Emulate PS1 games on your smartphoneIf you are a video game lover, it will give you a bit of nostalgia to see the graphics that we used to think were incredible. Remember how we used to have to blow the dust out of our Nintendo cartridges in order to continue playing them and how we had to confirm if our PS2 was displaying a red screen or if the game  we were playing was showing. If you went through that we can tell you here at Vofeel that you can re-experience the feeling of playing a PS1, if you have a high end or mid-range smartphone you can play many video games perfectly, you will only need a lot of memory to save all your favorite games.

PSX Emulators

If you have ever wanted to relive this feeling we can say that on a PC it is much easier, there are even executable files that directly bring all the adapted video games so that you can save games without using memory card or you can save your progress using the systems option, if you have a PC you can also find PS2 emulators. It is also possible with a smartphone with Android operating system, a mid-range smartphone is enough for you to play many adventure games that you believed you’ve forgotten about. On the network you can get executable files or disk image files (.iso) in which you can load into an emulator and start playing.

ePSXe for Android

This could be the best emulator for smartphones with Android operating system, here in Vofeel we recommend it because it is very similar to a computer, it has the same procedure and it is not necessary to have superuser permissions. Other emulators may appear simpler but entail greater difficulty to be installed and configured. We will show you in a very simple way how to launch games in ePSXe, the most recommended way to enjoy PS1 games:

1. Download ePSXe with your BIOS depending on the version of the operating system you use and place it in the SD memory.
2. Manually install it on your smartphone
3. Go to Preferences
4. Select bios file and select the Bios that you download.
5. Go to the main screen of ePSXe
6. Select run Game and wait for a list to load
7. Select a game from the list
8. And that’s it, ready to play !!!

 Games in .iso format

This should be the format in which the PS1 games should be downloaded, place them on either side of the SD memory and then when you refresh, the list of games on the smartphone will appear without problems. All over the web you can find .ISO files of PS1 games, as well as blogs exclusively dedicated to .iso files. These .iso are also compatible with computer emulators, so we will not have any problems in acquiring them on the internet.


If you go to the preferences section you can change many options, what is mostly changed is the size of the buttons because it takes up a lot of screen space depending on what kind of smartphone we are running the emulator on. We can display FPS also in the initial screen, modify the buttons and much more, the Bios will always be necessary and we must locate it as a minimum requirement before executing any .iso files in the emulator.