Smart Cars fill up Smart City Expo WorldThere are so many conferences on science and technology today that companies have to prepare almost every month to present a new prototype and deliver a high class convention, all for the sake of keeping customers and followers of the brand entertained and in constant follow-up. Most companies always prepare for an annual convention where they display their best products, and show new patents and prototypes that are being developed, it is like giving a report every time they are in a convention, displaying the results of their current developments or what their fans can expect for the future.

One of the most anticipated events for many companies is the CES that is presented every year in a different city, it is one of the events with the largest number of attendees, with more news from various companies and the exhibition of many of their projects. The CES 2016 convention was held in Las Vegas last year, an event that left many of those who came astonished with what each company had to offer, companies like LG with its extra-large rollable TV, the announcement of Google and Lenovo In a project called “Tango”, Huawei smart watches, the possible replacement of Bluetooth with Wi-Fi HaLow, among others … Annually, in this event there are many surprises, some have already been announced but others are released to the market shortly after been displayed at the event.

SCEWC 2016, Barcelona

The companies picked their flights and landed in Barcelona where the big SCEWC (Smart City Expo World Congress) event was held in 2016. The number of people that attend this event is impressive, more than 16,000 international visitors, 591 Exhibitors from 600 cities and more than 50 activities in parallel, all to give an unforgettable experience to the users and that each company represented in a certain way its great technology that will be published in the market. The SCEWC event did not have much time compared to weeks of exhibitions like others, had a time from November 15 to 17, perhaps enough to show what is needed.

Many companies were present at this event, however not so many had sufficient time to present all their ideas. The event commenced on the 15th of November, the gala was opened at 9:30am with an exhibition of new ideas for urban development in the main auditorium and closed on the 17th of November with an exhibition of the agreement that will safeguard data for urban development at 17:45 in the main auditorium. This was how the SCEWC for 2016 was conducted, in which it did not only give opportunity for new technology to be displayed but there were also exhibitions of entrepreneurship, economics and urban development among others.

EasyMile Smart Buses

Many interesting proposals were made at the SCEWC, one of which was a driverless bus. The proposal was made by the company EasyMile, which has long been involved in the development of buses, and the SCEWC displayed this new technology. During the 3 days of the SCEWC in Barcelona, EasyMile organized a daily event for the demonstration of its EZ10 bus, the bus is capable of carrying up to 12 people (6 seated and 6 standing) without any driver, this simply took autonomy to another level, the activity was organized so that anyone who attended could participate.

EasyMile did not delay with the launch of its new prototype, its’ autonomous buses have already been working in the society for months, however it was at the SCEWC that its operation and futuristic vision became more known. The French manufacturer also announced that there were already smart buses functioning in many cities. EasyMile has became very eager to have more of its EZ10 in the market, so much that it expects to have between 100 and 200 of these buses running in the Year 2017. One of the most curious things about the EZ10 is that it does not even have a steering wheel, the whole system is autonomous.

Seat Ateca Smart City Car

The second day of technology exhibitions at the SCEWC featured the presentation of Seat with a new application called Ateca Smart City Car which is simultaneously connected to Smart City. This system has taken on the task of handling available parking information through a mobile application, all through sensors that gather information aabout the environment and share it with other users by displaying it on the mobile app. Although it was a small announcement on the part of Seat, It has generated much interest and it has taken its’ place among apps for smart cars.

The plug-in application for Ateca Smart City Car is called “Parkfinder”, developed and designed by Carnet, both the connections and the “hub” of the design that it handles. In this application we will find configurations that suit our tastes and preferences, you can use 3 profiles in distinct modes to find parking (near the home, near the office or in between), also price preferences and availability among others …all the information can be sent and received with the Smart city car application.

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