Recovering files from your smartphone with MacThe information we save on our smartphone is very important and valuable that we often have to take measures to protect it, both from malicious applications as well as from we ourselves unknowingly sharing our location and private datas. We are also constantly deleting files and folders, and when we reset our smartphones we lose almost everything and the big question is if they can be recovered, at present there are many programs you can use for this both via smartphone and computer. Here at Vofeel we will shortly explain to you how to recover a deleted file or app.

From PC for Android and iOS

If you have a computer with Mac operating system it will be very useful in recovering files from smartphones. The application that lets you do this on Mac is called Disk Drill, an important tool that will not only work for our smartphones but also for our computer. Generally, if we had problems with a file and it got deleted, whether it be in Windows or in Mac , we will still be able to restore them. Let’s show you how…

1. Start Disk Drill on Mac
2. Enable USB Debugging on your smartphone (Android)
3. Connect your smartphone via USB to your computer
4. Wait for Disk Drill to detect it and open your window
5. Press the recovery button
6. Wait for Disk Drill to analyze and give an output
7. Restore the Available Files
8. That’s it ! your files are restored

For either Mac or Windows this series of steps works correctly, even if you want to use a drive to restore some files, it is the same process you only have to omit the USB Debugging step which is only necessary if you are using a smartphone with Android operating system, you can skip the permissions and try to restore the files with brute force.

From Android or iOS

In Android we can find some other alternatives that may ask us for root permissions because we are going to expose folders, files and somewhat confidential content, both ours and Android. One of the best alternatives is DiskDigger for files recovery, you can recover images and whole folders containing lots of information, we will show you the steps to follow for almost all Android and iOS applications …

1. Download and start DiskDagger from the Play Store
2. Enable root access
3. Select the partition or memory card to recover
4. Select which type of files you want to recover
5. Press OK to begin the analysis
6. Select the files you want to re-establish
7. Save Selected Files
8. Choose the folder where these recovered files will be saved
9. That’s it ! you can view the recovered files in any file manager

As it is with any application that we install on our smartphone, the same process can be followed, the only thing that changes is selecting the type of files that we want to recover, the rest remains the same. We have to take into account that if we have root access or jailbreak we will have access to applications with greater functions, share information or uploads directly to a server on our network, there are infinity of functions for root applications.

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