Hidden menus for repairs on AndroidUsually manufacturers create a second alternative in case our device suffers some kind of disconfiguration or in a certain way suffers system damages, it is almost a prerequisite for the manufacturers to make this second alternative available depending on the level of damages. The manufacturer also has to provide support for these alternatives, many of the people who buy these devices have no idea that this alternative exists for cases of not so major emergencies, however everything is in a manual that is given at the purchase of the equipment which a large percentage of users never read.

These methods are not something from another world nor is it necessary to be a graduate engineer in order to know how to put them to use. Some people have some concern about applying them so they prefer to go to people who already have experience in this field, however we can discover how to do it on the internet or learn about it through some course. The first people who shared this knowledge obtained it from their own experience, some damaged and modified their equipment so much and encountered an alternative way to accommodate them in a totally legal way, as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed because some methods could remove the guarantee from certain products.

Smartphones with hidden menus

Whenever a smartphone suffers damage to its’ operating system It needs to have this alternative, it is a requirement for manufacturers who have the Android operating system installed on their devices, this is not something recent because even first generation Samsung smartphones had these menus hidden. Here at Vofeel we will show you what each menu is about and how to access it:

Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is also known as the restoration mode, it is the principal menu where you can delete data from the file in order to return it to its factory state, install ROMs and even partition the SD memory card, the main thing is to turn off the device and then follow the instructions depending on which device you use:

  • Samsung: Hold down the volume button (downwards), the home button and finally the Power button until the hidden menu appears.
  • Sony and BQ: Hold down the volume button (upwards) and the power button, in Sony it is the reverse, first hold down the power button (to turn it on) and then hold down the volume button (upwards).
  • Nexus and Motorala: Hold down the volume button (downwards) and then the Power button until the hidden menu appears.

Download button

This hidden menu of Android is one of the most advanced menus, it is commonly used to reinstall the factory’s operating system or in some cases install ROMs, it is also possible to install some menus within this method, but the best use for it is to reinstall the entire operating system. The device has to be completely turned off in order to proceed with these steps.

  • Samsung: Hold down the volume button (downwards) and the volume button (upwards) and finally the Power button until a menu appears, proceed by pressing the volume button (upwards).
  • Others: In many smartphones this is not considered as the download mode, but using your PC you have to initiate the repair application and connect the device without turning it on in order to proceed with the recovery.

Clockwork mode (Root)

This hidden menu is recovery mode in a more extensive way, with more settings and more tools for a superuser. You need to have root access in order to use this menu that we will teach you how to install or initiate depending on how you want to use it.

  • Install via Recovery: Enter recovery mode, access to install zip from sd card and finally select the file that has the CWM (ClockWork Mode), this file has to be a compressed .zip and compatible with the device that we have.
  • Install via Download: Enter download mode, download the required file and load the file (depending on the application), start the recovery process of the device but during installation ensure you select the downloaded file.

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