Soccer, innovation and technologyBreaking new ground in some life areas, in which we’re already used to, is a topic rather particular within technology. Not everyone take risks to innovate, to create or just adapting to a new method or a new tool that could bring excellent benefits. But it can fail in the attempt, and that’s what everybody is scare of; failing in the attempt. It isn’t easy to innovate and bringing new tools to what we already know and what we already use. Proposing new ways to find better results, gaining ground as much as possible, it’s also likely to have mistakes or negative results by the lack of calculations. That’s the main reason of why so many people don’t like to innovate; they already have a comfortable and secure position.

Certain life areas aren’t just filled with technology devices, such as; smartphones, smart TVs or virtual reality glasses. Actually, it goes beyond than that because it’s being implemented to sports, food products, music, life styles, entertaining, among others. Technology is embracing every one of them, for which today we enjoy a better and vast efficiency throughout time; when technology is still having updates and reaching new tools to enhance it. We have to take in account that in many life areas technology is present, but some things aren’t accepted by society, now that is being known as robotic processes, when in fact are just tools improving our lives.

Innovating soccer

One of the sports that has suffered more critics, both positive and negative in the implementation of technology, has been soccer. A lot of people agree with the application of technology to detect fouls, offside positions, if the ball goes into the soccer goal, and confirmation through slow motion if there is a foul or any other characteristic that fanatics disapprove justifying the human decision of referees; accepting that they can make mistakes in some things by the fact that we’re humans. However, supporting technology in sports is a great option to achieve perfection, without margin of error, being totally fair.

Nowadays, some technological characteristics were accepted, having the support and the right efficiency in the game, making it equal and fair for both sides. In the 2014 Rio de Janeiro soccer World Cup, an extension of unknown characteristics were displayed and implemented for the first time in a soccer field when the first whistle of the most important soccer world cup celebrated every 4 years was sounded. One of the characteristics is that the referees had smart wristbands that pointed if the ball passes the goal line. This characteristic helped, with slow motion, at taking decisions; because it wasn’t very fair before this pioneering device.

From a player to an innovator

Llana Milkes is the name of the ex soccer player who decided to leave the soccer field to become a groundbreaking entrepreneur. Llana Milkes was a soccer player and she wore during 5 years its feminine Colombian team t-shirt, feeling rather proud about it. Becoming today the World Tech Makers cofounder, she was also chosen to represent her country, Colombia, in the 2016 Start Tel Aviv lecture where they won the support of the Skype and Hotmail investor. Llana Milkes is well known in Colombia like “Superpowerful” by the fact of leaving a soccer field to become a cofounder of a startup company that has future in the teaching of programming.

World Tech Makers is a startup company dedicated to the teaching of an early age future programmers, as well as adults. Programming doesn’t have limits and if you can imagine, you can program. The well known World Tech Makers figures says that at least 95% of its students or people who has gone through it have found a job in the programming area. The company counts with a support of many Colombian companies. However, just the support of Skype and Hotmail will be enough to release this platform.

The innovation pit

One of the most important things of innovation is the information given to the users. Llana Milkes was successful and that’s why she received support from many multimillion-dollar companies. Nonetheless, many enterprises had failed at innovation of an area or a specific side of its business because they didn’t spread enough information for a change. Without the required information or lecture for its users, an entire company could fall and get worse if they take risks and do not expose the necessary standards.

The most important innovation topic is to stop doing something ordinary, taking action to obtain a better efficiency in the final answers. It’s necessary to make innovations in companies because staying with an old technology might unchain, in some cases, a forced and not prepared migration to other platforms. That’s why it must be very important to take action before these sorts of migrations occur; to avoid any type of regret.