Windows PhoneMicrosoft started an era of smartphones just when two of the biggest enterprises on mobiles (Google and apple) are in their best moment and that was how Microsoft wanted to compete against them. Microsoft being a millionaire enterprise whose worth’s estimated on 67,670 millions of dollars in 2015 according Interbrand, they have all the tools and components to invest and create a new generation of smartphones at the height of Android and iOS, despite Google and Apple are better positioned than Microsoft on the monetary worth of the enterprise, Microsoft counts with the necessary tools.

Currently, the competition among companies is important, for that reason there’s a high demand of programmers on big companies. Nevertheless, in technology many users are not based on the smartphone potential or a great camera such as on the Nokia Lumia 1020 (41 Megapixels), it goes much further as a friendly design or comfortable for users.  Microsoft didn’t achieve the major objective; the user, and it is what leaves out them from the competition of mobile’s companies.

Nokia was not enough

On the first trimester of 2014 by agreement from Nokia and Microsoft should be paid the totality of transaction, however, they were working together before in some projects. Microsoft did a buying of 3.790 million of Euros for the manufacturing unit of Nokia and 1.650 million of Euros for the patents of Nokia, making a total sum of 5.440 million of Euros. Nokia was one of the most advantaged of this buying, giving ways to new projects as the map system HERE sold to vehicle companies such as Audi, BMW, and Daimler for 2.800 millions.

One of most known risks of the Microsoft enterprise was the buying of Nokia; thinking that with the big past of the company selling their smartphones would increase their possibilities of becoming a high rival to the most used operating systems on nowadays (Android and iOS). One of the worst mistakes committed from Microsoft to the selling of their smartphones, so much that at least 7.800 workers were fired to cover up the debt of Nokia.

Beneath from Google and Android

Despite Microsoft didn’t have much success in the selling of smartphones, Microsoft made that Windows phone stayed on the ranking as the third mobile operating system more used on nowadays. That it be the third mobile operating system more used doesn’t mean that be positive, Microsoft only keeps a small fee on selling about the 0,6% of market, on the first positions we’ll find Google (86,2%) and with large distance Apple (12,9%).

The competition between Google and Apple will be a constant fight but shattering by Google, this is due to the operating system boosted by Apple (iOS) only finds itself in all its iPhone generation, In comparison, Google with Android they’re in big quantity of manufacturers, many of this famous as Samsung, Huawei, LG, among others… Giving a better distribution internationally of this operating system; boosted by Google.

Retirement confirmed from France

At the beginning were only rumors that Microsoft will leave free the big project for the first line of smartphones on the market, all began with overwhelming numbers for the buying of Nokia and its attempt of recovering 5.440 million of Euros. In this moment was when the new president of Microsoft on France (Vahé Torosiamm) declares in an interview to LePoint that for many years Microsoft wasn’t focused on smartphones and they will give way to new projects for a big technological jump in all Microsoft.

In this interview Vahé Torosiamm declared a pair of things more very certain; one of them was that despite having all tools, currently nobody can compete against Google and Apple; this companies have many years of evolution and a constant improvement on the user experience, this project of both companies began from cero, both apple with Steve Jobs showing the cellphone from the future on 2007 and Google one year after showing a operating system based on Linux.

Less attention to their users

One of the biggest careless of Microsoft was the low attention to orders from users, a clear example of this was the late integration of WhatsApp to Windows phone that Microsoft didn’t have nothing to do with it because programmers from WhatsApp were only developing the most popular platforms (Android and iOS), but, neither was interested to speed up the process from the soon integration to this platform.

Another mistake from Microsoft was the imposition strategy to integrate Windows 8 to every smartphone, perhaps could be a big project and the future of Microsoft, but played in against this strategy. Microsoft suffered the consequences later being forced to itself to a restructuring and reduction of personal of at least 1.850 employees, and to give a new course to Microsoft and try to recover their monetary investments.

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