Samsung's new virtual assistantWhen we talk about comfort and optimizing certain tasks, technology will always be present. It is not that we are no longer able to carry out those tasks but in most cases the use of such tools help us to optimize our work or verify that everything is in order. Many people see it as something that weakens us or as a tool that makes us useless when in fact they have being developed to optimize results and one of the best examples we have today is the calculator; A tool capable of performing complex arithmetic calculations just by the input of values, optimizing large-scale calculations to only seconds and then giving a result.

The use of tools to optimize our work is good as long as our work is legit, sometimes using tools that does all the work for us may make us look unprofessional, however it is not too bad to use these tools to compare their results with ours. There are tools like Google Translate that have helped people from different countries to communicate, however this tool does not always give the correct translations and so there are a lot of errors; It translates words but most times it doesn’t interprete sentences in a way that users can understand.

Bixby, the new Virtual Assistant

Samsung is currently one of the companies that is placing its bet on smartphones, smart TVs, virtual reality and much more … Being one of the companies that competes at the top place of the market, it did not want to be left behind without a virtual assistant for its smartphone. We’ve already got Cortana from Windows Phone / Windows 10, the new Google virtual assistant included in Google Pixel and Siri by Apple. Samsung wants to reinvent the delivery a little bit for its users and has decided to integrate in its new product (Samsung Galaxy S8) this virtual assistant which is still in development but is already known by the name, Bixby and we will surely have more news on this.

It is rumored that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 may include new features from other smartphones but there could also be something unforeseen like what happened with its’ Note 7, all rumors for now, but there are still many unknown things about the new Galaxy S8. The only known thing about the Galaxy S8 is that it will include Samsungs’ new virtual assistant and that the launch of the smartphone is planned for the first quarter of 2017 by then Samsung should have everything ready and make sure the same thing that happened with its’ Note 7 doesn’t repeat itself.

Speech recognition

Like most virtual assistants, Bixby also includes this great feature which can not be left out, this feature activates the hands-free, recognizes tasks and can even makes phone calls using voice commands that have been recognized by Bixby. This is a feature that has taken so many years to be developed by so many companies and currently a patent is being developed that can be used in prototypes and for major productions as Samsung is doing now with its new virtual assistant.

Previously, Samsung had a voice recognition software called S Voice, however it has never before being a virtual assistant. S Voice only has basic commands for interacting with the settings or help information for the smartphone. One of the companies with which Samsung also allied with was Sherpa in order to have a base software to obtain improvements and then proceed to an idea for the future of the virtual assistant. Samsung has always been at the top place in the smartphone market, both in applications and products, and by creating this software it will also be keeping up with large companies that have spent years developing a virtual assistant.

A Software in development

The software created by Samsung and registered with the trademark “Bixby” in South Korea, has proven that it will handle many commands for the management of our Samsung smartphones, computers or tablets. It is a bit logical that after the vice president of Samsung announced that there would be changes for the benefit of the future of the company, It shouldn’t be be news that it would be devoted to something more competitive in relation to what is trending in the market with companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Samsung’s innovation began after it bought a start-up company “Viv Labs” (the original creators of Siri), a compromising foundation for the future of the virtual assistant. This same company is in charge of the development Samsungs’ new Virtual Assistant, they are the ones responsible for this new virtual assistant with a totally revolutionary AI. There have been a lot of rumors since Viv Labs was bought immediately after Bixby was registered in South Korea, as it all came after Samsung’s announced that it was looking for alternatives for its future.

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