How to emulate Linux on AndroidDevelopers are responsible for demonstrating all that a smartphone can accomplish with the use of just one application, from solving mathematical algorithms with just one image to emulating a full operating system on a smartphone. Independent developers have taken up the task of creating applications of all kinds, we will not find just one type of application since they all have already been categorized  in the app stores and in each category there are millions of applications available. thanks to this constant development from independent programmers there is so much competition and companies are so concerned about having the best equipment and devices.

Emulating an operating system has always been a feature for desktop computers, but thanks to the contribution of many developers they have taken up the task of making this possible on a smartphone that functions with the Android operating system just by following a series of steps. A virtual machine may be sufficient for a computer with Windows operating system to emulate another operating system like Linux, although Linux is the faithful contender of Windows, the Linus Torvalds project has not been left behind. The Linux operating system has always been seen as an alternative to a lot of users, however there are many who prefer it for its great ability to go beyond what’s conventional just like in Windows.

Emulating Linux

In our Android smartphone we can emulate an entire operating system as long as it is Linux, we will only need an image file with the Linux operating system we want to emulate and we will also need a couple of more things. Here in Vofeel we will show you how to use your smartphone to emulate a Linux operating system and also consult all the tools of this operating system. It is very common to use distributions like Kali Linux to take advantage of many “Hacking” tools and have them on our smartphone anywhere we go.

Why not windows?

As many of us know the Google’s operating system (Android) was created based on Linux, that’s why we see many free features being offered by this operating system. Linux is a slightly freer operating system with features that have the potential of exceeding the manufacturers limits on these electronic devices. Because Android is based on Linux, it gives us the possibility to emulate it and have many features of a fully complete operating system through an application.

Downloading the application

By following of a few steps and using an application we will be able to install a Linux operating system on our Android smartphone, the application that we have to download through the app store is “Linux Deploy“, with this application we will be able to install a full Linux operating system. It is important to have the latest update of this application in order to have all its’ features and novelties and furthermore not to encounter errors in the future, it is advisable to install it through the app store and not via manual installation (i.e. with the .apk file).

Required files

  • Linux Deploy app installed on our smartphone
  • Image file for installation (.iso)
  1. Start the Linux Deploy application
  2. Select the third option of the toolbar
  3. In Distribution select the distribution to be installed
  4. In Architecture select armhf
  5. In Installation path choose the image file where the Linux distribution (.iso) is located
  6. Finally choose the Install option to begin the installation

Finally the Linux Deploy automatic installation wizard will begin, all the packages that have been decompressing for the .iso installation will begin to be deployed.

  1. Finally use the Start option to start the Linux distribution that has been installed.
  2. Then you will be asked to fill in some data, which will be given to you here in Vofeel.

Nickname: kali

Password: changeme


Port: 5900

With this we will be able to use all the functions of the Linux distribution that we just installed and selected. It will be necessary to enter the data that we showed you above as long as it asks for it, it will also be necessary to connect to the server and have better communication with the distribution.

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