cars and motorcycles created with 3d printersInnovations will never cease to exist, most of the technology we consider to be futuristic are already in development.  The type of devices that we see in Sci-Fi movies like holographic screens are already in development, there will always be someone who will attempt to create these things  and convert dreams into reality.

The 3D printer is one of the patents that we did not have much faith in at the beginning and thought that they were going to be something short lived, I was one of those who thought ‘How is this possible? Where do they get the material from? ‘But let me fast forward a little, without a doubt 3D printers are the future for many manufacturers in the innovation of their products. Believe it or not a 3D printer capable of producing whole buildings is now in development, it will leave many unemployed but it will be a new way to save time and money, it is now even possible to produce motorcycles and cars with a 3D printer and who knows what else …

Divergent Dagger, the 3D motorcycle

The company responsible for this is Divergent 3D, a manufacturer specialized in the development of new patents and projects of 3D impressions. If some companies are already printing large scale projects such as business buildings, it shouldn’t take us by surprise that a manufacturer would create a motorcycle with a 3D printer, what is surprising is that it works in such a way that it combats real environmental problems hereby aiding the reduction of pollution. Thanks to the material used in its’ production.

The Divergent Dagger was presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, the motorcycle uses a supercharged Kawasaki H2 engine and it adapts a chasis from the same company. Divergent 3D also declared in this exhibition that it was neither the first nor the last motorcycle created with a 3D printer, such a powerful patent has never been created before and this is just the beginning for 3D printing. There are millions of manufacturing possibilities with 3D printing and it lowers some manufacturing costs related with labour and raw materials.

Divergent Blade, the 3D supercar

There is no doubt that Divergent 3D has developed something that we can sum up with only one word; Amazing. Divergent 3D has given us so much reason to believe that they can be one of the best manufacturers of automobiles created with 3D printers and as if that’s not enough they aspire to be on the same level with supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Model S and even smart cars from companies like Apple, Google and Samsung, but without a doubt Divergent 3D has gone a step further than expected.

If you do not believe me imagine a car with a weight / power relationship never before created; The Divergent Blade only has a weight of 635 kg and an unequaled power of almost 700 CV ( Horse Steam), with this we deduce that the Divergent Blade can go from 0 to 100 km / h in only 3 seconds, certainly many high performance traditional cars  can do this but most of them take up to more than 5 seconds to reach that speed.The Bugatti weighs 1838 kg, which is almost 3 times the weight of the Divergent Blade.

Cars and Motorcycles of the future

I do not think it’s a topic for debate, if companies like Divergent 3D join the automobile market with 3D impressions then we will have more patents than we can count. Manufacturers should also think about the money, cost of materials and time. Since a super 3D printer can be much faster that it produces a car for you in lesser time than the conventional manufacturing process.

Divergent 3D may be the first company to take a revolutionary leap in automobile manufacturing with 3D printers, as its CEO (Kevin Czinger) said; “We are developing a path to sustainability for the automobile industry.” We are all well aware that we need more of these projects for use in daily life, these cars and motorcycles will also use much less gasoline, electricity and other materials needed for maintenance  compared to many traditional cars.

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