Samsung bets big on smart car technologyMany companies begin by specializing in producing a single product until they become recognized and expand into other products and grow into a large company with variety of stocks for sale. One of the best examples is Nokia, a company that manufactured phones with the Symbian operating system, it was one of the most recognized worldwide until the era of smartphones began and the Android And iOS operating system became more popular, this put the Nokia company aside because it did not take advantage of the opportunity to expand and create other patents, so its sales declined and later it had to be sold.

Samsung is a very popular company with products ranging from electrical appliances to smartphones. Presently, the company has been going through a rough patch after it suffered losses with its’ Galaxy Note 7, a lot of people made a joke of this incident on the internet with memes and GIFs mocking the product but Samsung lost a serious amount of money and apart from the money already spent in creating the product, they also had to refund money back to customers who were affected by the incident. Now, Samsung hopes to bounce back with a new investment, although it already produces a wide variety of electronic equipment, it still needs to expand its catalogue in preparation of the future, the sale of its smartphones alone will not be enough to recover all its losses and for this reason it is looking towards a new alternative for the market.

$8 billion dollars on Intelligent Automobiles

Samsung has invested around 8 billion dollars in the automotive industry, investing this huge amount gives Samsung some assurance that its recovery will be of great value. Investing so much money means that they have an edge over other companies that do not have the finances to invest in engineers, developing components, R&D and prototypes to begin with. This has given some sort of concern to start-ups that wanted to develop their own technology from scratch, since a company as huge as Samsung has commenced at a point way beyond what they are capable of.

Samsung made use of this $8 billion dollars to purchase an American company called Harman that specializes in automotive design and connectivity between vehicle components. Samsung is a smart company, it has not only invested $ 8 billion in a US company for its automotive technology, It will also make use of the sound technology that this company has developed for automobiles in its new Galaxy smartphones,
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will be on sale for next year and it will feature Harman technology.

Renault Samsung Motors

After the purchase of Harman, there have been rumours on how this company will be run. Harman’s production is based on the sale and improvement of vehicles that up till today have not gained much popularity, but it will invest all its experience in Samsung and has already equipped more than 30 million cars with devices bearing its’ brand name, some of its clients include companies like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, Renault Samsung Motors may become popular with these new additions.

Harman’s experience has shown that it is a company that can position Renault Samsung Motors higher than we can ever imagine with implementations and development of navigation systems, internet connectivity, vehicle safety and entertainment. Renault Samsung Motors will undergo a change in its staff and system of management, this will commence when Harman installs its production equipment and implements its production system. perhaps both companies may still have to discuss the issue but it’s possible they come to a 50/50 agreement on the use of their systems and equipment.

A step closer to the competition

Samsung has invested a huge amount of money in order to guarantee its success and be on the same level with its competitors, many companies already have this kind of implementation and are only just modifying and expanding what they already have, this gives us a lot to speculate about on Samsung’s first installment in the smart car market. The $8 billion dollars invested will be put to the test and Samsung would have to compete with greats like Tesla who have one of the best developed smart cars in the market.

Samsung is not the only company betting on a new technology that has not yet been exploited on a large scale, there are other big companies that have been working in secret to take smart car technology a step further; Google has long been developing vehicles without drivers, Apple has been working for a long time on smart vehicles and these are companies that also manufacture smartphones, perhaps this is the top one among many patents available in the market. Samsung should be careful, investing heavily and not studying the market adequately could result in a loss like that of its Galaxy Note 7 which would even be a bigger failure.

Super user privilegesNowadays, what is being offered to us in our computers, smartphones and electronic devices  by manufacturers is not sufficient to enable us take full advantage of them. Manufacturers always set limits between regular users and others who would like to derive more benefits from their electronic device, even if this means to risk suffering major damage. In Vofeel, we can say that one of the biggest reasons for smartphones getting damaged “without one tampering with anything” is the bad function of these super user privileges, which you can find in everything that’s technology related, not just in smartphones.

The people who enjoy these super user privileges are the brave ones who can see the major potential of technology. It’s about going beyond manufacturer limits and diving into the deep where others have also been. And, even if something goes wrong; you wouldn’t be the only one, you will be able to find a solution on the internet. So many people have already exceeded these limits and have published it. Being a super user in technology is not the big deal, a lot of people do not prefer it; they prefer to follow the manufacturers’ rules or they’re just afraid of not being able to fix their device in case something goes terribly wrong. But if you don’t try, you’ll never exceed your limit. In Vofeel, we’ll teach you some techniques; but, also we don’t recommend that you do this if you’re not convinced about it.

Super user benefits

Going beyond limits can be very helpful for a better smartphone performance. Being a Root user on Android is rather advantageous because if our smartphone doesn’t have a good storage capacity, we will be able to erase some applications by default; have more space for new applications, transfer applications from the internal memory to the SD card, and even expand the internal storage with our SD card by partitioning it.

Super user risks

Not everybody knows how to stay within the limit. There are people who always damage something while trying to experiment something new; they have to reinstall the entire firmware in order to experiment again. It’s very common in smartphones, to make the mistake of erasing important applications such as; Google services, the Wi-Fi interface or the files needed to turn on our device. When this happens, we have to reinstall the entire operating system (firmware) like we previously showed you on Vofeel.

How to be a super user

Being a super user is not bad. Many applications which are highly recommended ask you for super user permissions in order to access them. A smartphone super user gives special permissions to applications that need these sorts of things, and we’re not able to give them being a normal user. That’s why we have to be careful about which applications we want to install and their confirmation.


On Android, we have so many options to become a super user because its operating system is based on Linux; there are so many ways through which we can exceed the limits and take maximum advantage of our device performance. In Vofeel, we’ll teach you the most common methods that work most of the time in Android devices:

Through application

In the app store, there is an application called Kingo Root that facilitates the download process of various files, through processes like Odín among others. With this application we can perform the whole process that will enable us access our smartphone as a super user, it can be installed via PC or directly from our smartphone, we’ll show you how:

  1. Mobile application: in the Google Play Store, search for Kingo Root, download it and then install it. Finally initiate the application and automatically when it reaches certain percentage;  your smartphone will restart itself in order to complete the installation.
  1. Desktop application: in the official Kingo Root web page, you can download the official client. Connect your smartphone along with the program already initiated. Wait until it recognizes it and then initiate the super user installation. Wait until your smartphone restarts itself and it’ll be ready to proceed.

Note: to verify the super user permissions, download the Root Checker application, and you’ll be able to see if the process was successful.

  • iOS:

The iOS super user is known as Jailbreak. In each aspect, its permissions and restrictions are the same in all Apple smartphones. There is so much documentation on it; Apple, in their support page have explained the super user permissions and how to activate them. Here, in Vofeel, we’ll show you how to do it in a simple way:

  1. Download the Pangu official client, this step is a minimum requirement and it’s only available for Windows.
  1. Haven initiated Pangu, it’ll ask you to connect your smartphone to your computer by USB.
  1. After it recognizes it, select the Start option and that’ll activate flight mode in your smartphone. Finally, select Already Backup.
  1. At the end, wait for the 5 minutes process and the device will restart itself in order to continue the installation.
  1. On the desktop you will see a direct access for Pangu, open it and accept the permissions to restart your device again.
  1. Wait until the entire restart process is finished and then you’ll have super user permissions.

Transferring contacts iPhone/AndroidThe battle for the most used brand of smartphones in the world is currently between Samsung and Apple; two great manufacturers that have endowed smartphones with features ranging from the most basic functions to the high end ones which we have today. The most used operative systems are Android and iOS, being the ones that have more developed applications in their corresponding app stores. That’s why, a lot of information about how to repair common mistakes, such as; flashlight not working, apps suddenly closing, or messages not appearing, and so on, can be found on the internet.

One of the most common problems is the decision of changing smartphones, whether for a more advanced one or just to change the operating system. It’s a common question, given that we don’t want to lose our contacts, mails, or addresses. The truth is that we don’t have to worry about these types of problems because with mobile technology everything has a solution. It is possible to transfer these contacts or all of the necessary information saved. It wouldn’t be necessary for you to copy a number and have to copy it over again in your other smartphone. Shortly, we’ll give you the solution right on this page.

Transferring contacts between iPhone and Android

It’s a users’ nightmare when we talk about transferring information from iPhone to Android or vice versa. Transferring app information, contacts or emails from one device to another has often been considered a myth. However, thanks to the many curious ones amongst us, we’ve found a way to solve this mystery.

Transferring contacts from iOS to Android

One of the most loyal iOS partner is the iCloud. Even though this service hasn’t been very important when we talk about transferring contacts, the iCloud feature has been always present. It’s necessary and obligatory to have activated the contact synchronization in our devices. If we don’t already have it activated, we can do that through the settings.

  • In Settings, you should look at the iCloud option, if the Contact option isn’t activated, you should activate it. If it’s already activated, we are ready to go.

If the option is activated, it means that the contacts sync will be done to iCloud and we’ll see them from another device or simply in the official iCloud web page.

  • Select the Contacts you want to transfer to your new Android device. You have to make sure that the contacts you want transferred have been selected.
  • Click on the Configuration icon in the left bottom and select the Export vCard option in which the needed file will be downloaded.

Now we have to go to the Google web page where we’ll manage our contacts.

  • Enter into Google Contacts on the Google web page and log in with your account and password.
  • In the top side of Google Contacts click on the More option, and then on Import or, on the sidebar, you can select the Import Contacts option.
  • And finally, you will need the file that you downloaded from the iCloud, and then you’ll need to wait until the importation and contacts synchronization is completed in order to view them directly in your address book.

Transferring contacts from Android to iOS

With Android it is a little bit easier because the synchronization is always activated in Google, even though we don’t want it. Google offers many features to Android users; so many, that we don’t just have one way to send our contacts to iOS, but two or more ways. Here, at Vofeel, we’ll show you two easy methods, just in case one of them doesn’t work:

Method #1

This method is very similar to that of transferring from iOS to Android; we have to implement most of the steps but inversely:

  • Log in  to Google Contacts, after selecting the More option, click on the Export option and then, a file will be downloaded.
  • In your device, log in to iCloud, select the Configuration icon located below and to the left. Finally, select Import vCard and then the file you already downloaded from Google Contacts.

Method #2

This method is so much easier, if the first method doesn’t work for you, or you just want to go directly with this one.

  • In your iOS device, you should go to Settings, and get into the section of Mails, contacts, and calendar.
  • Once you’re there, you must Add an account by selecting the one of Google, and log in with your information (user/password).

At the end, with either method, it’ll just be a matter of time to finish the importation and synchronization of the new Android contacts to iOS. The process will depend on the quantity of contacts that you have on file.

My smartphone has changed to a brickIt’s a common problem to find out that our smartphone doesn’t want to turn on, or it just gets stuck with the screen showing the logo of its correspondent enterprise; when this happens many people label their smartphones as a “brick smartphone.” And it’s one of the most common problems that shows up when people start to damage their smartphones’ operating system. Technology has delivered to us so many solutions and problems at the same time which has made it extremely easy to restore a mobile that doesn’t run or turn on by using our own methods. However, many people are afraid to try their hands on a new area, being very insecure; they prefer to leave it to the real professionals.

Today in Vofeel, we’ll teach you how to save a little bit of money and how to solve this problem like a professional. If you don’t have the vaguest idea of what are you doing, it’s always better to seek professional help. Nonetheless, we should be able to solve our smartphones’ turn on problem in just a few steps, whether if its iOS or Android. We have to be cognizant of following the steps correctly; because if we don’t do it right, we can suffer a worse damage and in that case, we’ll surely need professional help. Our smartphone can literally remain as a brick and it’ll be very difficult to fix. In Vofeel, we recommend that you be sure before proceeding because we’ll not be held responsible if you don’t follow the steps correctly.

Why does this happen?

The principal reason could be a malicious application downloaded to your smartphone, erasing some necessary files that are needed to turn it on. Another reason could be some manufacturing defects, because the internal storage is the one that’s suffering this damage, and if it’s not working properly, our smartphone won’t turn on correctly. We have to take care of the internal storage, to avoid erasing files that we think are unnecessary and avoid filling it with malicious files.

Solution 1#: Factory reset


If we use Android and we download a malicious application outside of Playstore, it’ll be sufficient to just follow a few steps and reset our smartphone. The factory reset can be done in a hidden menu called, “Recovery.” Now, we’ll see what we have to do here:

  1. Go to Recovery (How to get to this menu will depend on your smartphone and not everyone has got the same.)
  1. Select the wipe data/factory reset options, and then the wipe cache partition
  1. And finally, select the reboot system now and our smartphone will be reset.


With Apple smartphones, you’ll need the help of  iTunes to reestablish the factory default settings of your smartphone. The steps are almost universal to every iPhone, nevertheless, many desktop computers do not recognize iPhones and we’ll need to install drivers. This situation always occurs with the iPhone 4, depending on how you manage it.

  1. Open Itunes
  1. Connect the USB cable to your computer until iTunes recognizes your smartphone and it’s displayed on the screen.
  1. In iTunes, select the Restore option, and wait until the process finishes and your smartphone will be reset.

Solution 2#: Reinstall firmware


In Android, it’s a little bit more complex because there are so many smartphones with this operating system that each one of them has a different solution. Basically, the steps to follow are the same but using downloaded files and applications are totally different. In Vofeel, we’ll show you the universal way of doing it, explaining how it should be done in Samsung smartphones ( valid since the first generation):

  1. Download the necessary files; Odin, Original Firmware and Drivers. We can easily find these in a blog or on the Samsung official web page (Firmware and Drivers).
  1. Initiate the Odin application; likewise, go to Download mode on your smartphone and connect them until Odin recognizes it.
  1. In Odin, depending on the PDA section, you’ll need to set the firmware and select the Start button until the smartphone resets and it’ll be ready.


With the Apple smartphones it’ll be a little bit easier to reinstall a firmware by default, or to install an advanced version. In some cases it’ll be necessary to install an old version. It’ll depend on the files that you’re downloading. Basically, the same steps of  solution #1 but with an added detail.

  1. Download the firmware you want to install and open iTunes
  1. Connect it with the USB cable to your computer until iTunes recognize your smartphone by displaying it on the screen.
  1. On iTunes, use the Restore + Shift key (Windows) or Alt (Mac) option, pick the file you just downloaded and wait until the same process resets your smartphone.