Control your smartphone with a mouse and keyboardThe way things are structured to work is very important, everything is a system that functions with different parts working together to achieve a singular purpose. As we taught in one of our previous entries on you how to use your smartphone as a mouse and keyboard. Now we are going to teach you how to do this inversely and use the components of your PC to manage your smartphone, almost as if your smartphone was the PC.

Previous requirements

Before installing the application we have to take into account what is needed depending on if we are using a laptop or a desktop PC. To begin with the synchronization we need the two applications and some extras, here at Vofeel we will tell you what you need in advance in order to establish good communication between your PC, smartphone and PC components.

  1. Android version 4.1 or higher
  2. Install JAVA on your computer ( the current version)
  3. USB cable for connecting smartphone and PC
  4. On your smartphone activate the USB Debugging mode
  5. Download DeskDock to your smartphone from the Google Play Store
  6. Download DeskDock desktop application from its official website
  7. Acquire drivers for your smartphone (if they do not work manually)

How does it work?

Actually, your smartphone will become a secondary screen with which you can control with a mouse or a keyboard as long as they are connected to the computer from which we will access. It will be like connecting another PC and using it with our own components (mouse, keyboard, bugles) but as an alternative screen, as long as the smartphone is connected to the PC.

Getting Started with DeskDock

DeskDock is one of the applications that most people expected to use in controlling  their smartphone in a completely personalized way, many users have been demanding for this because they spend so much time on a computer  and they would like to be able to see and handle notifications, applications and some tools on their smartphone as an alternative screen on the PC. Here in Vofeel we will teach you how to synchronize applications successfully as long as you have all the prerequisites:

  1. Launch the DeskDock app on your smartphone
  2. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB
  3. Verify that you can access your smartphone files from My Computer (For Windows)
  4. Start DeskDock Server (the Computer Application)
  5. Check the status (On / Off) of the smartphone in the DeskDock application
  6. Verify that you can use the mouse and keyboard

Default settings

If you have any problems connecting DeskDock to your smartphone and the desktop application, it could be due to the default configuration of the smartphone application, if so, you can do it manually and press connect on the smartphone application and then start with the DeskDock Server on your computer. You can also change the configuration of some keys from the applications’ settings if you do not agree with how they work.

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