Smart pills for monitoring treatmentsUsually we do not remember what treatments to take or how many pills to use and even at what time to take them, probably due to work, stress or simply because we just have trouble remembering, but for some reason we forget certain things that favors our health. Technology has helped to create prototypes, patents, accessories and many things that we can use daily for our activities and work, the smartphone is one of  the clearest example of this, it is just like having a desktop in the palm of our hands with apps that enable us to scan and read documents, perform calculations, accounting and administrative tasks etc. just at the touch of a button on the screen of our phones.

Some people use technology for a lot of inappropriate things while some use it just for entertainment (not bad), but it is also used for other things that many people consider bad for the society when in fact they don’t realize that all the networks that they currently use and communicate with is a product of technology and it continues growing and adapting to our present day needs. Technology is advancing so much that it is even adapting to the needs we will have in future so that when the need arises we can have a simple and precise solution. Today, nanotechnology is another science that has been of great help in our daily lives, they are as tiny as particles but deliver great results in our health.

Smart Pills

If it happens that you occassionally forget to take your medicine, with these pills you will not have that problem because it will correctly notify you on how and when to use them. These pills have been approved by the FDA in the United States of America, and so far it has passed all the tests that a smart pill with a sensor has to undergo, the results of these tests have been accepted except if someone reports a fault or presents complaints about problems in their digestive system. It would also notify us when the next pill has to be taken.

Patients forgetting to use their pills has been a common occurrence in countries like the United States, especially when the disease is a psychiatric disease or one whose treatment is demanding. One of the most popular cases in which we haven’t seen much improvement in its’ treatment due to poor or irregular use of medication is Schizophrenia. 74% of people who suffer from this disease forget to take their medications, Smart pills will help to change that.

Proteus Discover

The new technology from Proteus Digital Health is called Proteus Discover, an improvement that is currently first in the market. It comprises of ingestible sensors embedded in the pills, a patch, an application for our smartphone and a provider portal that will provide us support once it has been activated. PDH ensures that customers who have decided to use Proteus Discover are very satisfied and better committed to using their medications. To avoid hiring someone to remind us of when to take our medications we have Proteus Discover.

The platform that has been created by PDH is very innovative, it offers a never before seen view of the nervous system of the patient and it gives us a view of how the pill is working to improve the affected area. Due to this new development, the number of patients rushed to the emergency wards of hospitals because of medication misuse will be reduced, It will also help doctors to improve treatment results because they get to know exactly, the effects of the medicine on the patient.

Abilify and Proteus Digital Health

The most sold drug in the United States (2003) has joined forces with a company that has dedicated its life to simplifying health and it has now demonstrated this by including its sensors in Abilify pills. This very important antiseptic, used in patients over 15 years old who usually feel, see and listen to things that do not really exist, the ailment could be said to be similar to schizophrenia or it could be the initial symptoms leading to schizophrenia and medication misuse could cause the patient to actually suffer schizophrenia, that is why PDH was so interested in creating a sensor that indicates when the pills should be taken.

Proteus Digital Health has long been in the development of new patents which combine technology and health in order to give it a more practical touch, so much that this innovation has given them much publicity, a company that perhaps was not the most popular in the market and has been silently working. Now in medicine there is a category called Digital medicine which combines medicine and technology to improve the results of treatments in Patients who choose to apply it, the smart pill is one of them.

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