Homes from $40 with a Super 3D printer3D printers have had a great impact on society, not only because of innovation or demonstrating to the public that they can create very perfect prototypes with 3D printer templates, it is more than that … 3D printers have helped to create custom-made plasters and parts of the cranium for people with disabilities; A girl with hydrocephalus received a skull printed in 3D to her exact measure, the real head of the girl weighed 20 kg and this weight problem was resolved using a 3D printer, reducing it so much so that the girl did not suffer any more problems.

It is here we realize that innovation is not only about displaying better graphic components or satisfying the whim of some users, technology has always had both sides of the coin but it all depends on how you see it; You can use it to improve your wellness, health and daily life or use it to tickle your fancy of taking pictures with higher resolutions or  playing lots of video games, neither side is bad and we do not always have to have a negative view of technology. If technology continues to advance in improving social relations as well as entertainment, surely it will also help to improve healthcare.

Cheap houses printed in 3D

There is nothing more admirable than seeing a manufacturer dedicating itself to do something special for  humanity, like making a special 3D printer that can be used in printing small and economic houses, and even considering to take it further and create a town with these houses so that the homeless can live in them. Needless to say, this kind of project requires government assistance, and the proposal is currently under consideration because of the benefit it can give to the homeless especially to those made homeless as a result of natural disasters.

$ 40 for a 3D house

The biggest complaints from customers who love technology is the high cost of products, even the high-tech patents developed for medicine have a much higher cost than normal but in turn their performance is highly desired, this aspect has been changed because we with the 3D printers, lots of heavy machinery will not be needed (only one) even $40  is not enough for the gasoline of the big truck (12 meters high and 7 meters wide) that works in conjunction with the 3D printer in making the houses.

Wasp, the company in charge

The Italian manufacturer has been responsible for taking this innovation around the world to demonstrate that technology can also be used for humanitarian aid. But this is not Wasps’ first innovation, previously it had made mention of some 3D projects but undoubtedly this was the one that caught the attention of the government and large manufacturers who perhaps are betting on the speed of construction. Building the main structure of one of these houses can take up to a week for 3D printers, Wasp needs to work on this aspect if it wants to continue with the project.

As a matter of fact, this is the first house built by Wasp but they assure us that $40 would be enough to pay for the building materials and fuel for the 3D printer, the rest of the work is only “carpentry”. But why is it so cheap? One of the reasons is that they are not going to need a lot of staff to work on this project because they would not be constructing 2 storey buildings.

Mud and straw, just that …

This should be one of the best innovations by Wasp; the use of mud and straw as a material for 3D printing to make houses of $40, incredible right? The large 12-meter-high machine will do most of the work; Combining the raw material as ‘ink’ for the 3D printer and the production of the default template for these economic houses.

Certainly it’s not going to be a big house, the house consists of a circular structure of 6 meters in diameter and 4 meters in height, without a doubt it is like a single room big enough for one person to take refuge comfortably, this is also a good option for students who would like to reside near their university. There are a lot of things for Wasp to improve about this 3D printer if it wants to secure its’ position in the market place, one of which is speed and the other, performance.

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