Showleap: the sign translatorDay by day technology continues to strengthen many areas of life, and it isn’t only the components, computers or smarthpones as many people see it. Furthermore, it is perceived that technology is not for everybody when in fact it is the opposite; an old person can benefit from technology either to hear better, or if they’ve got problems in their legs, they can walk again with the use of robotic skeletons that maintain extremities in their bodies, there are electronic agendas to reduce paper waste when it comes to sending bills among others… Technology is to be used for the benefit of everything and everyone, it depends on how every one makes use of it.

The benefit that technology has contributed to many areas of life has not been appreciated enough by many users; some think that technology hasn’t helped in anything yet just by the fact of looking around in a street, we can see that it is filled with connections, the smartphone has become a tool that nobody likes to leave at home so that they can stay connected and keep communicating with others. Inspite of the fact that technology has helped so many people, this also has been put in doubt due to the fact that in some aspects it is overrated and overly abused up till the point of people suffering medical problems by becoming addicted or over dependent on electronic devices.

New way of communication among the deaf

Thanks to Google, artificial intelligence is now much more advanced as regards to patents, nowadays, it is common to see an electronic device being handled by itself and being able to understand and use the same language that we use. The new prototype called Showleap breaks all barriers, a device that could enable communication between the deaf and others through sign language interpretation. One of the basis for this prototype was the artificial intelligence of Google Translate and the contribution of many users.

The Spanish company responsible for the developement of this prototype is also named as its product; Showleap. Though it’s still in development, this prototype has had many proofs where it has displayed its ability to translate a gesture or a movement into a full word. An excellent tool for today to enhance communication among the deaf and dumb, however for the first time it’s being presented as a model that might change and speed up the process of learning a gesture and understanding a dumb person, with the new Showleap we’ll be able to understand complete words through gestures.

The support of organizations

One of the supports that this prototype has gotten is from the Spanish Sign Language Standardization Center, (CNLSE), they’ve taken the task to verify a large quantity of words for the first phase of development, excellent tools need excellent support to improve performance for users and give them no problem. Obtaining support from an organization such as this, will be of great help for a high quality prototype, it enhances communication and creates a link between people who have these disabilities, also this is an excellent prototype because for deaf or dumb people it will be easier for them to have a social connection, even if the other person has no experience using sign language.

Showleap not only receives support from organizations for its high performance if not that also at finishing the develop phase they will take charge of getting to many institutions that don’t have enough resources to give them education or with the simple fact of giving them an opportunity to attend normally to an institution, college and even universities thanks to the translation in real time. This tool will also be able to help these people with disabilities to find jobs, in the sense that they won’t have problem with communication, Showleap won’t be a limitation for mute or deaf people respecting to social life.

The start-up company

This huge project has been the idea of a small company which is comprised of only 4 people who are responsible for carrying out its development; Emilio Guerra (CEO), Rubén Martinez (CTO), Teo Atienza (CCO) and Blanca Alonso (CMO), you can even get into the official web site of Showleap and you’ll find their Linkedln profiles.  Inspite this company being in growth it has obtained support and recognition of other big enterprises such as Microsoft, Hack For Good, Telefonica and many others… Many are interested in taking this prototype as a base in order to lift it to another level.

The company in focus has once again innovated the technology of social help, another point for users with disabilities, lovers of technology that wish to use it for good and for the benefit of others. In the labor market it will also be offered for enhancing communications with people having this kind of disability and hence give them more opportunity in the labor market.

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