whim of some users, technology has always had both sides of the coin but it all depends on how you see it; You can use it to improve your wellness, health and daily life or use it to tickle your fancy of taking pictures with higher resolutions or  playing lots of video games, neither side is bad and we do not always have to have a negative view of technology. If technology continues to advance in improving social relations as well as entertainment, surely it will also help to improve healthcare.

Cheap houses printed in 3D

There is nothing more admirable than seeing a manufacturer dedicating itself to do something special for  humanity, like making a special 3D printer that can be used in printing small and economic houses, and even considering to take it further and create a town with these houses so that the homeless can live in them. Needless to say, this kind of project requires government assistance, and the proposal is currently under consideration because of the benefit it can give to the homeless especially to those made homeless as a result of natural disasters.

$ 40 for a 3D house

The biggest complaints from customers who love technology is the high cost of products, even the high-tech patents developed for medicine have a much higher cost than normal but in turn their performance is highly desired, this aspect has been changed because we with the 3D printers, lots of heavy machinery will not be needed (only one) even $40  is not enough for the gasoline of the big truck (12 meters high and 7 meters wide) that works in conjunction with the 3D printer in making the houses.

Wasp, the company in charge

The Italian manufacturer has been responsible for taking this innovation around the world to demonstrate that technology can also be used for humanitarian aid. But this is not Wasps’ first innovation, previously it had made mention of some 3D projects but undoubtedly this was the one that caught the attention of the government and large manufacturers who perhaps are betting on the speed of construction. Building the main structure of one of these houses can take up to a week for 3D printers, Wasp needs to work on this aspect if it wants to continue with the project.

As a matter of fact, this is the first house built by Wasp but they assure us that $40 would be enough to pay for the building materials and fuel for the 3D printer, the rest of the work is only “carpentry”. But why is it so cheap? One of the reasons is that they are not going to need a lot of staff to work on this project because they would not be constructing 2 storey buildings.

Mud and straw, just that …

This should be one of the best innovations by Wasp; the use of mud and straw as a material for 3D printing to make houses of $40, incredible right? The large 12-meter-high machine will do most of the work; Combining the raw material as ‘ink’ for the 3D printer and the production of the default template for these economic houses.

Certainly it’s not going to be a big house, the house consists of a circular structure of 6 meters in diameter and 4 meters in height, without a doubt it is like a single room big enough for one person to take refuge comfortably, this is also a good option for students who would like to reside near their university. There are a lot of things for Wasp to improve about this 3D printer if it wants to secure its’ position in the market place, one of which is speed and the other, performance.