In many countries in tCuba is one of the beneficiaries of the Google internethe Caribbean we can find the Internet connection to be too slow, it is almost impossible to download a movie because we have to leave it for a whole night to download and if we talk about the o
nes with 4K resolution then you can imagine how long it will take to download them. It is a big headache when we have a slow connection and there are so many people connected to it at the same time because many present day devices require an internet connection.Currently Google has been able to improve internet connectivity like fiber optics, many countries have benefited from this feature of Google but there are still other countries like Venezuela that would still have a slow connection unless the government decides to do something about it.

Google goes to Havana to innovate

The incredible news comes after several meetings between the current technology giant like Google and Etecsa (Empresa Estatal de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba) to reach an agreement and improve the internet connection of the big island. But it all started with the relations that Obama wanted to improve with Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro, for some it was the worst news of the present time however some even celebrated it. Ben Rhodes being the Security Advisor to the United States Presidency took the initiative by attending events in honor of Fidel Castro to establish better relations.

It is confirmed that Cuba was one of the countries with the lowest connectivity rate worldwide as many countries in the Americas, it is very beneficial for Cuba that Google has decided to establish this connection that will be improved upon daily, this will be so beneficial because the number of users who connect to the Internet both in Cuba and in other countries continues to grow daily and improving their connection means that many can enjoy it at a higher level, many residents of Cuba have often complained about the low internet connection and stabilization in Havana.

Google Global Cache

Nothing more and nothing less than Google will help Havana with their very own expert system called Google Global Cache, perhaps one of the best technologies from Google for servers and for the improvement of  internet connections. The network of servers that will be available in Havana consists of servers inside Cuba that will contain and store information of all types of content from Google services and On-Line storage sites like YouTube and others.

Here is a fact that Google did not make very clear but if we start to think and draw up some rare conclusions we can deduce that this will not improve the Internet connection of all of Havana, this will improve the connection of Havana with Google. We can even visit the official site of the Google Edge Network that specifies this structure is coming, is obvious for Google but not for users who only think of a better connection throughout the whole internet, certainly it will improve the connection rate of Cuba to some Web pages, Google services and even Google data center, but it will not be something very widespread as the improvement of Havanas’ internet.

Are Cuba and the United States in an agreement?

It is strange in many ways because the relationship Cuba has had with the United States was never really good, it is known that since 2014 that there have been many meetings between the Cuba and the United States to clarify issues and improve relations between the two countries. These bad relations were due to the current presidents of each country, some think that they only wanted wars but that would not solve anything, so the leaders of each country decided to improve their relations and what better way than bringing new technology to innovate the great Havana .

Surprises for Cuba in 2017

Google was not the only one interested in penetrating and improving the internet connection of one of the countries with the lowest connection rate, other companies like General Electric, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean have tried to enter into an agreement with Cuba so that by 2017 they can begin certain visits to Cuba and improve many of these services and their connections, something interesting because many companies in the United States have begun to improve relations with other countries and Cuba is among them. In the year 2017 many projects will begin both from Google and other telephone companies to improve the experience of navigation in Havana.

Using your smartphone as a virtual reality screenSince virtual reality became public many have desired to have a complete virtual reality experience but in certain ways, kits such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive are too expensive, some prefer to go to conventions where virtual reality is being promoted and stand in a long queue in order to have a taste of this experience. Many companies have exploited most of the potential of virtual reality; one example is Sony which now presents its PlayStation VR, an accessory for PlayStation 4 which we can use to enjoy a virtual reality environment with the use of special glasses, a motion camera compatible with PlayStation 4 and a compatible game.

Conferences in which companies reveal their virtual reality prototypes have been very common in big videogame fairs such as the E3, Paris Game Week, Tokyo Game Show and even Microsoft or Sony fairs. In these fairs, large quantities of virtual reality prototypes are presented and with a little bit of luck we we could have a chance to experience virtual reality without any cost, however we don’t have to go through that in order to have a full experience of virtual reality. Here in Vofeel we’ll show you some alternatives to enjoying virtual reality at a very low cost.

Virtual reality glasses

There are easily accessible virtual reality head sets in the market which enable us to use our smartphones as the screens’ projection. How does it work? The glasses have got special lenses that simulate the projection of an enlarged view, the smartphone sensors are what gives it the precision to know in what direction we are moving and the apps we download will maintain a double screen in order that each lens of the glasses have a unique view for each eye, though it should be or will always be the same image, depending on the app we find in the app stores.

Samsung Gear VR (150 Euros)

Maybe the best bet to enjoy virtual reality but in a not so cheap way is the Samsung helmet version, one of the best designs presented so far, adaptable to most smartphones hence making it universal. This virtual reality helmet weighs 300g, it includes batteries, an aux exit for headphones and micro USB ports and USB sort C. The belt it includes is to simulate and strengthen the idea of it being a helmet and not to have a problem using it any other way.

VR Case (15 Euros)

When it comes to fulfilling all of the users requirements at a very low cost we find ourselves with the virtual reality glasses from VR case, inspite of it costing very little, it fulfills the lens functions; only insert your smartphone and you can begin enjoying the experience of virtual reality. This model also includes belts and a section where you can insert your smarphone, but it isn’t universal; only smartphones that measure between 3.5″ inches to 6″inches can be placed in this section, however if it doesn’t cover all that’s needed we could have problems with one of the lenses.

Construct your own virtual reality glasses

One of the biggest proposals that Google presented to the virtual reality market was to create a small prototype called Google CardBoard VR, in which simple pieces of cardboard and cheap special glasses would carry out all the functions of a virtual reality headset. There already exists in the market finished CardBoards, we only need to buy them and start enjoying them, personalize it how we want and we have our own virtual reality helmet, nevertheless Google gives you the opportunity to design it by yourself.

In the beginning Google released to the market a small envelope with all the tools to create this economic virtual reality helmet; pieces of cardboard, economic special glasses and corresponding instructions on how to assemble these glasses. On the internet you can also find instructions on how to create a CardBoard with the same Google design, it is as simple as downloading a model of how to trim the cardboards, buying a lens of 4mm with special augmentation and following the instructions step by step.

Apps for smartphones

In the app stores we will find many apps that work with augmented reality, the way to indentify if an app manages augmented reality is, if it is double screened and if it can also move in the direction of whichever way you turn. Since Google shared in Android the DSK of CardBoard it’s been seen infinities of examples, prototypes, videogames and interaction with users that have a CardBoard or a virtual reality helmet. At the CardBoard launch, Google also created a special section of videogames and apps that perfectly work with virtual reality either with the glasses or with another companys’ helmet.

Improving Android’s performanceGoogle services in the Android operating system have always been extremely useful; the ability to synchronize is one of them. Google synchronization is very important because it enables you to have everything at the exact moment you need them. Just like when an email arrives, if it’s not synchronized it’ll arrive when opening the application; however, if it’s synchronized, the information will arrive in real time. Just like its synchronization, Google offers plenty of services that help at stability and organization of the flow of information between web applications, social networks and internet services in our smartphone.

Google also offers to their Android users the option of changing some features, alerting that this can modify some functions, because many services are working altogether for the stable optimization of the operating system or any other specific application. A big part of the Google services can be temporally deactivated; however, it can’t be erased, even some of them are hidden as applications consuming the memory of the smartphone. At some point, they can be reactivated or they could be needed to run some applications. Some of these services are like applications by default and it’s not recommended to erase them.

Improving performance, removing services

Services maintain some functions of the Android operating system stable, but they’re not always necessary. Some of them are extra features by default. These services consume smartphone performance, wasting so much more in the ones without enough memory space to save plenty of applications; high end and low range smartphones. When we have a smartphone with a short memory space (in storage as well as in RAM) we better exclude some unnecessary services to unlock space and to keep our RAM memory occupied in needed applications and services.

Why do we have to deactivate the synchronization?

Synchronization is a service that helps the flow of information in applications and internet services.  We can administrate our device to synchronize it. Google has offered this service to maintain a better connection, in real time, with information; however, we can deactivate some synchronization options to avoid the synchronization of the whole content. It should be emphasized that synchronization not just restores information but, day after day, it’s saving everything that it recognizes and detect.

Deactivating synchronization or just some features will give us a better smartphone performance. It’ll also depend whether if it’s one or two accounts that are synchronizing at the same time. Here, in Vofeel, we’ll teach you how to deactivate the whole Google synchronization, or just some of its’ features.

  • Go to Settings and then, select the Account option or Accounts and Sync option, depending on your operating system.
  • Once you are there, select a synchronized account; usually, it’s displayed on your Google account. You’ll have to select it.
  • Within an account, you’ll see the entire activated or deactivated features. To activate them, they must be on the right part or with a little mark (it’ll depend on your Android version).

Note: in some operating system versions of Android there exists an option called Automatic Sync which will be enough to deactivate your smartphone synchronization in every single account.


It’s a good thing to have the synchronization feature activated, but not every feature or service activated is good for your smartphone. This Android service is very useful to save information, such as; contacts, emails, messages, application data, amongst others. Nevertheless, having every feature and many accounts synchronizing will affect your smartphones’ performance, as well as the smartphones’ battery life, which is not very convenient in high and low end smartphones.