Alternative Android applicationsMost apps by default of their mobile operating systems such as iOS or Android don’t fulfill all the needs of users, both in the area of design as well as in the area of performance because they’re optimized for high end smartphones at the time they are being launched in the market. The majority of apps that integrate by default their operating systems could be replaced by others that fulfill the same functions but adding more features, they could be better as regards to performance or by simply changing the design and then it becomes a totally customizable app so that it doesn’t be a standard version of the developer.

There are apps that are replaceable such as the app for viewing our text messages (Messaging) or the app for visualizing all our contacts (Contacts), there are also apps that cannot be replaced because they are unique to Google and they are not just for switching on and switching off the smartphone, but for tangible functions such as the app store, the connection to Google accounts or the GPS location to send information in the map of coordinates. The alternative apps are not there to only change the aspect which comes by default, they are also there to improve performance and in some cases not to occupy too much memory in the storage.

How can I replace an app by default?

The way to replace an app by default is downloading the app and changing the priority to the new app, though if you want to completely delete the app by default you should have special user permissions to be able to delete predetermined apps from Android or to move it to the internal storage or the memory card SD.

The way to download a non official app that is not found in the app store is simple; you need to open a web browser, search for the installation file (Extension .apk), download it and once it´s ready search for it through a file browser. And lastly carry out the installation manually, quite different to app stores that install automatically, we don’t see where they are installed because the app store takes care of that.

Social networks

The issue  with social networks and their apps is that a large portion of these consume too much battery and  slows down performance; it’s well known that when you install Facebook on your device, 15% of its’ performance is affected while the app isn’t in use, when it is in use the same amount is affected as regards to the duration of the battery.

Facebook Lite

One of the better alternatives is a smaller version of Facebook that contains all the features of Facebook like the news feed, comments, image upload, chats among others… An alternative that doesn’t require much storage, it’s simple and fast.

Messenger Lite

As Facebook maintains a version of its app with better performance, there also exists a version of Facebook messenger which isn’t available on the PlayStore and it weighs less than the original Facebook messenger, it also includes the features available on its’ predetermined messaging app.

Web Browsers

The Android browsers by default tend to have some limitations, it’s just recently that Android has improved the design and performance of many of its apps by default but we wouldn’t instantly have them if we are using a device with the previous version. Some web browsers are heavier than the predetermined but are more efficient and include improvements.

Google Chrome

Inspite of the fact that Google owns Google Chrome; it doesn’t come by default in the Android operating system, it’s a mobile version of the most popular desktop browsers and one of the most widely used mobile apps.

Dolphin Browser

This multi platform browser has given us much to talk about thanks to its features such as the management of some links through gestures on the screen, the control of some functions through voice commands and adjusting all specifications of the users to a mobile version.

Music Player

The music player by default for some Android versions were never attractive, only with the basic function of playing music, but when it is about music we want to see beyond that, we want more information and how the rhythm of the music flows in our smartphone, such as equalizers or more attractive views.


It’s one of the most recognized due to its interface design which is very intuitive with a lot of customizing. The equalizer that is included offers many options to give the adequate power that we want, if we have the experience we can produce a high quality sound.


Very unknown in app stores but with an incredible performance maintaining a simple but elegant interface, it also offers customizing with themes and transition effects among different audios to create your own playlist.

Facebook Virtual TechnologyThe recognized enterprise and social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg (Also CEO of this one) begins to give way to new technological patents once begin the buying of other companies to integrate to its own platforms; Some of the buys from Facebook to apply to other projects were enterprises such as WhatsApp for 21.800 million dollars, Instagram for 1.000 million dollars or Masquerade for a cost that isn’t exactly known. This is one of the most common options of companies; the integrating for new technologies, not to create them, if not buy and modify them until accomplish the own objective.

Currently many of the companies require large technologies to reach a maximum efficiency on its personal develop, and here’s where we find with enterprises as Facebook that to improve its technical crew prefers to make a buying from other company and acquire those knowledge to its current employees. There are also multi millionaire companies that buy other companies only for the popularity of this, if it’s a company with future for being an app that was downloaded a thousand times, is always used and even can be integrated improvements, then it’ll worth much more than they think, and there’s where begin the struggle among companies, offering much money than previously.

Poor beginning

The Facebook decision to buy Oculus VR was some precipitated, but perhaps in the best moment of virtual reality in 2014 for 2.000 million dollars, an offer that Palmer Luckey couldn’t waste if he wanted to expand his new technology. At beginning Facebook wouldn’t have developed many things with Oculus VR, maybe was just a monetary impulse for Palmer Luckey (Founder of Oculus VR) to start having more freedom to create his projects counting with more economic power and the big sponsorship of Facebook.

Since then Oculus VR has only improved its patent such as Oculus Rift; the first step of virtual reality was noticed with virtual reality glasses called Oculus Rift that surprised the world with this new prototype. On nowadays Facebook keeps sponsoring to Oculus VR nevertheless, yet we don’t see a tangible project from Facebook with Oculus VR, one of the integrations of some features from Oculus Rift on the social network Facebook is the capacity to see some images on 360º with virtual reality glasses.

Betting all for virtual reality

The big conference for developers from Oculus was celebrated in San José (California) where everyone contributes and shows their most recent ideas about virtual reality. Oculus Connect 3 is the name of the conference most expected for many users and even for Facebook employees to know the intentions that had the CEO Mark Zuckerberg with Oculus and the virtual reality. Facebook has been revolutionizing from its beginning in 2004, but integrate the virtual reality to a social network was a dream came true thank to Oculus VR.

Mark Zuckerberg in Oculus Connect 3 reached to give a sample of what would be “The social network from the future” showing features never seen in some other project of virtual reality. Facebook will create a new virtual reality prototype called “Oculus Touch”; a device and a controller accessory of your hands to handle up in a digital environment of Facebook.

Parties, Rooms and Avatars

Facebook in its conference of Oculus Connect 3 also did mention about these 3 apps for the virtual reality. If wasn’t enough including 360º grades images in facebook, now will be included 3 apps to start giving way with the virtual reality on the biggest and most internationally known social network, Facebook.

With these apps, the Oculus Touch and a virtual environment we even will be able to create conferences in real time and furthermore with virtual reality included. With the new avatars we will be able to create a profile the most similar to us that will appear in the virtual environment on conferences between users. The function will also be in Oculus Rift but, according Mark Zuckerberg will be launched to beginnings of 2017 to create more tests.

More than a social network

Facebook left to be only a social network after buying some companies and the clear example is Oculus VR. Facebook is one of the most recognized companies on international level due to its social network but within the enterprise are managed other patents to make of much more interaction the user of the social network with the most advanced technologies. This is due to Facebook isn’t only registered as a social network on internet if not as a company with offices, personnel in charge of monitoring, specialized personnel, among others…

Nowadays Facebook is the most used social network and the most recognized of internet, at beginning was only a social network that offered to users connect to each others in international level, but currently even Facebook sells goods and services to their users and also the possibility of marketing of our apps, ads from internet or advertising campaigns of our company to more than 1.700 million users.