Smaller but more powerful dronesSince the advancement of nanotechnology for creating smaller components than usual it has been possible to create bigger patents on a small scale, however this does not stop them from delivering optimal performance even for some devices the smaller ones work better because there is less overheating. Nanotechnology has made it possible for smaller patents to now be created thanks to components being placed in smaller spaces, thanks also to manufacturers of processors and other components like Intel that have used nanotechnology in innovating its’ processors.

The production of smaller components has been an innovation that has been in development for many years even before nanotechnology became popular there already existed small components but they were not on the same level of performance as the big computers. One of the best examples that stands out today are the first generation computers, ENIAC was one of the largest computers ever and it operated with more than 17,000 valves or vacuum tubes, More than 7,000 glass diodes, 1,500 relays, among other features more than 5 million welds with a weight of around 27 tons, now imagine all that reduced to a device that currently weighs less than a kilo.

DJI, top drone maker

If you know DJI then you must know its’ track record of producing great and innovative drones, certainly with a high cost but with a performance that its’ competitors cannot reproduce. DJI is not only a manufacturer of drones but also a manufacturer of high resolution cameras, always innovating and incorporating one technology after the other. Highly recognized as one of the best manufacturers in the drones market, it is also well known by great investors like the Silicon Valley of China, growing from a small office in 2006 to becoming one of the top manufacturers today.

DJI is one of the most respected drone manufacturers among others like Walkera, Parrot, Yuneec, 3DR and even GoPro. One of the most respected DJI installments is the Phantom series; Different versions of powerful drones with high resolution cameras, long duration of autonomy in flight and unique characteristics, many of the versions like the Phantom 3 4K, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 4 and the incredible Phantom 4 Pro offering highly advanced and recommended technology.

Mavic Pro, smaller more powerful

The creation of small drones or mini-drones has always left much to be desired, both in performance and flight autonomy, they are usually characterized with low resolution cameras and very little stabilization, however today DJI offers to the market one of the smallest aerial drones that exists But with features that can compete with their own series of Phantom drones. It is true that smaller is better and that is why the new Mavic Pro offers scrolling propellers so that it can be stored in a small bag or carried in your hand for you to take it wherever you want.

Unmatched features

If you do not believe me, take a look at it because it may be the best smallest drone in the market and it will be so for many years, maybe the only manufacturer that can improve upon this proposal by the Chinese company DJI are they themselves. Certainly the new Mavic Pro is very compact and very flexible, the only concern that users have is that when it’s in the air and it reaches its maximum speed, it could swoosh through the air like a piece of paper and get lost, however DJI clarifies that this would not happen due to the following …

Improved Flight Autonomy: The Mavic Pro has so much precision that it could autonomously dodge some obstacles that it encounters on its’ path using its’ 5 cameras, 2 ultrasound sensors, GLONASS and GPS, all for maintaining the stability of the Mavic Pro.

4K camera resolution: A high-resolution camera that not only delivers great performance but also captures photos and videos, the 3-axis set of this 12-megapixel 4K / 30fps camera helps the Mavic Pro to know its’ orientation, an amazing feature that most drones don’t have.

Longer Flight Duration: The Mavic Pro has up to 27 minutes of flight autonomy in addition to this the Mavic Pro can fly for a distance of 13 km without exhausting its’ battery

OcuSync DJI: You can pair the drone with DJI’s new goggles, which display an 85-degree bird’s eye view of the world below while it’s in flight. The goggles have built-in Ocusync to display 85-degree video directly from the drone.

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