In many countries in tCuba is one of the beneficiaries of the Google internethe Caribbean we can find the Internet connection to be too slow, it is almost impossible to download a movie because we have to leave it for a whole night to download and if we talk about the o
nes with 4K resolution then you can imagine how long it will take to download them. It is a big headache when we have a slow connection and there are so many people connected to it at the same time because many present day devices require an internet connection.Currently Google has been able to improve internet connectivity like fiber optics, many countries have benefited from this feature of Google but there are still other countries like Venezuela that would still have a slow connection unless the government decides to do something about it.

Google goes to Havana to innovate

The incredible news comes after several meetings between the current technology giant like Google and Etecsa (Empresa Estatal de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba) to reach an agreement and improve the internet connection of the big island. But it all started with the relations that Obama wanted to improve with Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro, for some it was the worst news of the present time however some even celebrated it. Ben Rhodes being the Security Advisor to the United States Presidency took the initiative by attending events in honor of Fidel Castro to establish better relations.

It is confirmed that Cuba was one of the countries with the lowest connectivity rate worldwide as many countries in the Americas, it is very beneficial for Cuba that Google has decided to establish this connection that will be improved upon daily, this will be so beneficial because the number of users who connect to the Internet both in Cuba and in other countries continues to grow daily and improving their connection means that many can enjoy it at a higher level, many residents of Cuba have often complained about the low internet connection and stabilization in Havana.

Google Global Cache

Nothing more and nothing less than Google will help Havana with their very own expert system called Google Global Cache, perhaps one of the best technologies from Google for servers and for the improvement of  internet connections. The network of servers that will be available in Havana consists of servers inside Cuba that will contain and store information of all types of content from Google services and On-Line storage sites like YouTube and others.

Here is a fact that Google did not make very clear but if we start to think and draw up some rare conclusions we can deduce that this will not improve the Internet connection of all of Havana, this will improve the connection of Havana with Google. We can even visit the official site of the Google Edge Network that specifies this structure is coming, is obvious for Google but not for users who only think of a better connection throughout the whole internet, certainly it will improve the connection rate of Cuba to some Web pages, Google services and even Google data center, but it will not be something very widespread as the improvement of Havanas’ internet.

Are Cuba and the United States in an agreement?

It is strange in many ways because the relationship Cuba has had with the United States was never really good, it is known that since 2014 that there have been many meetings between the Cuba and the United States to clarify issues and improve relations between the two countries. These bad relations were due to the current presidents of each country, some think that they only wanted wars but that would not solve anything, so the leaders of each country decided to improve their relations and what better way than bringing new technology to innovate the great Havana .

Surprises for Cuba in 2017

Google was not the only one interested in penetrating and improving the internet connection of one of the countries with the lowest connection rate, other companies like General Electric, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have tried to enter into an agreement with Cuba so that by 2017 they can begin certain visits to Cuba and improve many of these services and their connections, something interesting because many companies in the United States have begun to improve relations with other countries and Cuba is among them. In the year 2017 many projects will begin both from Google and other telephone companies to improve the experience of navigation in Havana.

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