Scanning documents with your smartphoneSmartphones have been a tool that we must thank technology for daily, in the office we can use our smartphone as a tool for sending information between colleagues. Although many see it as a waste of time or a device that can distract you from appreciating life, we have to keep in mind that if we did not have certain tools we would still be writing letters by hand and posting them by mail and it will take a long time if you want it to be delivered to another country, now you can just open a chat conversation and communicate with anyone from any part of the world.

Technology has opened many doors to the world in terms of communication, entertainment and distance learning. There are applications for smartphones that help us to learn a new language by practicing daily and chatting with natives of different countries to practice pronunciations (through videoconferences), so that when we go to a foreign country where our language is not spoken we don’t get lost in translation and we can communicate better and have a richer experience of the country’s culture.

The smartphone as an office tool

Although it is possible to be distracted with the different applications a smartphone has, we need to give it a primary use and if we use it for work at the office it can be a great tool. With certain applications we can view Microsoft Office files, review our personal finances, edit flowcharts and work schemes, pay for bills and much more.

Scanning Documents

If we do not have a scanner or printer to do this job, we can count on our smartphone as a great alternative. Our phones’ camera can  be used to capture a complete document  and process it to an image or PDF file, the quality of the file will depend on the quality of our camera, a high quality will always be maintained that it is even possible to zoom without losing image quality. Below are the steps to follow:

1.  Install and download CamScanner from the app store
2. Touch the Camera icon to start the scan
3. Focus the content you want to scan
4. Tap the capture button and wait for the application to automatically crop the              content
5. Save file
6. Export it in the format you want
7. Use the share option to send it via email

Apart from CamScanner there are many other applications that perform the same function, the difference with some is that they do the scanning automatically but  you have got to focus on a reference point as if you were taking a picture. The good thing about these applications is that when capturing the image we can export it as a PDF or as an image, and we can also make use of the zoom. Among other applications is ScanBot, Evernote Scannable (iOS), Genius Scan or Tiny Scanner, all with many distinct features but same purpose.

The files are not being saved

One of the common problems is that files are not saved, they are temporarily kept for export but are not stored on our smartphones. The solution is to check the configuration of the application and ensure that the storage is internal or external depending on which we want. Also check the folder where it is being saved as it can be a folder error, if you still have these problems it is best to change the source folder where the documents will be stored.

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