How to pilot the Parrot drone using a mobile appDrones have arived to the market to give us something different from what we have been used to for a long time or from what we have seen in movies or series about spies, how they use it or control it in a kind of interesting way that we can only imagine or can only be experienced in videogames such as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. We owe a great part of this advancement to these series and videogames, they gave us the idea of how these drones could be designed, controlled and what their functions could be,  this was the first step towards them becoming commercial.

Many will think that piloting drones is something complicated, however thanks to companies who specialize in this kind of technology it is easier than we think. Surely, you will have a degree of difficulty if you do not use certain tools that come along with advanced drones, but with so much functions, piloting a drone is like controlling a remote control car. The remote controls of these drones are usually provided by the manufacturer, however companies like Parrot also offer you a smartphone application which you can use to pilot, view information and synchronize to automatically save everything that it views and records to a cloud,all for a greater experience and greater stability of information.

Downloading AR.FreeFlight

The app is completely free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store, you can download and install it automatically from the app stores or manually. With this application we can handle a lot of information and pilot our drone if we do not already have a specially personalized control for these drones. The company responsible for developing this application is the same that has launched these drones; Parrot.

If we have a AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot we can enjoy many interactions between the smartphone and the drone, as long as they are in sync. It will be necessary to have the application installed on our smartphone, the application is currently in version 2.4.15 in the app stores. Here in Vofeel we will teach you how to synchronize and manage your Parrot AR Drone 2.0 from your smartphone:

1. Connect the battery of the AR Drone 2.0
2. On your smartphone, connect to the Wi-Fi network that the AR Drone 2.0 automatically generates
3. Access FreeFlight
4. Confirm the status of the connected drone.
5. Begin Piloting your drone!

Functions of AR. Free Flight

With the app for controlling this drone we will find advanced functions that are not available in many remote controls of other drones. The way this application has been designed is to handle all kinds of information that the sensors of the camera captures, however this application is not compatible with all drones, it only operates with Parrot drones and not with all the Parrot drones, some have been excluded.

Capturing Photos and Videos

Within the app we can capture everything our drone sees, in addition to having this view for piloting it, we can also observe it from where we are to make sure that it does not hit a tree or any obstacle.


In the app, there is a section that allows us to make our drone perform stunts, pirouettes and twists without it losing any kind of stability. To prevent accidents that might happen if we pilot it manually, the app enables us to perform these stunts automatically just at the touch of a button.

      The AR.Drone Community:

We can apply for membership to this community and share images, videos, drone travels and even acrobatics with other users. The section is called “AR.Drone Academy”, we can register our email in this section and obtain news and access to this community where we can begin sharing with other pilots.

Director mode:

This tool was added since the last update of this application, where we can choose different movements for the camera to run on our drone, shoot videos, select sequences to record the video and even adjust the speed at which our drone records the sequences in real time.

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