Prevent the breast cancer from your smartphoneTechnology has supported many people to achieve their personal goals, to remember important dates thanks to smart electronic calendars, task organizer in a common mobile app or with the reminder of certain tasks. The apps in technological world are programmed to complete one or many tasks can be simple or complex tasks but always with a purpose that for some it benefits us, the app developers or companies in charge of these apps are always monitoring the behavior and reaction of people who use it, to improve or complete some user requirements.

The technology for many people turns interesting when helps not only to entertainment followers if not that also helps to society; for runners it takes a pulse register, travelled kilometers, trace of routes, burned calories among other statistics that help to control a daily, monthly or yearly exercise. In 2015 the most popular mobile app store of the market (Google Play Store) has already overcome incredible figures of more than 50.000 million of downloads since its launch such as Android Market 8 years ago, this mean that currently only Google has obtained a shocking number of downloads of a really extended store, if you need any app it will be in the store of your smartphone, and if not, we assure you that it’s being developed for a person or a company.

Breast Cancer

The mobile apps also have helped to prevent important things in life; one of these is breast cancer; the October 19th international day of breast cancer, is one of days where we more remember the first death cause of woman in Spain (More than 30% of tumours in woman) and for being a very special day the developers have worried about this illness and how to prevent it. Excellent tools that we can find in app stores are the following:

  • Breast Self-Exam
  • This app has charges, but offers incredible features for women that don’t know where to begin. The app includes tutorials with animated images to provide the basic knowledge about the procedure, available in many languages.
  • Breast Cancer Prevention
  • A totally free app that’s being boosted by Roche’s laboratory in order to users can have suggestions; see the breast cancer risks, symptoms that indicates the breast cancer and most important are daily suggestions to prevent it.
  • Med helper
  • Free app but also has charges, is the perfect app for woman who forget their medicines and doctor prescriptions, with this tool the app will remind you and will organize your calendar for every medical dating, medicine or monthly check, the only thing which isn’t attractive in this app is that is available only in English.

Such as these apps, there is thousands of extra apps where we can have a space for our care, is very important to care ourselves and a mobile app can give you many tools to don’t forget of your medicines, dating, checkups or with the simple task of organize your agenda and arrange everything in one only mobile app downloaded from your smartphone or tablet.

Safe than sorry

Is very important to have tools that can help us to prevent illnesses, a mobile app may be an excellent tool because we won’t use monetary resources or being outside of home when in fact we need to rest or having an idea of what’s happening to us, even there are persons that have taken wrong medicines only by take information on web, is recommended to use the apps or web information to have a close idea, but is not enough to self medicate of certain form.

¡Not only is entertainment!

It’s been discovered by many researches that the number of entertainment apps is bigger than the rest that are found in all app stores, even in many situations are the most downloaded according statistics of the app stores. The use of apps is growing depending of the utility of this same; the most used mobile apps in every operating system are apps from social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, among others… And are the ones which with time constantly update themselves according to user requirements.

The mobile apps have helped to many people to change certain areas of their lives; there are apps such as Duolingo that with daily practices and lessons can improve the English language, even has levels and areas where you wish to specialize and take ways according to your level of motivation in every area (Food, transport, trips among others…) and only of English, it has many more languages. Duolingo is just an example of how mobile apps have supported to people to improve their techniques in some areas.