iPhone 6 iPhone 7The changes of devices are very frequent nowadays, since companies such as Apple have released almost yearly a smartphone more advanced than its previous device. This has become into an usual habit. Not only Apple; Google, Sony, Microsoft among others brands have become as well. They have made a habit the updating, both in operative systems as on electronic devices every certain lapse, nevertheless they need to give confidence to their users of a certain time of life of their devices before it became obsolete.

Technology day to day advances exponentially; Companies dedicated to the improving of processor units, artificial intelligence, flexible screens, holograms, quantum computing, resistances to all sort of weather or falls, among other functions that make that companies like apple updates their devices and integrate certain functions, clear example of it is the waterproof of new iPhone 7 without the needing of a extra phone case, this includes one from manufacturing.

Adaptation One-Hand

Apple has always worked to improve the experience of the user, in this case use a smartphone with one hand is one of the requirements that users of Apple expected from previous news. The improving on the new iPhone 7/7s is that you can easily go to all the places of the screen with one hand without any problem in spite of having the same dimensions of size in comparison to iPhone 6/6s, that in a pair of occasions we’d need to use it with two hands.

This is due to a little particularity on the incorporated design by Apple, is not a big change but the users that takes into account the using of “One-Hand”, they are the ones that felt the change with more comfort and security at the moment of not have to use two hands to hold up strongly their smartphone.

Less heavy, same size

Changing the iPhone 6/6s to its new version is almost adapting to a few features on general designs, Apple has not changed too much its design due that they only improve and try to reduce manufacturing faults that happened in the past. The iPhone 7 is 5 grams less heavy than iPhone 6, and the Iphone 7 is 4 grams less heavy than 6s, small changes that surely in the future they’ll be less than the current iPhone.

Respecting to dimensions it wasn’t significant changes, even on the official Apple website it can be noticed that they use the same dimensions, totally exacts and adapting the same pattern to the common version to be smaller to the version “s”. Also it can be appreciated that the same inches of the screen remains, on the standard version 4,7 inches and its version “s” 5,5 inches for the two devices.

New 3D Touch

In spite of not being a very significant change, many users that changed their iPhone 6/6s, maybe they won’t notice the difference, but Apple added more functions such as getting into adjusts from the starting screen, answer text messages from the lock screen, use the central control, among others… With only pushing the screen or depending on how you adjust this functions totally editable.

If you come from a previous version such as iPhone 5 maybe you took into account on the process of test once you have bought the new iPhone 7/7. This technology advances more everyday by professionals and once integrated on the new delivery of Apple it becomes very common on the daily life of the users that possess this new device, nevertheless many users don’t notice of these functions that their smartphone can have.

Dual camera only on plus

Despite of the iPhone 6s has the same size of the iPhone 7 plus apple wanted to integrate two cameras for a better efficiency on multimedia functions of this one, is not the unique on the sales but it is a new integration of Apple able only for the generation “Plus”  of iPhone 7. The integration of dual cameras to smartphones has been taking strength since 2016 with other enterprises such as Xiomi that also integrated it.

But ¿What makes incredible a smartphone with dual cameras? The truth is that there are a lot of multimedia functions that can reach 2 cameras of 12 megapixels each one. The integration of these cameras is controlled by the software offering functions like excellent portrait photos, a zoom from 2x to 10x without losing a good quality, among others… Apple confirms that has 60% faster than its previous model

¡Auditory difference!

A small difference on the speakers of new iPhone 7 produces an improvement on auditory level in comparison to its previous. It is due to a speaker that is located on the frontal side of the device and other on the base, according users this produces a sensation kind of strange but nevertheless it can be noticed the improvement on the performance of the audition with simple audios in youtube.

Apple use the charging connector of the cell phone to broadcast the sound to headphones removing the standard “Jack” connector of any mobile phone or multimedia player, with certain complaints of users that won’t be able to use any headset unless they use the adapter that Apple includes on the buying of its new smartphone.

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