Nokia's new team promises it's comebackNokia was undoubtedly one of the companies that revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry, something very remarkable for which it is highly recognized for today, however since the arrival of Apple and the launch of its’ high-end smartphone Nokia began to lose clients when it refused to adapt to the new touch screen technology and accept never before seen apps on its smartphone, there is no doubt that Apple hit the nail with its’ iPhone which began to move Nokia away from the market.

But Apple was not the only one, other companies like BlackBerry began to arrive with its famous BlackBerry Messenger which attracted so many users and became the best instant messaging application of that time (surpassing WhatsApp), finally we come to the patent which undoubtedly gave a boost to the competition against Nokia. BlackBerry and even Apple thought that it was not going to catch up, but on the contrary, Android today is the operating system with the most users and it is currently trying to attract all those who own an iPhone to come over to its’ platform and for some years it has successfully done so.

Is a revival possible?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Nokia and think on how we can make a come back with so much new technology available today, Apple and Google are the companies at the top and they also compete against manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and LG. We would find out that this is quite a difficult question to answer, Nokia must put everything it has from its first generation phones to new patents such as virtual reality, 5K resolution, holograms, among others to achieve the same level of performance as  smartphones of today.

If Nokia manages to reach the top as proposed with its’  new team then we will have a competition that will give much to be desired, would it be Nokia against the world, would it be able to prove that even though it is lagging far behind in innovations it can still be the great manufacturer we once knew, it would be an interesting proposal because other manufacturers have contributed more in innovation to smartphones, patents and applications.

HMD Global, the ‘dream team’

It may be Nokia’s only hope to launch into the high-end market, but if Nokia does not do it now it will be very difficult because it will have to make huge investments just to keep abreast of current technology. This team is comprised of many former Nokia employees, including Arto Nummela (Executive Director), Pekka Rantala (Marketing Director) and Florian Seiche (President of HMD) . All of them have worked with Nokia, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Orange and even HTC with top representative positions.

This time the proposal is somewhat different, all having gained great experience in large companies mentioned above, these entrepreneurs have also built their own businesses but there is a big issue; Microsoft … If HMD wants to give Nokia a great comeback it should think beyond Microsoft because its’ purchasing of Nokia smartphone licences has done absolutely nothing, Annually the market for Windows smartphones decreases by 15% What can HMD expect to achieve? We do not know yet, however in 2017 we will know all its’ intentions.

2017 with Android and Foxconn

Nokia does not yet have a great future established, it is in 2017 that we will really get to know HMDs’ plans to make Nokia great again. Currently, Nokia doesn’t have anything left to sell except its’ old mobile phones which are not new generation smartphones, on the contrary they are those devices with full “QWERTY” keyboards and multi-colored screens with applications, agendas and great features that revolutionized Nokia at that time.

Nokia does not seem very enthusiastic, if it were it would have already made investments like Samsung did to advance its technology, however HMD Global are those who are very enthusiastic and perhaps this is what motivates Nokia to begin investing again, with so much experience in its’ present team, Nokia should be rest assured of a new year full of innovations and if it is not so Nokia should give up unless they already have future plans that we still do not know about.

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