Convert your Smartphone into a mobile cinemaMany developers have been working to make life more practical and even cheaper with technology, an example is Google introducing Google CardBoard to the market at a time when virtual reality was in full development. Google so much devoted itself to this project and it succeeded in giving people who could not afford expensive VR devices a chance to enjoy virtual reality.

Technology has always advanced in accordance with developments, with everyone helping each other to take on bigger projects and there are even companies that buy up other companies to start projects based on what these companies already have prepared. When many companies come together they create an organization only to tackle companies that are already at the top of the market like Samsung, Google, Apple, LG or Huawei. They have long been in charge of buying start-ups in order to continue with the development of their projects and launch the finished products at a greater scale.

Cinema projector for smartphones

If you have ever felt the need of owning an economic cinema, we present to you the Smartphone Projector, a very economic invention with which we can convert our room into a cinema using a cardboard and smartphone. A very interesting proposal on the part of Luckies. The projector is about 5 times cheaper than what is available in the market, it consists of a cardboard which has already been assembled and just by inserting the smartphone in the proper position you can project images on to a screen.

Now, what do you think about taking this affordable projector with you in your backpack and all you need to do is insert a smartphone (Android or iOS) and enjoy your movie theater, it is so economical that you only have to spend money on popcorn and drinks.

Various models to suit your taste

Luckies of London are the initial developers of this device for smartphones, however you will find many other very attractive designs in the market, all with the same functions but with a personalized touch from each developer. If you are thinking of having a mobile and economic cinema that you can show to your friends, there are various designs available in the market and you can visit online stores where you will have a wide array of designs to choose from.

Just as there are many different models there are many accessories that lets you appreciate this Smartphone Projector so much more, there are speakers with Bluetooth connection and speakers with cable connection among others. This product is easily accessible for those who love cinema and would like to have everything at hand, request for the color that you like and make sure you are in a room dark enough that will allow you to appreciate the whole scenery.

Compatible with multiple smartphones

It is not necessary to have a specific operating system on our smartphone so that the Smartphone Projector can work, however we must take into account the dimensions of our smartphone because not all are equal or high enough. The maximum dimensions that the Smartphone Projector accepts is 8cm x 14.5cm and 3.2 x 5.7 inches,  which is compatible with the dimensions of most smartphones we have in the market today, however there are smartphones that could be bigger than these dimensions and it’s better not to force the phone into the projector because it could break.

High battery consumption

The only negative aspect of this device is that our smartphone must maintain it’s level of brightness at 100% in order to display the image correctly. As we’ve previously mentioned in one of our tutorials, the brightness of the screen of the smartphone is something that increases the consumption of the smartphone and even more when videos are being played.We must take this into account and make sure our phone battery is fully charged before placing it in the projector in order to prevent it from dying down while the movie is being played.

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