Methods of capturing your smartphone screenWe have constantly seen how on YouTube many users record the screen of their devices to teach a tutorial, a step-by-step guide or simply show a problem on their operating systems, this can also be done with smartphones. YouTubers always use these tools, without a doubt they should always use the best program that lets them present high quality videos because showing poor quality content is not worth it.

Android (Google)

On Android phones there are various options, even when you are a user with root access you can obtain tools that go beyond the normal performance of each application. Perhaps these are the top 3 applications for the Android operating system; AZ Screen Recorder, ADV Screen Record and Screen Screen, they all have different features but carry out the same function.

IOS (Apple)

We already know that Android freely accepts certain applications meanwhile the Apple Store does not have many options, recently some applications with screen recording functions were allowed into the store which is not quite common for iOS. One of the best options is Display Recorder or Shou, both have the same function of recording your smartphones’ screen. Due to lack of demand for iOS applications that record the screen of your smartphone, before, it was necessary to be a superuser in order to access applications with these kind of functions.

The procedure is similar for all smartphone operating systems, some applications also offer features for video sharing depending on the length of the video. Here at Vofeel we will show you the steps to follow to install almost any type of screen recording application:

1. Download the app from the corresponding app store.
2. Set the time, performance and quality
3. Start recording and exit the application
4. Record everything that happens on your screen
5. Stop recording and export the video
6. The video will be saved in a folder


We recommend that you use a high-end smartphone with at least 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB RAM so that it can support both the application that is running to record the screen as well as the applications and the different services that you will be using while you are recording the Screen, not to mention the network connection of your smartphone. If you do not use a high-end smartphone, the app will get stuck and your video capture will be very slow.

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