Quoting messages in WhatsAppWhatsApp is one of the most used apps for instant messaging in the world, as well as one of the most downloaded according to the app stores of all operating systems through which it is distributed. Lately, WhatsApp has had some upgrades that many of its users haven’t approved of but others have liked; however there are some rumours on the social networks and the internet about future upgrades such as being able to see with whom you are chatting, among many others which are totally false. We also have to take into account that many people have tried to hack into WhatsApp but haven´t achieved success doing so on this platform.

One of the most important steps that WhatsApp has taken was to improve its security to automatic encryption through which all conversations would remain totally secure, they could only be seen by the devices being used to have the conversation.This feature closed the door to the possibility of hackers seeing this as a vulnerability which could never be exploited, after this update WhatsApp also closed the door to the chances of its multi-platform system becoming the victim of a cyber attack. Unfortunately,WhatsApp allowed a lot of time to pass before implementing this integration, while Telegram ( Its faithful competitor) had already deployed the feature on its platform, even its security is better than that of WhatsApp.

Quote messages as answers

This great feature of WhatsApp allows you to directly answer a specific message regardless of what time it was sent, the most interesting thing about this is that it works both for personal chats as well as for group conversations, a feature that has already been integrated in Telegram and WhatsApp is now including it on its’ platform. Right here at Vofeel we will show you how it’s done.

  • First of all in your WhatsApp app you’ve got to get into a conversation in which you have had previous messages.
  • Then you’ll have to press and hold the message you’ll like to reply to until it shows that it has been highlighted.
  • After this you will see a tool bar at the top of the conversation, where you’ll have to select the second option from your left to the right, which is the reply button.
  • Press the reply option and then type in your reply as you would with any message.

Lastly we will see how to reply a specific message, get into that message and see it visualized with a small screen capture that we’ll be quoting, if we are in a group conversation the name of the contact will appear and the message to all online in that moment.

The reply option doesn’t appear what should I do?

It’s possible that you might be using a previous version of WhatsApp to that which is currently available in the app stores, it would’t stop working neither would it stop receiving messages, but you’ll have problems when the platform is upgraded, you wouldn’t enjoy the benefits that the app has until you download the latest version from the app store, if you are unable to see the reply option, Vofeel recommends you to do the following:

  • The first thing to do is to delete the WhatsApp application and officially download  a new one from the app stores, this way you are sure of downloading the latest version of the app.
  • Verify that your device has enough storage to upgrade the app, in many smartphones if you don’t have double the capacity of the size required for the upgrade you wouldn’t be able to install it.
  • If it doesn’t work, verify that your operating system is compatible with the latest upgrade, on previous occasions WhatsApp has been exempted from some versions of Android.

Note: In case your smartphone isn’t compatible with WhatsApp from the app stores, you can download it from your browser and manually install it.

WhatsApp Version 2.16.310

The most used messenger service globally in smartphones is currently in its version 2.16.310 which you’ll be able to download from a browser and manually install or simply download it from the app store of your smartphone and let it install automatically. This WhatsApp version includes the following features:

  • Draw or add text to pictures or videos from WhatsApp, same way you can add emojis to make it funnier.
  • When you are in a group conversation you’ll be able to make mention of a specific contact by placing the “@” symbol.
  • The emojis will appear bigger if they are sent in a unique way, or otherwise they will appear as a small image.

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