Customize whatsapp however you want (Root)WhatsApp is perhaps the best instant messaging app today, with millions of downloads and installations on smartphones around the world. WhatsApp is very common today, its use ranges from conversing with clients and business partners to starting or breaking up a relationship, communication has always been important and WhatsApp has given a tool to users that helps  them communicate in an instant and Safe way (according to WhatsApp). The company that runs WhatsApp today (Facebook) ensures that our conversations and data are kept secret.

Warning!!! Consequences

Before we start, we would like to mention that there are consequences that follow the application of what you learn in this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to install a third-party version of WhatsApp that you can customize and even change the color of the double check that is used in conversations, however WhatsApp has blocked and banned many users who have made use of it. Being an application created by a third party we can also suffer from some vulnerabilities, since it remains the same as WhatsApp but with added features and configurations it is susceptible to information and data theft.

Here at Vofeel we do not recommend you to follow this tutorial if you are not aware of the consequences since your mobile number may be totally disabled by WhatsApp, so we recommend that you proceed  with caution as you read this tutorial.


The third-party application is called WhatsApp Plus +, a totally free application which you must be very careful in using because the company does not guarantee the safety of data between conversations or even less whatever happens while using it, however WhatsApp Plus gives you many options to customize your WhatsApp application from the color of the letters to the shape of the conversation bubble.

  1. Install official WhatsApp application
  2. Input your data and make a backup
  3. Uninstall WhatsApp
  4. Install WhatsApp Plus
  5. Follow the configuration steps
  6. Now you are ready to commence modifications!

Amazing customizations

WhatsApp Plus + is popularized by so many customization features, this web application has long been available but has never been found in app stores for obvious reasons, you can customize things like:

  1. Change chat bubbles between conversations
  2. Change font style and color
  3. Change the background of the main application
  4. Add notification of change of user status
  5. Change contact profile photo
  6. New Emoticons
  7. Create themes, among others …

Alternative versions

Currently the version of WhatsApp Plus + that was under development has been declared null after several accusations were made at the developer, however there are other well hidden alternatives that can work. One of these alternatives is WhatsApp Reborn which is very similar to WhatsApp Plus +, another alternative is one that is still in development; WhatsApp Plus of JiMods (Jim Techs Edition) which we have not yet tested at VoFeel but make sure to avoid being banned by WhatsApp and you will be able to benefit from all the features offered by WhatsApp Plus +.

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