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Case total-proof rose gold for iPhone 7


Total-proof phone case for iPhone 7: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof. Worldwide patents. Do extreme sports with your iPhone without fear. Watch video.

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Product Description

Total-proof phone case for iPhone 7: waterproof, dustproof, shockproof. Worldwide patents. Do extreme sports with your iPhone without fear. Watch video.

Vofeel’s total-proof case keeps your iPhone completely waterproof until 3 meters under water. Total-proof patented  technology forms a waterproof seal around the complete edge of the touchscreen. Every fuction and feature of your iPhone will work without any problem even into the water, including Touch ID.

Vofeel’s total-proof aslo keeps safe your iPhone if it drops from 1.2 meters or less, under water until 3m meters for one hour, in the snow, the beach,  the mountain, when you are riding your bicycle, running… Just weak your Vofeel’s protection case and forget worries about your iPhone. Finally you will really enjoy your phone.


  • SGS waterproof test. It can be submerged 3 meters of deep during 60 minutes.
  • This product has been subjected to national approval testing by the international certification company SGS. The test consists of a crash from 1.2 meters high, 26 times.
  • It supports the fingerprint identifying thanks to the high quality special membrane. The fingerprint identification’s speed is the same as using the phone without the protection case.
  • The waterproof shell what covers the screen’s surface, is produced high optical transparency, keeping the most realistic colors and original brightness.
  • The sound transfered to the screen film protector by vibrations.

Our design uses the seal between the mobile phone’s screen and the waterproof film, to produce the vibration. The sound is conducted from the speaker’s buzzer to the screen’s water-proof film, converting to this one into a vibrational speaker surface.

Also, it receives the voice clearly and it transmits it to the mobile phone microphone.

  • Tested by SGS. Don’t worry about dust or dirty into the headphone’s connector and the charging’s connector. Our protection cases have closure caps that will hold their connectors in a sealed when you don’t use them.
  • Take photos and videos inside the water.
  • 360 degree wrap-around protection. Builded it with the better materials and our best quality control. You don’t need to be worried again about how, when or where, your phone will fall down. Your phone will be always safe.
  • Patent granted in the entire world. Simple idea, but with a complex technology which can turn the impossible, into possible.
  • Ultra-thin design:

It is only an increase of 2,10mm for iPhone 7/7 Plus.

We keep the design’s concept of Apple.

  • Super light design. The iPhone 7 protection case’s weight is just 26g. The iPhone 7 Plus weight, only 34g.
  • The frame has a circular arc design, like the appearance of Apple’s mobile phones.
  • Excellent packaging.

A simple user manual inside with clear pictures showing how to incorporate the iPhone protective case. Includes a screen towel, a towel with alcohol, an adhesive to remove any residual dust from the screen, a cord to hang it, an accessory to use the “quick silence button” and some spare caps for different connectors.

Forget the worries. Just enjoy it!

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Additional Information


Rose gold

Compatible with

iPhone 7

Water-proof rating

3m under water for 1 hour certified by SGS

Drop-proof rating

1,2m of dropping certified by SGS




3H hydrophobic oleophobic

Package content

Total-proof case for iPhone 7, microfiber towel, and step-by-step instructions


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