Saving battery on our smartphonesSmartphone batteries have always presented a big problem, it has been  perhaps one of the most worked on issues since the use of smartphone apps increase the consumption of resources unlike the old smartphones that have few technical resources like 256mb RAM, little internal memory and a single core processor which may not be suitable for the applications we have today.

For manufacturers this could generate bad publicity for their old products because to launch a product now and in the next 2 years it is not able to support applications or function at the current level of performance is something that manufacturers should consider before having a broad list of smartphones, like Samsung, Huawei, Blu and others who do not think about the continuity of users but to generate more revenue with their new generation releases. Just like developers who create applications that demand more resources, all applications require a minimum version of the operating system in order to run, this results in leaving out some smartphones from the market because even if you are able to download the applications you can’t get them to run adequately.

Adjust the brightness of the screen

One of the things that most expends battery life is when the brightness of the screen is very high, this can be modified very easily by going to screen settings on the smartphone. Having the brightness very high can also damage our eyesight, although when there is a lot of sun we may not be able to view the screen of our smartphone properly but one of the highly recommended options we can use is the automatic brightness that will set a level of brightness suitable to sunlight, night time or whatever condition we find ourselves in. Too much use of the brightness keeps the screen of the smartphone very active and this affects battery life.

Enable airplane mode when the smartphone is not in use

The airplane mode will deactivate all the networks and signals of our smartphone, perhaps it can be one of the best ways to save battery. When we are engaged in a certain activity and we know that we will not be using our phone, the best way to save battery is by activating airplane mode, we will not have active wireless networks, mobile networks or signals and this will let the smartphone have access to offline applications but without an internet connection. Leaving the smartphone active consumes many resources in the background.

Minimize the use of widgets

The Widgets that we place on our home screen are little icons that give a very nice look to it, but just like in computers, keeping a desktop screen full of icons greatly increase the consumption of device resources. Just like creating shortcuts to applications that keep notifications active to reflect them in the application icon, we must be careful not to fill the entire screen with widgets and shortcuts.

Uninstall the app that consumes the most resources

Even though it is the best application that we have installed on our device we need to identify if it is beneficial to have it installed on our smartphone. In our phone settings we can view battery usage and evaluate which apps are consuming more resources. Uninstalling it would be much better for us as it would free up resources for our device.

Clear cache memory

Just as on a PC we can see that having an accumulated cache memory can make the device run slowly. In the app stores we will find many applications that can help us clear our memory cache, it is very important to do this from time to time. Applications like Link2SD have functions to free the cache memory every time we enter the application.

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