Chinese manufacturers affected by massive cyber attacksCyber attacks are currently gaining ground; big companies are using “hackers” or computer specialists to test their own safety. People or organizations that dedicate themselves to create cyber attacks are called “hackers” or software pirates in Spanish. It was only a matter of time before these acts were considered to be a major crime because about a few years ago, these acts weren’t considered to be a crime whatsoever. The most basic kind of cyber attack is called DDoS where information packs are sent from different connections to collapse a server or a system.

One of the better remembered cyber attacks in history occurred between 2005 and 2012; the stealing of bank cards from more than 160 million clients. The accused and convicted for this information theft were 4 Russians and 1 Ukrainian. This event involved big companies such as; Global Payment and NASDAQ. That’s why this attack had a big impact worldwide, because it wasn’t an attack with the intent of just having fun; but against high grade companies with enough money that could  guarantee them a prison sentence of many years. The stealing of bank cards is one of the cyber attacks frequently carried out, but it is also the most common for someone to be convicted of for a great length of time in jail.

Chinese manufacturers withdraw their products from the U.S.

One of the chinese electronic manufacturers has stirred up a hornets net after removing from the U.S market millions of its products due to a cyber attack; in which many of its surveillance cameras where affected, leaving them vulnerable while their passwords were being reestablished. The Chinese company confessed that they never reestablished their passwords. The affected company was Xiongmai Technology, access to lots of its web pages as well as many of their products and services collapsed because of this cyber attack. That’s why Xiongmai decided to withdraw almost all of their products from the market.

The attack used was one of the most remembered and currently utilized; a DDoS attack. A strike was made to the Dyn Inc located in Manchester, collapsing its servers and filling them with enough device traffic to cause a server crash. Dyn is a DNS provider which services many enterprises, such as; Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and even Spotify. If, during the week, you had any trouble accessing them , it was due to this attack. Besides Xiongmai, these other services were also affected, but they didn’t decide to withdraw from the market like Xiongmai did. These case is being thoroughly investigated, even the FBI has permission to interfere in these case in order to find useful information.

Xiongmai increases its safety

In 2015 Xiongmai strengthened their weaknesses a little bit, but it wasn’t enough. After the attack, they’ve been seriously reinforcing their security; from their electronic devices to their security staff. Lots of big enterprises invest a large amount of money, in engineers and hackers, to test system vulnerabilities; but, it seems that this wasn’t enough to prevent Xiongmai from being affected by this cyber attack. Xiongmai has contemplated so much on this issue that their main goal is to create a replacement plan for the safety of their electronic devices.

One of the common problems that the Xiongmai electronic devices suffered was that manufacturers didn’t modify the default passwords for their products. This vulnerability was made known when Xiongmai didn’t alert their clients to change their passwords; therefore, in some components, the password was the same. One of them was: root/xc3511 (user/password.)

The internet is filled with attacks

The internet has everything without mentioning the fact that only 15% of what we currently know as the internet is displayed . The fact is that on the internet everything is published. Today exists millions of web pages sharing source codes, published by programmers, to test or to learn with them. The problem begins when these codes are maliciously copied to do something evil. Everything changes when intentions are totally different from the ones of the programmers; and they share them to create an access for other programmers in web pages like GitHub, Git or blogs where tutorials are shown to get these codes working.

What is known of Xiongmai is that they didn’t give any explanatory information about this attack, but their quickest response was to withdraw all of their products from the U.S. market. One of the security researchers testified that last month they suffered an attack which he mentions as a historic attack on his web page. Likewise, when the entire investigation and the attack was totally discovered (DDoS revenge services) the cyber attack source code was published, leaving an evidence on the internet on how to create a cyber attack. Kerbs declared that very soon the internet will be riddled with cyber attacks.

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