Operate your Android device without contactJust like in many movies where actors utter a command and their devices comply, likewise our smartphones can be operated the same way, it is not about our smartphone being ‘intelligent‘ it is about it understanding an action, a search and if it is possible the execution, it is as simple as following orders, however the notion that they are intelligent is a little bit out of place. We can also surround ourselves with these alternatives not only with a smartphone but with devices that we can operate with signs, voice commands and even with our look and make them do everything that we want.

Voice Access, beta testers

Surely we must have heard about beta testers, they are a group of people who test softwares and applications before they are released to the market, even many of these applications are not released to the market no matter how well they pass the tests, as a result of vulnerabilities or malfunctions in the execution of the application. Many powerful applications have come through in this aspect, even better than some current ones, but they need to undergo a series of tests before they are  published.

If you are already a user registered as a Google beta tester it is best that you try out this great application that is not yet available to the market in the app stores.

1. Download and launch Voice Access in the Play Store
2. Learn the basic commands of the application
3. Start the verification test
4. That’s it! you are ready to start giving commands!

This great Google tool can be of help for people with disabilities or who can not use the touchscreen of a smartphone for whatever reason, the important thing is that we can give basic commands such as scroll down, select an application, call contacts, access to configurations, modify gestures, among others …the options that Google offers us are so infinite and surely when it is released to the market, it will be complemented with many updates and significant improvements.

Be a Beta Tester and give it a try!

If you are curious about testing the application, you can register as a beta tester for Google by clicking here.

Voice Access Settings

If you can view screenshots within the application you can also operate it with gestures just in case you do not want to use voice commands but if you want to make certain gestures on the screen to access applications or predetermined actions, these will have to be configured in settings. Also once installed and configured Voice Access will run automatically on the smartphone every time the Android operating system is launched, it should be noted that because this version is still under development it can only be operated using the English language, so be careful when issuing some voice commands.

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