Star Wars enrobed as a smartphoneBig businesses make it a big deal to create fully customized version of their devices. An example is Microsoft creating custom designs with its xbox, one of the most popular custom designs it made was Star Wars, a customized version of the Xbox One in form of R2D2 with controls quite different from the usual ones in terms of design, the functions remained the same. This is one way of generating revenue but also creating an expense for fans of the theme, who simply want to acquire a customized console.

Star Wars is one of the most iconic series on the big screen globally, well known for the scene of “I am your father” between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, it also identifies with the constant struggle between good and evil. There were high expectations for the this seventh installment which perhaps has been fulfilled, one of them was the return of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to the big screen, an iconic hero of Star Wars that accompanied Luke in his adventure, unfortunately one of the saddest scenes of this installment was the death of Han Solo. Star Wars The Force Awakens is one of the biggest collections in film history; by February,2016 it had already made more than 2 billion dollars.

Sharp with the good and evil

The force of good and evil is now dressed up as a smartphone just like the Xbox One did with R2D2, a company known as Sharp has released two well-designed smartphones for the Star Wars saga. These two smartphones will only be available in Japan for now, many complaints have been made to Sharp about this but there is nothing that can be done except if the customs of the affected countries change their policies. Though these phones can be ordered online.

Sharp is an international company that has spent a lot of time in the development of smartphones, but it has made it quite clear that only residents of Japan will be the ones to enjoy these smartphones. One of the reasons for announcing the launch of these two smartphones is not only for the previous installment of Star Wars (The Force Awakens) but for its next movie which has already been announced; Rogue One: A Star Wars History.

Desirable Features

As usual, devices that are customized this way usually do not come with high specifications, they are mainly used to promote a saga, an event or a movie. However, Star Wars and Sharp decided not to conform with the norm, they have included many specifications that may still leave much to be desired and even though they are not on the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S8, it will come very handy for the good forces or bad forces of Star Wars.

Sharp will include a 5.3 “screen with a resolution of 1080p, it also includes a 3GB RAM with a Snapdragon 820 processor that is currently being upgraded by this company, Snapdragon processors are currently suffering from major generational changes. One of the most interesting features is the camera that Sharp integrated into these smartphones, a 22.6 megapixel camera that is not common with current smartphones except Kodak.

Two smartphones, two designs

Although the smartphones will be the same as regards to general features, there is a lot that changes with the internal personalization of each version of the smartphone. The version of the good will be a totally white smartphone which will be accompanied by the force of good, on the other hand, Darth Vader supports the force of evil with a black and red smartphone. Also within each smartphone there will be colorful themes with icons, music and Star Wars wallpapers, all customized.

Water Resistant

Thanks to the several certifications for current smartphones Sharp’s new smartphone will be IP58-certified waterproof, the bad news is that it will not be dust-proof. This smartphone will include the 6.0 version of the Android operating system and in addition it will include a 3000 mAh battery. The Sharp smartphone will be launched to the Japanese market on December 2 but only for the operator SoftBank, so those who are not residents of Japan would have to be patient until other operators are added or Sharp decides to expand production.

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