LG presses forward with 5k resolutionGraphics resolution is one of the biggest concerns of manufacturers today, it’s such a top issue that LG might be in a hurry  to advertise their 5K resolution tv. Sony, Samsung and LG have always being in the lead among manufacturers of products with good resolution quality, applications and innovative technology, and they have always fought to remain at the top position. Sony has also increased its sales because of the features we can enjoy on its’ video game console and TV.

4K resolution has been a success, however not all manufacturers of smartphones, monitors and televisions have managed to achieve optimum performance for a screen with 4K resolution. Many manufacturers offer it on their new devices, one of them was Sony with its new game console; PS4 Pro which dominates as the best video console ever made because of its technical characteristics and 4K resolution graphics. Other companies that offer this kind of optimization in 4K resolution is LG and Samsung, but the question is whether it has really been optimized in terms for performance.

LG and its new monitors

The MacBook was one of the bases that LG used to approach development of new monitors for the market, MacBook and MacBook Pro were the ones who benefited from this new launch from LG because the monitors were designed especially for them. LG recently presented a new 5K resolution monitor to the market called the 5K UltraFineTM 27 “, perfect for connecting to a MacBook Pro. The other monitor has been downgraded to 4K, however the features are the same except for the Lower resolution and change to 21.5 “, an interesting LG proposal that might become a big emphasis for 5K and 4K monitors.

These big LG proposals not only leave a lot to be desired but we see that they are very close to 5K resolution but it has not yet been confirmed if it optimally reaches 5K. 5K resolution has not yet been featured in many projects, LG might even be one of the first manufacturers to market such a feature and place its bet on it, although 4K resolution is not yet fully developed or has not reached its highest optimization. I think LG is getting closer to resolving the bigger issues, they should be a little more concerned about taking 4K resolution to its’ maximum potential and improving every feature they can.

105 “Inch LG Smart Tv

A 105 “Tv should be one of LG’s best proposals to the market, as well as include its new 5K resolution to this big screen TV. The 5K resolution offers a more realistic 105-inch experience and also more realistic details, you will not miss any details with this great Smart TV from LG, as it offers cinema modes to which the screen is already adapted, it eliminates the black bars on both the top and bottom to offer a totally incredible view. The model of this Smart TV from LG is the 105UC9T.

This great 105 “Smart TV also offers a curved version that we have seen lately in many Smart TVs from many manufacturers, Sony is one of the many companies that has produced curved screen Smart tvs with incredible functions in conjunction with its videogame consoles. They also offer features in 4K and 3D, if 1080p is not enough for 3D experience, 4K resolution comes to greatly enhance the 3D experience and now that we can have it on a 105 ” curved screen, we can enjoy its’ great performance with Games, movies and 3D series.

Taking us closer to the future

It is true that what is new on screens for both smartphones and monitors is the 4K resolution, it is what has been best developed in terms of screen resolution, however companies like LG have already gone a step ahead of what is currently available, so much that this can be favorable in the market because a new resolution is always much more attractive. The 4K resolution is a little bit exaggerated in many ways, it has not spent much time in the market but it seems that 1080p FullHD was not enough for many manufacturers so this led to the birth of 4K resolution.

The 5K resolution may be the future of monitors or smartphone screens, but if you think you’ve seen everything we haven’t, we can not ignore the 6K and 8K resolutions TV screens. The resolutions from 6K and 8K have been created just to define the size of a screen, although the new LG is 105 “inches is not the largest TV in the market, on the contrary there are other manufacturers who have taken 6K and 8K to fit new large TV screens.

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