Samsung loses 4.900 million by its Note 7The most expected smartphone by mobile technology lovers was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was released in august of the current year, with excellent characteristics that only Samsung can offer in a smartphone. Costing more than 800 euros in the European market, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has great features in comparison to the others smartphones in the market; the latest Android update (Android 6.0.1), 5,7’’ inches,  4 cores 2.3 GHz processor, 4GB RAM memory, 3500, mAh battery, and its resistance to dust and water, between other features, makes it very powerful and strong.

Samsung has always created high range smartphones according to the current technology. The Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t the exception. A smartphone with a 4GB RAM memory and a 2.3 GHz processor could be more powerful than a desk computer or a laptop. Galaxy Note was a generation created by Samsung in 2011, from this point, Galaxy Note has had big changes just like its other well-known families with a long time in the market, such as; Galaxy ACE or the Galaxy S. family. Unfortunately for Samsung, Galaxy Note 7 had many troubles that even the company wants to replace it if you still have one.

More than 4,900 million in losses

The past October 14, Samsung officially removed from the market its high range smartphone; Galaxy Note 7 had lots of troubles, after that, Samsung just evaluated the situation and in October 14 the taken decision was to remove from the market the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The most expected smartphone had a cost rather big for Samsung. It’s well-known that more than 4,900 million euros is going to be the loss for the first 2017 quarter; but, right now, stopping the whole production already started to bring more losses to Samsung. Nonetheless, the well-known figures of the 2016 four quarter are bigger than 2,400 million euros by the paralyzed production.

Its not working smartphone was the wrenching news for Samsung. One of the reasons is overheating; a smartphone of certain characteristics should maintain a correct system temperature. However, the Samsung smartphone was one the most powerful of the business, leaving behind companies like Huawei with its Huawei smartphone Honor P6 having a 3GB RAM memory. The Galaxy Note 7 was the challenge to many high range smartphones; that’s why knowing that it didn’t work out, Samsung started to see losses within its sales figures in the international market.

The smartphone “Bomb”

That’s how it’s being called the new Galaxy Note 7 due to its production problems. Still being researched, the Galaxy Note 7 has become, popularly, in a “Bomb.” One of its normal problems is smartphone overtheating, nevertheless, Samsung hasn’t spoken about it nor giving a solution for its Galaxy Note 7. The worst of the case is that the family Note could maintain this absence due to these problems. We won’t have news about a Galaxy Note 8 until further notice.

A very well known parody on internet its how a GTA V player doesn’t throw bombs but a Galaxy Note 7 exploding; just like a bomb. On internet, there are plenty of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone parodies acting like bombs. This has bothered the Samsung engineers due to its hard work on this high range smartphone, right now being known as a bomb. Samsung news about its Galaxy Note 7 are being expected due to its unique characteristics.

Smartphone Exchange

Samsung had the idea of creating an exchange program of information and help for the replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 already purchased. Clients having a Galaxy Note 7 will be able to replace it for a high range smartphone like the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge. Samsung is also returning the Galaxy Note 7 cost difference to the one chosen by you, or in case that you don’t want to change it  because you want your money back; Samsung is going to give you the total amount for the Galaxy Note 7 purchase.

The Samsung apologies to its clients are so big that even Samsung had asked, in its official web page, that if you still have this smartphone, you can turn it off and feel free to choose one of the substitution options that they’re offering. Samsung guarantee that this Galaxy Note 7 is the only smartphone that had troubles with its production, and due to the lack of testing, the international distribution went wrong. The ones who have more possibilities to approach the smartphone change are the clients who bought it from

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