Creating your own Wi-Fi network via your smartphoneOur smartphone has many applications that we do not know of, just like most apps that are kept hidden until we meet someone who is very curious and can decode them to make the smartphone function better or to make the smartphone more useful. There are hidden features in our smartphones, a very clear example are the hidden menus that enable us to view the imei, configure networks and even hide other menus on our phones. At no point in time will we find any tutorial on our smartphone that demonstrates their existence to us, what we have discovered has been because we encountered a problem and found a way to solve it or we simply got the information from the internet.

Wi-Fi connection point

We can use our smartphone as a Wi-Fi connection point and transmit internet signals to those who are within this network. This feature is quite hidden in the smartphone because it is a feature that is not higlighted, it has always been present as an alternative in case we do not have an internet connection, however it is a great tool if we want to share an internet connection.

  1. Enter in to your smartphone settings
  2. Access network & wireless networks
  3. Move to the Portable Wi-Fi Zone option
  4. Configure the access Point Key and Name
  5. Activate the Wi-Fi Zone
  6. Ready! You can begin sharing signals

Network Precautions

We know that a free Wi-Fi connection can be accessed by whosoever is within the network range, however if we are a little bit knowledgeable about networks we know that this leaves us vulnerable to cyber attacks. The range is not very broad, it will always depend on the quality of the Wi-Fi signal on our smartphone.

Game sharing

There are many games which you can play in LAN mode if you are on the same network, this is the perfect excuse to use our smartphone as an access point to establish the same network between several devices and enjoy a LAN game. It’s like being in a cybercafe and playing Counter-Strike among several players, they are all within the same network so you enjoy it without any deceleration of the internet connection.

Data Transfer

As mentioned in one of our previous articles we can transfer files on the same network between PC and smartphone, but it can also be done from smartphone to smartphone as long as they have an application like ES File Explorer that offers them this capability and are connected to the same network. If your bluetooth is not working you can activate the access point and transfer files on LAN.

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