pokemon go from success to failureI think we must have heard about the application that combines virtual reality with the real environment called Pokemon Go, if you have not heard about it, it’s because you’ve not kept yourself up to date, a few months ago it was a hit but unfortunately it has come to nothing today and you ask yourself how is this possible? The truth is that, it is difficult to explain. So it is with companies, manufacturers and distributors who today are at the top and the next day are nothing.

Nokia is one of the biggest examples in this case, the smartphone division of Nokia was bought by Microsoft to innovate it a little bit and add value to a company that had fallen far behind in the market. Then we wonder if the same happened to Pokemon Go? It is a question that we must ask Niantic, the company responsible for the development of this great app which many have already put aside although its technology is much more advanced than that of other apps in the market, if Niantic does not do something quick, Pokemon Go would end up as a total failure.

According to Silicon Valley, Pokemon Go has already failed.

One of the most respected places in the world when it comes to technology is Silicon Valley and if they do not want it, it’s because something is wrong. The main reasons for the failure is because of the poor vision that Niantic had for the application, it is true that they had reached millions of downloads in just one day and broke download records but Niantic did not think about the future of Pokemon Go and they did not allow new investors to make input both in terms of finance and innovation.

Niantic is responsible for the low performance of Pokemon Go and the repetitive process it has, it kind of stayed the same because Niantic had let go of the possibility of new events, other options from other companies and it was a little selfish for being the only joint company with Google, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company to develop an app as powerful as this. Right now in Silicon Valley they do not want it, they do not even see the importance of investing money or time on this application.

Innovative technology

Pokemon Go is still available in app stores and if you do not believe me when I talk about innovative technology you can go to the app store on your smartphone, look for Pokemon Go and it will appear as being available for download as long as your smartphone has necessary features to run the app. Pokemon Go undoubtedly innovated the way of perceiving virtual reality for users who had not yet learned about this feature.

So the question really is Why is Pokemon Go no longer popular? well, what we have observed is that it is so repetitive and no new features, events or challenges were added which kind of bored users over time.

The same happened with ‘Ingress’

If we revise Niantics’ progress it is very similar to its previous application which at that time was a high-tech innovation, it combined Google maps with the geographical positioning of each individual to create a tactical role play in which there were to think things through and fight around the world. The release of this application was perhaps one of the most important for Niantic, but after a while its lack of innovation and investors revealed the true face of Ingress and the repetitive nature of the app also bored users.

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