Intex TechnologiesIntex Technologies is an enterprise that is giving great impact in Spain on last years, in 2015 sold more than 53 millions of terminals, becoming in one of the leaders in selling of mobiles in India. On 1999 Intex was focused only in the consume of electronic and their accessories, after one expansion, some years later (2000) Intex decides also to integrate multimedia speakers and then giving way to the rest of the market in entire Asia. Were passing the years and Intex was growing until including to its market DVD Players, LED, LCD Tv’s, among others…

When intex starts its smartphone manufacturing, begin to expand its inventory to new technologies, to what intex had to make was to integrate all its electronic potential to transform the better smartphone of the market. Previously Intex had a market a bit limited; were only focused on Asian countries and only some international distributor companies. Despite being limited to the international market Intex accomplished last year (2015) being the second company from India in terminal selling and the large local manufacturer.

¡The coming to Spain!

Intex officially comes to Spain with the release of 3 smartphones with the operating system Android; Aqua Prime 3G, Aqua Shine 4G and the Aqua S9 pro. Intex with all security is in charge to bring to market its better proposal, so much this way that the warranty of a smartphone; Aqua generation has at least 4 years to be returned for manufacturing failures. Previously Intex developed a pair of wearables in Spain, but Intex also understood that if it wanted to compete with the international market, then should start to expand also its passport.

The prices of these smartphones came to compete with the entire Spanish market; Intex reached a great balance of high-end smartphones and an economic price accessible to the whole Spanish market and lovers of technology. The prices of smartphones Aqua generation oscillate among 85€ Euros until 139€ Euros; Aqua Prime 3G, Aqua Shine 4G and Aqua S9 Pro. The Aqua S9 Pro isn’t available on the Spanish market yet, Intex expect amounts of its current smartphones in sell, to liberate and start with the selling of its better smartphone of Aqua generation.

Very similar screens

The main topic in the current smartphones is the screen size and in this case of the whole smartphone; the majority of manufacturers opt for the 5” inches screen, and 5,5” inches screen, due to was discovered it is the best size for having a smartphone on the palm of your hand and use it with only one finger. Intex is also interested on this proposal and this is seen reflected in Aqua generation.

The Aqua Prime 3G and Aqua S9 Pro counts both with a screen of 5,5” inches with the same processor Quad-Core of 1.3 GHz and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels in both screens. The Aqua Shine 4G was the one which stayed with 5” inches; with the same processor Quad-Core but with 1 GHz and a same resolution to the rest of the smartphones of its Aqua generation. All of that generation comes integrated with the last update of Android Marshmallow in exception to Aqua Prime 3G that will integrate Lollipop.

High durability batteries

The batteries are the big topic in many smartphones of the market; the majority has large capacities but a bad functioning, sometimes the 70% of the battery is spent in second plane. Intex decided to add the lowest capacity to Aqua Prime 3G (2800 mAh) giving it until 48 hours of durability according its functioning, to Aqua Shine 4G was expanded until 3000 mAh, and to Aqua S9 Pro was decided to give it the longer capacity of battery in its smartphones (3670 mAh).

The only Aqua smartphone that seems a bit commited with the efficiency and capacity of the battery is the Aqua Prime 3G, in spite of having a Quad-Core Processor of 1.3 GHz, it only counts with 1GB of RAM and a battery capacity of 2800 mAh. The Aqua Prime 3G also counts with some small resolutions respecting to the camera that makes it the less favorite of the Aqua generation. (Front camera of 5 megapixels and a back camera of 2 megapixels).

Fingerprint detector and MediaTek processors

Intex integrates the best technology on its smartphones; the fingerprint detector is a current feature of many smartphones that overcomes the basic security of a pattern in smartphones and gives it a better functioning to the touch screen of the smartphone. Only one smartphone of the Aqua generation integrates this fingerprint detector; the Aqua S9 Pro, furthermore to be fast and potent it also comes integrated with a crystal of 2,5D for better protection.

The MediaTek processors are used for many smartphone manufacturers, due to its great quickness of answer, the most used and also the one that Intex used was the Quad-Core processor for all its smartphones. The Aqua generation counts with different models and better speediness in some, but in general all handles the same Quad-Core MediaTek processor; Aqua Prime 3G (MTK6580 – 1.3 GHz), Aqua Shine 4G (MTK6735P – 1.3 GHz) and Aqua S9 Pro (MTK6735P – 1.3 GHz).

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