Google PixelThe operating system commanded by Google (Android) is the most used on current smartphones, this operating system is distributed in many smartphones to different companies, in comparison to iOS; the second operating system for smartphones that only counts with iPhone to distribute its operating system. Google has been in charge of improving day to day its compromise with Android users, offering upgrades and correcting faults. That’s why Android is the most preferred operating system for smartphone users.

After the upgrade 7.0 (Nagout) Android did receive remarkable improvements; Google improved the time and quality of answers, at same time the proper settings for a better experience in users. This upgrade changes graphically some aspects that we commonly see in Android, this upgrade from most used operating system on smartphones has been being implemented on upgrades since August 22th and integrated to smartphones with Android since September of 2016. Android 7.0 was presented as Anroid N, a complete jump of Android 6.9 (Marshmallow).

The future of Google

Google wanted to leave aside its Nexus generation, very popular on nowadays, a big presentation of high-end smartphones on level with its operating system. Google established a final point (For now) and announced in whole San Francisco with posts, buildings and publicity that on October 4th of 2016 all was to change and all indicates that is going to be the presentation of Pixel, a new smartphone from Google, prepared to take advantage of this new upgrade of its operating system Android 7.1.

Righteous now, it’s been indicated some large features of what Pixel will be, the new future of Google’s smartphones and they indicate that it’ll be a hard challenge with high-end smartphones, such as it was expected from Google. Some rumours have appeared about its specifications, but the most outstanding is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad-core integrated to 2,15 GHz and a RAM memory of 4GB, this features were already used in other smartphones and Google bets to it for its large stability.

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

The manufacturing of two smartphones of same generation but with extra features, it’s been noticed from years, not only by Google if not for Apple as well (iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus). The size difference among screens will be only 5 inches (Pixel 5” y Pixel XL 5,5”) both protected by a Gorilla glass 4 crystal, nevertheless there’s a big difference between them, Pixel version will count with 1080p resolution while Pixel XL will have a QHD resolution (Quad HD).

A remarkable difference among them is also its battery; according filtered data Pixel version counts with a 2.770 mAh battery and Pixel XL will boost its battery to 3.450 mAh. Both will present equal cameras, a camera of 12 megapixels on the back side and a front camera of 8 megapixels. Until now Google doesn’t look very interested on including dual cameras or expanding the camera’s resolution though will have to think in something more because their biggest competitors have already integrated this new technology (iPhone 7 plus).

Without price neither date

Despite all indicates that for October 4th of 2016 Pixel will appear to the public, there hasn’t considered many specifications of this yet, and was the price it will have, date of release, or important features as the waterproof. It’s unknown how Pixel will be distributed; some rumors indicate that even may be able to be sold online instead physical stores.

Google will try to not associate with mobile operators, even think to adapt the known project Fi; the project in which Mountain View pretends to create a new mobile operator that already has time of its launching, but it doesn’t appear on United States yet. The integration of Fi to Pixel would be adapt the maximum speed and stability to the wireless, offering to itself more accessible rates to the users.

Many doubts to explain

It’s going to be a big event in which Google will show big proposals and if all indicates the expected, the large enterprise has shown its big potential in projects for smartphones such as CardBoard; virtual reality glasses made of cardboard, they’re cheap and accessible. Dydream would propose some projects on virtual reality and make its debut on Google’s event and show its potential.

Google should explain some rumors in this event, due to exists many rumors about Pixel, Pixel XL, Andromeda, Android 7.1, among others… That clearly makes of this event, possibly one of the best on Google’s history. In spite of Pixel is just a rumor; on web appear some filtered images of what will be its design, a possible USB-C port, QuickCharge integration and a fingerprint that will be integrated on Pixel and Pixel XL screens.

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