Huawei's new wearableTechnological accessories have become fashionable and more manufacturers are interested in developing accessories of great use, not in size but in functions and internal applications that make it unique. The wearables range from smart watches to shoes that send information via GPS or internet connection to transmit daily data of number of steps taken, miles traveled, time of use, elevation of the ground and route followed, just make sure that it is connected to your smartphone in order to send the information via GPS or internet connection.

The wearables of today are accessories that have a high level of technology, the most popular ones are the smart watches that have long been present in Asian countries such as those that allow you to insert a sim card so that you can receive calls or the first ones with touch screens to enable more functionability, but that was just the beginning of a technology that even with all the patents that exist today has not been exploited to the maximum. This wearables technology began when the smartphone market started to become very profitable, most of the wearables that are being developed right now are for connecting with the smartphone and making use of the complementary features.

Huawei Fit, the new proposal

Huawei had not been so much dedicated to wearables, but it wanted to pave way for accessories of its’ smartphones which are compatible with the Android operating system. The new Huawei Fit was designed as a sports wearable, it is able to measure information such as our heart rate and also monitor our sleep hours, of course as long as we have it on every moment. It is wearable, very comfortable and also very light, so that you can keep it on you as long as possible.

The new Huawei Fit is so well designed that you can attach any strap to it, it is not a complete wearable but its’ most important feature is the smart watch. It has an LCD screen and the device only has a thickness of 9.9 millimeters, with interchangeable strap of 18 millimeters and a total weight of 35 grams, suitable for our wrist; An elegant but sporty design for daily walks or intense exercises with GPS or Bluetooth connection for use in conjunction with the smartphone.

Up to 6 days of Autonomy

When Huawei communicated that the Huawei Fit will be able to analyze sleep hours, it’s because this wearable has an autonomy to execute these applications for up to 6 days. The 6 days could be with normal and constant use, however the battery that the Huawei Fit has can guarantee it to be in operation for up to one month if it is in stand-by mode. It is surprising how Huawei wanted to demonstrate the power of the batteries, for now it was revealed that the battery is 80 mAh, up to 10 times less than that of a smartphone but Huawei assures that its’ autonomy can go from 6 days to 30 days depending on its’ frequency of use.

The Huawei Fit is not only characterized by the long duration it possess, the main engine has many functions that sets it apart from other wearables in the market. The features provided by this Huawei Fit allows you to create custom workouts, to go running, to take measurements but also monitor and organize at the same time. Another interesting issue is that it does not run an operating system like Android Wear, which we are accustomed to seeing in smart watches but it has a new operating system designed especially for this wearable, both Android and iOS will be available for the Huawei Wear App without including any default application type.

LCD screen and water resistant

The LCD screen was not new news for this wearable, touch screens for the wearable have been available from the first smart watches, however this LCD display adds certain functions and some sensors that are new for the wearables market. Throughout the day there will be an optical sensor working to record our heart rate, the screen is prepared to last and combat with daily problems like direct sunlight thanks to an ambient light sensor. It also has pulsometer sensors, pedometer, multi-sport and swimming modes.

Water resistance is a novelty in Huawei wearable, because of its’ autonomy and resistance to water we can calmly give ourselves a bath and it can even be submerged in water up to 50 meters. The certifications it possess are IP68 and 5 ATM resistance, Huawei made sure to have everything insured in order to give greater assurance to the customer that it is not a device that will have to be returned over time. The cost of the Huawei Fit will be 199 Dollars, however you can find offers on Amazon, Best Buy and other virtual stores for 129 Dollars.

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