Operate your Android device without contactJust like in many movies where actors utter a command and their devices comply, likewise our smartphones can be operated the same way, it is not about our smartphone being ‘intelligent‘ it is about it understanding an action, a search and if it is possible the execution, it is as simple as following orders, however the notion that they are intelligent is a little bit out of place. We can also surround ourselves with these alternatives not only with a smartphone but with devices that we can operate with signs, voice commands and even with our look and make them do everything that we want.

Voice Access, beta testers

Surely we must have heard about beta testers, they are a group of people who test softwares and applications before they are released to the market, even many of these applications are not released to the market no matter how well they pass the tests, as a result of vulnerabilities or malfunctions in the execution of the application. Many powerful applications have come through in this aspect, even better than some current ones, but they need to undergo a series of tests before they are  published.

If you are already a user registered as a Google beta tester it is best that you try out this great application that is not yet available to the market in the app stores.

1. Download and launch Voice Access in the Play Store
2. Learn the basic commands of the application
3. Start the verification test
4. That’s it! you are ready to start giving commands!

This great Google tool can be of help for people with disabilities or who can not use the touchscreen of a smartphone for whatever reason, the important thing is that we can give basic commands such as scroll down, select an application, call contacts, access to configurations, modify gestures, among others …the options that Google offers us are so infinite and surely when it is released to the market, it will be complemented with many updates and significant improvements.

Be a Beta Tester and give it a try!

If you are curious about testing the application, you can register as a beta tester for Google by clicking here.

Voice Access Settings

If you can view screenshots within the application you can also operate it with gestures just in case you do not want to use voice commands but if you want to make certain gestures on the screen to access applications or predetermined actions, these will have to be configured in settings. Also once installed and configured Voice Access will run automatically on the smartphone every time the Android operating system is launched, it should be noted that because this version is still under development it can only be operated using the English language, so be careful when issuing some voice commands.

Methods of capturing your smartphone screenWe have constantly seen how on YouTube many users record the screen of their devices to teach a tutorial, a step-by-step guide or simply show a problem on their operating systems, this can also be done with smartphones. YouTubers always use these tools, without a doubt they should always use the best program that lets them present high quality videos because showing poor quality content is not worth it.

Android (Google)

On Android phones there are various options, even when you are a user with root access you can obtain tools that go beyond the normal performance of each application. Perhaps these are the top 3 applications for the Android operating system; AZ Screen Recorder, ADV Screen Record and Screen Screen, they all have different features but carry out the same function.

IOS (Apple)

We already know that Android freely accepts certain applications meanwhile the Apple Store does not have many options, recently some applications with screen recording functions were allowed into the store which is not quite common for iOS. One of the best options is Display Recorder or Shou, both have the same function of recording your smartphones’ screen. Due to lack of demand for iOS applications that record the screen of your smartphone, before, it was necessary to be a superuser in order to access applications with these kind of functions.

The procedure is similar for all smartphone operating systems, some applications also offer features for video sharing depending on the length of the video. Here at Vofeel we will show you the steps to follow to install almost any type of screen recording application:

1. Download the app from the corresponding app store.
2. Set the time, performance and quality
3. Start recording and exit the application
4. Record everything that happens on your screen
5. Stop recording and export the video
6. The video will be saved in a folder


We recommend that you use a high-end smartphone with at least 1.5 GHz processor and 2GB RAM so that it can support both the application that is running to record the screen as well as the applications and the different services that you will be using while you are recording the Screen, not to mention the network connection of your smartphone. If you do not use a high-end smartphone, the app will get stuck and your video capture will be very slow.

Nokia's new team promises it's comebackNokia was undoubtedly one of the companies that revolutionized the entire mobile phone industry, something very remarkable for which it is highly recognized for today, however since the arrival of Apple and the launch of its’ high-end smartphone Nokia began to lose clients when it refused to adapt to the new touch screen technology and accept never before seen apps on its smartphone, there is no doubt that Apple hit the nail with its’ iPhone which began to move Nokia away from the market.

But Apple was not the only one, other companies like BlackBerry began to arrive with its famous BlackBerry Messenger which attracted so many users and became the best instant messaging application of that time (surpassing WhatsApp), finally we come to the patent which undoubtedly gave a boost to the competition against Nokia. BlackBerry and even Apple thought that it was not going to catch up, but on the contrary, Android today is the operating system with the most users and it is currently trying to attract all those who own an iPhone to come over to its’ platform and for some years it has successfully done so.

Is a revival possible?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of Nokia and think on how we can make a come back with so much new technology available today, Apple and Google are the companies at the top and they also compete against manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC and LG. We would find out that this is quite a difficult question to answer, Nokia must put everything it has from its first generation phones to new patents such as virtual reality, 5K resolution, holograms, among others to achieve the same level of performance as  smartphones of today.

If Nokia manages to reach the top as proposed with its’  new team then we will have a competition that will give much to be desired, would it be Nokia against the world, would it be able to prove that even though it is lagging far behind in innovations it can still be the great manufacturer we once knew, it would be an interesting proposal because other manufacturers have contributed more in innovation to smartphones, patents and applications.

HMD Global, the ‘dream team’

It may be Nokia’s only hope to launch into the high-end market, but if Nokia does not do it now it will be very difficult because it will have to make huge investments just to keep abreast of current technology. This team is comprised of many former Nokia employees, including Arto Nummela (Executive Director), Pekka Rantala (Marketing Director) and Florian Seiche (President of HMD) . All of them have worked with Nokia, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Orange and even HTC with top representative positions.

This time the proposal is somewhat different, all having gained great experience in large companies mentioned above, these entrepreneurs have also built their own businesses but there is a big issue; Microsoft … If HMD wants to give Nokia a great comeback it should think beyond Microsoft because its’ purchasing of Nokia smartphone licences has done absolutely nothing, Annually the market for Windows smartphones decreases by 15% What can HMD expect to achieve? We do not know yet, however in 2017 we will know all its’ intentions.

2017 with Android and Foxconn

Nokia does not yet have a great future established, it is in 2017 that we will really get to know HMDs’ plans to make Nokia great again. Currently, Nokia doesn’t have anything left to sell except its’ old mobile phones which are not new generation smartphones, on the contrary they are those devices with full “QWERTY” keyboards and multi-colored screens with applications, agendas and great features that revolutionized Nokia at that time.

Nokia does not seem very enthusiastic, if it were it would have already made investments like Samsung did to advance its technology, however HMD Global are those who are very enthusiastic and perhaps this is what motivates Nokia to begin investing again, with so much experience in its’ present team, Nokia should be rest assured of a new year full of innovations and if it is not so Nokia should give up unless they already have future plans that we still do not know about.

Using TeamViewer with your smartphone and PCTeamViewer has proven to be a very efficient tool for today, as a result, many more platforms have been created in which people all over the world can communicate for the purpose of work or give assistance from home, so many other alternatives that could be used are currently being developed. Imagine, being in the main office of Vofeel in China and one of our employees in Spain needs assistance with repairing a device but the instruction manual is in Chinese, with TeamViewer we could solve this problem with just an internet connection and a code generated by the software on our PC.

TeamViewer universal

Since TeamViewer became a success, its creators have been talking about expanding the platform, today TeamViewer has applications for smartphones with Android operating system, iOS, Windows Phone and even smartphones with BlackBerry operating system. This is a great feature of TeamViewer, wherever you are you can use your computer or your smartphone to remotely access another smartphone or computer in a very simple way which we will explain shortly:

Control another device (Smartphone and PC)

The steps are simple, you have to be TeamViewer installed on both devices, both the sender and receiver have to have it to make the connection and also have internet connection, those are the requirements:

1. Launch TeamViewer on your smartphone and PC
2. Enter the ID of the device you want to control and select remote control
3. Copy the authentication key from the other device
4. Paste the authentication key and click accept
5. You can now view the other device.

Note: This process is universal for all devices, but it only works from smartphone to PC or PC to PC, but not from PC to smartphone, a single process but with different interfaces.

Control smartphones from PC

As mentioned earlier you can not control a smartphone from a PC, but this rule is broken with a TeamViewer extension. If you want to control a mobile device you must install a second application called TeamViewer QuickSupport, which you can easily find in the app stores, the only problem is that it’s not available on BlackBerry. It involves the same process but with a different application for smartphones, no additional procedure is necessary because it is universal and the previous one can be used as long as the correct TeamViewer application is installed.

TeamViewer Host (Android)

This could be one of the best tools in TeamViewer and it is available for smartphones with Android operating system, something very usual because of the versatility and flexibility offered by Android in the functions of its operating system. This tool offers features for controlling the smartphone in a way that even when we do not have active features or applications such as TeamViewer QuickSupport we can still control and give support to Android devices.


Obviously, we must know the person to whom we are giving our TeamViewer ID because one way or another he or she can violate the authentication key with some software within or outside their network. If you want to give remote assistance we recommend a device with high-end features because the streaming and some functions like TeamViewer chat can greatly impair performance and functions, if you want to correctly view the other device live, it’s better to make use of a high-end device.

How to use Android applications on windows phoneWe have been able to see how independent developers have managed to organize several tools in order to be able to use others, even the modifications of some operating systems is achieved through a network of independent developers, however when a manufacturer of a device (be it smartphone or PC) reveals its hidden tools and secrets, they are more reliable and tend to have greater precision because developers would avoid the inconvenience of violating the security of these manufacturers. One of the examples that we can see today is Overclocking, surpassing the limits of manufacturers to obtain higher performance.

Microsoft Requirements

Windows has stated that they will give all users with Windows Phone 10 the possibility of installing some Android applications, however not all is rosy because Microsoft has slated some necessary requirements for certain applications to be installed. We know that Android manages many Google services in order to run certain applications, Microsoft has many services similar to this and this is where the problem lies, only Android apps that have services similar to Windows Phone can be installed.

Install Android Apps on Windows Phone

In Windows Phone 10 we can install some Android applications, as long as it meets the requirements we mentioned above, before that we will have to download some files by clicking here before proceeding with the tutorial, they have all been compressed for it to work properly and so you can follow this tutorial step by step.

1.Extract the files into a folder.
2. Install msi and vcredist_x86.exe in the wconnect folder
3. On your smartphone: go to settings/ update and security / For developers and activate the two required options; Developer mode and equipment detection.
4. Locate the wconnect folder and open a command console (Shift + Right click and select open command window here)
5. Connect your smartphone via USB
6. In the command window: type usb exe and press Enter
7. In the command window: Enter the authentication code that will appear on your smartphone
8. Open a command window in the adb folder
9. Check the connected devices by typing ab devices and then pressing Enter (OPTIONAL)
10. Inside the adb folder paste the APK that you want to install with a name that is easy to remember (you will need it)
11. In the command window: type install APAP_NAME.apk replacing the ‘APNAME_NAME’ with the name that you previously gave the apk

12. Wait forthe Windows to complete the installation and you can begin to use the application

Supported Devices

As we all know Microsoft fell a bit short with some new generation devices and Nokia Lumia was its latest production that pumped a little bit of life into the smartphone market. The following Nokia Lumia models are those approvedd by Microsoft for this tutorial; Nokia Lumia 920, 925, 929, 830, 930, 1520, 635 (1GB RAM), 730, 820, 435 and 928. The method taught in this tutorial can be appled on them.

Where do I get the APKs from?

Very easy, since Android apps can be also be manually installed you can find a large number of them on the web, however if you don’t trust the source you can opt for other application stores that give you the freedom to download the APK and install it manually on Android, but in this case save it before installing it on your Windows 10 Phone, one of the best sources is for this is APK Mirror.

Whatsapp no longer supports old smartphonesThe application that Facebook recently acquired is the most used app for instant messaging, other applications such as Telegram, BlackBerry Messenger or Facebook Messenger are applications that have only come close to it in terms of number of users, however it remains the most downloaded, the most used and it’s almost primordial in new generation smartphones as well as old ones. It is official that 7 out of 10 people prefer WhatsApp to other instant messaging apps, 2 out of 10 prefer Telegram and the rest have no smartphone or do not like this type of applications, however even though many people prefer to use WhatsApp  they also have other similar apps installed.

WhatsApp is perhaps one of the instant messaging apps that has the most features, it is also perhaps the one that many users prefer because of its’ speed, simplicity and security. WhatsApp has been consistent in giving support to low-end smartphones and even providing updates with new features to these smartphones but Facebook (its’ current owner) would like to expand its’ functions.

Android, Windows and Nokia affected

Nokia is yet to be confirmed but what is certain is that operating systems with Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 will no longer have support and access to the WhatsApp application. At the end of this year it is expected that Facebook surprises users with old versions of operating systems, it has also been expected that Facebook would make drastic changes with WhatsApp and this is understandable because some smartphones can only work with certain features of WhatsApp and having to restrict the evolution of Whatsapp because of these smartphones would limit its’ advancement.

Android is probably the operating system with the most downloads of WhatsApp, so it’s going to suffer a big loss with users who own their smartphones just because they want to use the app. Android is not the only one affected, we all know that WhatsApp supports many operating systems like Windows Phone, Symbian and iOS, some versions of these operating systems will also be affected by this change; The iPhone 3GS is included in this blacklist as well as smartphones with Windows Phone operating system version 7 will also be out of support and access.

BlackBerry until the end of June

From the time Facebook announced it will stop giving support and access to some old smartphones, it has received many complaints from BlackBerry users and because of this it has not yet removed support for BlackBerry devices for this year, however Facebook has not said that it would not be removed but it will give more time to owners of BlackBerry operated SmartPhones to get new ones because the elimination of this service by Facebook is total, even BlackBerry 10 is no longer supported by WhatsApp, removing support from all smartphones with a blackBerry operating system is quite a drastic action to be taken by Facebook, even new BlackBerry devices will not be supported.

Probably Facebook has many reasons to remove support for BlackBerry devices, this could be because BlackBerry is not selling as much as it should, before the revolution of smartphones with Android operating system, Blackberry was used a lot so much that its’ instant messaging app; BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) became the most used instant messaging app globally and it only worked on smartphones with BlackBerry operating system. For WhatsApp or some other cross-platform application to stop functioning on BlackBerry is bad news for its users.

New high-end features

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp we might have noticed many changes in the app, from security to call functions, Facebook wants an all in one WhatsApp, it wants to place all its bet on this app to make it the only Instant messaging app that we will need to install on our smartphone due to the additional features that it will include in it, you must have observed that Facebook has tried to include these features on its’ own app but without success because of security concerns. Facebooks’ reason for buying up WhatsApp is to improve its’ performance and safety, I advice users to exercise caution.

What Facebook wants to do sounds logical, no one expected that WhatsApp at any point in time will stop functioning for old smartphones, the downside is WhatsApp could end up losing customers because there are users who are not financially capable of changing smartphones at the moment who will simply prefer to wait for an alternative Instant messaging app to be created. Many non-smartphone users have opted to installing Android OS emulators to download and use WhatsApp.

Samsung bets big on smart car technologyMany companies begin by specializing in producing a single product until they become recognized and expand into other products and grow into a large company with variety of stocks for sale. One of the best examples is Nokia, a company that manufactured phones with the Symbian operating system, it was one of the most recognized worldwide until the era of smartphones began and the Android And iOS operating system became more popular, this put the Nokia company aside because it did not take advantage of the opportunity to expand and create other patents, so its sales declined and later it had to be sold.

Samsung is a very popular company with products ranging from electrical appliances to smartphones. Presently, the company has been going through a rough patch after it suffered losses with its’ Galaxy Note 7, a lot of people made a joke of this incident on the internet with memes and GIFs mocking the product but Samsung lost a serious amount of money and apart from the money already spent in creating the product, they also had to refund money back to customers who were affected by the incident. Now, Samsung hopes to bounce back with a new investment, although it already produces a wide variety of electronic equipment, it still needs to expand its catalogue in preparation of the future, the sale of its smartphones alone will not be enough to recover all its losses and for this reason it is looking towards a new alternative for the market.

$8 billion dollars on Intelligent Automobiles

Samsung has invested around 8 billion dollars in the automotive industry, investing this huge amount gives Samsung some assurance that its recovery will be of great value. Investing so much money means that they have an edge over other companies that do not have the finances to invest in engineers, developing components, R&D and prototypes to begin with. This has given some sort of concern to start-ups that wanted to develop their own technology from scratch, since a company as huge as Samsung has commenced at a point way beyond what they are capable of.

Samsung made use of this $8 billion dollars to purchase an American company called Harman that specializes in automotive design and connectivity between vehicle components. Samsung is a smart company, it has not only invested $ 8 billion in a US company for its automotive technology, It will also make use of the sound technology that this company has developed for automobiles in its new Galaxy smartphones,
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will be on sale for next year and it will feature Harman technology.

Renault Samsung Motors

After the purchase of Harman, there have been rumours on how this company will be run. Harman’s production is based on the sale and improvement of vehicles that up till today have not gained much popularity, but it will invest all its experience in Samsung and has already equipped more than 30 million cars with devices bearing its’ brand name, some of its clients include companies like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, Renault Samsung Motors may become popular with these new additions.

Harman’s experience has shown that it is a company that can position Renault Samsung Motors higher than we can ever imagine with implementations and development of navigation systems, internet connectivity, vehicle safety and entertainment. Renault Samsung Motors will undergo a change in its staff and system of management, this will commence when Harman installs its production equipment and implements its production system. perhaps both companies may still have to discuss the issue but it’s possible they come to a 50/50 agreement on the use of their systems and equipment.

A step closer to the competition

Samsung has invested a huge amount of money in order to guarantee its success and be on the same level with its competitors, many companies already have this kind of implementation and are only just modifying and expanding what they already have, this gives us a lot to speculate about on Samsung’s first installment in the smart car market. The $8 billion dollars invested will be put to the test and Samsung would have to compete with greats like Tesla who have one of the best developed smart cars in the market.

Samsung is not the only company betting on a new technology that has not yet been exploited on a large scale, there are other big companies that have been working in secret to take smart car technology a step further; Google has long been developing vehicles without drivers, Apple has been working for a long time on smart vehicles and these are companies that also manufacture smartphones, perhaps this is the top one among many patents available in the market. Samsung should be careful, investing heavily and not studying the market adequately could result in a loss like that of its Galaxy Note 7 which would even be a bigger failure.

Increasing internal memory in Android Since manufacturers began placing limitations on their products, people have always discovered a way around them. It is not always recommended to do that because when manufacturers place limits, it means that they can be held responsible up till that point, nevertheless we don’t always want to settle for just the limits. In the case of smartphones, their performance, capacity and the possibility of installing new applications that give much more advanced functions than the conventional ones can be extended.

Exceeding the limits that a manufacturer places on a product almost always causes loss of warranty and support of the company responsible, since you’ve crossed the lines they placed, they will not be held responsible for a fault that arises from increasing the memory or from overclocking in some cases. Overclocking is the best known method of surpassing limitations in computing, it is used to describe the process of increasing the capacity and speed of a computer’s components, both the CPU and the GPU are modified to surpass the limitations with which the device has been designed, even many people apply this until they witness the real limits of these devices or in most cases until the devices stop working.

Increasing internal Memory in Android

In Android there is a method highly recommended but not valid for all smartphones with Android operating system; That is to increase the internal memory of the device by partitioning an SD card. A partitioning of the SD card will be sufficient to increase the internal memory of our smartphone and enable us to install new applications, transfer applications from the systems’ memory to the new internal memory, among other features … a very good option if we do not have enough memory resource on our device.

For this method it is necessary to have superuser permissions, this is the first step in exceeding the limits on your smartphone. This method was very practical for low-end smartphones that were produced in the early days of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy ACE which was very good initially at its launch but did not have enough capacity to download many applications due to low internal storage. Using this method as a superuser has made it easier for people who still have these kind of smartphones to download and enjoy more applications.

Partitioning the SD Memory Card

The first step is to partition the SD memory and it is highly recommended not to remove the SD card from your device too often, if you are one of the people that always like to change the SD memory card, this method is not recommended for you. Here at Vofeel we will teach you the most practical way to prepare the SD memory card for the device and increase its internal memory.

  1. With our smartphone being turned off, the first thing is to enter into Recovery mode, then enter into CWM (ClockWork Mode) this is different for each device.
  2. Enter the advanced section and then the Partition SD Card option to select an amount.
  3. Depending on the capacity of our SD memory and how much we want to partition we select a size (Recommended 1204M)
  4. Once you enter a size it is best to choose 0M for the Swap Size and wait for the partition of the SD memory to finish. Then restart our device.

Note: It is not recommended to change the Swap Size unless you have an idea of what it is meant for and you want to experience new features.

Attaching the partition to the device

It is not sufficient to partition the internal memory, some additional steps need to be followed so that the partition can be recognized. It is necessary to download an application called Link2SD from the Google Playstore to attach the partition and increase the memory of our device.

1. Download Link2SD from the Play Store or install the apk.
2. Enter the application first and select Ext2 as the SD memory partition.
3. Reboot the device so that the partition is recognized by the application and the device.

Transferring Applications to the partition

After following this process and the partition has been recognized by the application. Now you can transfer applications installed in your internal memory to thie new partition or SD memory card ising the Link2SD app.

1. Press and hold down the application you want to transfer until you see more options.
2. Touch the Create link and accept the option to transfer the application to the partition.
3. In Link2SD settings activate the Automatic Link option so that each time an application is installed it goes to this created partition (Recommended).

Installing ROM on AndroidSince mobile phones were introduced to the market many manufacturers have placed their bets on it, so much that some independent developers have dedicated their lives to the development of applications, devices or in someway improve the performance of other devices such as smartphones. Thanks to these developers, manufacturers have been able to locate new talent and introduce new features to smartphones and their applications, they have been responsible for exceeding limits and researching how they can take smartphones further even beyond the limits Of manufacturers, one of the most common topics on this are superusers and ROMs in Android.

The risk of surpassing a manufacturers’ limit is lack of support or lack of warranty  if we encounter problems with our smartphone because we cross the boundary that was placed on it at the time of manufacture . Developers do not care much about this lack of support and warranty from the manufacturer because if they damage the phone, they themselves can repair it, so be careful about performing a strange procedure on your phone and not knowing if you will get support or if the same has happened to others and they could solve it, because you could find yourself in a situation where your smartphone stops working and you will not be able to repair it on your own.

Custom Operating System

The term ROM refers to where the operating system of our device is stored, its acronym stands for Read Only Memory. The ROM identifies what is stored in it and only reads this information, it can not be modified unless we change it, in this case, by installing a new ROM on our device. Custom ROMs have different specifications than that of the factory firmware of our device, in all ROMs, specifications have been saved which make them unique and they also have a different design from what we see on a smartphone.

You have got to have the security and documentation of the ROM that you want to install on your device, a custom ROM can offer us improved graphics and better performance on our devices but if there is little support or it’s a new type and not enough people have used it, we could encounter problems which we cannot reverse except if the smartphone allows us to revert back to the original factory settings.

Installing a ROM on Android

In our smartphone we can only have one ROM installed, however we can try to install as many as possible as long as the phone is factory reset before the installation of a new ROM. This step is highly recommended since installing a ROM on another ROM can bring about serious problems in the functioning of our smartphone. Here in Vofeel we will show you the most practical way to install a ROM on an Android device:

Required Files:

ClockWork Mode (CWM)
ROM File

1. Enter Recovery mode and start the CWM.
2. Select the Wipe data option, reset and then YES
3. Select the Wipe cache partition option and then YES
4. Enter the mounts and storage option
5. Format / data option
6. Format / system option
7. Format / cache option
8. Finally go back and select the advanced option
9. Reboot Recovery Option

Note: This process will completely clean the smartphone and have it ready for the installation of a new ROM, the Recovery mode will also be re-initiated.

1. Re-enter the CWM
2. Select the install zip option from the sd card
3. Select the option Choose zip from sdcard
4. Select the ROM file and finally select YES
5. Go back and select the reboot system now option

Finally our smartphone will reboot and accept the new ROM, let’s not be afraid if the mode of initiating the smartphone changes since it is very common to give a personalized touch to the bootloader in order to differentiate some ROMs.

Note: Whenever a new ROM or Firmware is installed, the first time the operating system loads, it will take longer than usual, so do not be alarmed if your smartphone does not turn on quick the first time.

How to emulate Linux on AndroidDevelopers are responsible for demonstrating all that a smartphone can accomplish with the use of just one application, from solving mathematical algorithms with just one image to emulating a full operating system on a smartphone. Independent developers have taken up the task of creating applications of all kinds, we will not find just one type of application since they all have already been categorized  in the app stores and in each category there are millions of applications available. thanks to this constant development from independent programmers there is so much competition and companies are so concerned about having the best equipment and devices.

Emulating an operating system has always been a feature for desktop computers, but thanks to the contribution of many developers they have taken up the task of making this possible on a smartphone that functions with the Android operating system just by following a series of steps. A virtual machine may be sufficient for a computer with Windows operating system to emulate another operating system like Linux, although Linux is the faithful contender of Windows, the Linus Torvalds project has not been left behind. The Linux operating system has always been seen as an alternative to a lot of users, however there are many who prefer it for its great ability to go beyond what’s conventional just like in Windows.

Emulating Linux

In our Android smartphone we can emulate an entire operating system as long as it is Linux, we will only need an image file with the Linux operating system we want to emulate and we will also need a couple of more things. Here in Vofeel we will show you how to use your smartphone to emulate a Linux operating system and also consult all the tools of this operating system. It is very common to use distributions like Kali Linux to take advantage of many “Hacking” tools and have them on our smartphone anywhere we go.

Why not windows?

As many of us know the Google’s operating system (Android) was created based on Linux, that’s why we see many free features being offered by this operating system. Linux is a slightly freer operating system with features that have the potential of exceeding the manufacturers limits on these electronic devices. Because Android is based on Linux, it gives us the possibility to emulate it and have many features of a fully complete operating system through an application.

Downloading the application

By following of a few steps and using an application we will be able to install a Linux operating system on our Android smartphone, the application that we have to download through the app store is “Linux Deploy“, with this application we will be able to install a full Linux operating system. It is important to have the latest update of this application in order to have all its’ features and novelties and furthermore not to encounter errors in the future, it is advisable to install it through the app store and not via manual installation (i.e. with the .apk file).

Required files

  • Linux Deploy app installed on our smartphone
  • Image file for installation (.iso)
  1. Start the Linux Deploy application
  2. Select the third option of the toolbar
  3. In Distribution select the distribution to be installed
  4. In Architecture select armhf
  5. In Installation path choose the image file where the Linux distribution (.iso) is located
  6. Finally choose the Install option to begin the installation

Finally the Linux Deploy automatic installation wizard will begin, all the packages that have been decompressing for the .iso installation will begin to be deployed.

  1. Finally use the Start option to start the Linux distribution that has been installed.
  2. Then you will be asked to fill in some data, which will be given to you here in Vofeel.

Nickname: kali

Password: changeme


Port: 5900

With this we will be able to use all the functions of the Linux distribution that we just installed and selected. It will be necessary to enter the data that we showed you above as long as it asks for it, it will also be necessary to connect to the server and have better communication with the distribution.