The future of flexible screens for SamsungIf large manufacturers are not in constant development they will have serious problems with their rivals, we must always keep in mind that technology and science have always been in development from the smallest components for computers to large patents such as virtual reality or the current resolution of tv screens. People who love technology and information technology are always going to want to keep abreast of what’s current today, many ignore the cost that needs to be spent to stay current today, however many also compare the price-quality ratio at the time of purchasing a device.

Another alternative that companies use is to buy other small start-ups that do not have the financial capacity to follow up on high quality projects, companies like Samsung, Apple, Google and other major manufacturers have opted for that feature. Purchasing small companies, but also maintaining their core projects so as not to lose the essence of what the company started. After buying up smaller companies what they do is support one of their projects and boost it in order for it to generate higher profit, that’s what Samsung did by investing 8 billion dollars in the automotive industry.

Samsung and its flexible screens

Screens for smartphones was big news a few years back, right now a fantastic resolution is being integrated on these screens that even reach up to 4K resolution. Samsung is a manufacturer that has become very popular for its smartphones and the high quality and performance they deliver, now with the integration of such a high resolution could Samsung also add flexibility to these screens. They already did this previously but it was perhaps lacking in creativity to make it popular.

Flexible screens are not new to Samsung, and it has already shown that it has the ability to include them in its’ high-end smartphones but it needs some more creativity to impress users who have seen this technology being used in other products. Samsung began with the Galaxy Round, the first smartphone with a curved screen, later Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge being a design very similar to the current Note but with a curved screen and finally the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge +, however Samsung needs to give users something different and surprising.

Samsungs’ Project Valley

According to some sources a Samsung smartphone that had a very flexible screen was made in Korea under the name of Project Valley, it still hasn’t been confirmed and announced by Samsung but many rumours have been started since May 2016 about these tests in Korea. This new device is even called fablet, a combination of a smartphone and a tablet, the device can adapt to the shape of a tablet or a smartphone, depending on how we want to use it.

Since June the rumors of this Samsung patent have gotten stronger, this new device has also attracted a lot of attention because of it’s unique design, perhaps it’s the first to demonstrate so much flexibility and performance than some others. Other manufacturers should be a little frightened by this Samsung patent if everything goes as planned, even though Samsung lost a few customers with the Galaxy Note 7 misfortune, maybe this is one of the ways it would reinvent itself for next year. If Samsung can demonstrate to the market that this smartphone is safe, it would have an advantage over other manufacturers.

Elegant design (Smartphone + Tablet)

Can you imagine having a tablet and a smartphone at the same time? With Project Valley it will be much easier than you imagine and with a very elegant design that is unique in the market. Certainly in the smartphone market this would be a very innovative news but spending a lot of money on this new Samsung project could also be a waste of money if it does not work as it should. Lately, Samsung has been demonstrating a lot of confidence in its’ latest Products in terms of performance and new technology but not in terms of quality and life span.

Another rumor is that Samsung could include not only the flexible screen but also features of a high-end smartphone just like it is doing with its’ new projects. Two processors have been tested; the Snapdragon 620 and the Snapdragon 820, it is not new news that some manufacturers are already including these Qualcomm processors in their devices which would need a RAM of at least 3GB to be able to work correctly, in addition with a non-removable battery and a slot for microSD memory.

The screen of the new Samsung Galaxy S8After the scandal of the Galaxy Note 7, there was a need for Samsung to exercise more care with its new products, the news of the withdrawal of all the Galaxy Note 7 from the market was one of Samsung’s worst moments because there was a reduction in its’ clientele and as a result of this they thought that new Samsung products might have certain features from Note 7 which could cause malfunctions and they might be right. Samsung should seek to reassure its customers and regain the trust of all those who had their Note 7 returned, even though it was a smartphone with incredible features it could not stay a long time in the market for obvious reasons.

This incident occurred because of the bad conditions in which the tests were conducted, every manufacturer must have adequate testing time for its products so that when the product is finally delivered they can guarantee their customers that there will be no faulty devices. The re-enforcement that was given to the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best in terms of performance; 2.3 GHz c4 core Processor, 4GB RAM, 3500 mAh battery and a very elegant design. Overheating was one of the first issues that the Note 7 had, this was the primary reason for the returns and for the bad reputation that Samsung engineers began to get.

The New “Force Touch” Screen

The new Galaxy S8 from Samsung will have new features that Samsung will integrate into its new devices beginning with the new Galaxy S8 whose exact release date is not yet known, perhaps Samsung will keep this as a surprise, the only known thing is that its Launch will be in 2017. It is one of the most anticipated products for next year as Samsung has invested all of its available resources in the success of this product, however they should be very attentive to the cooling system on the device if they do not want a repeat of what happened with the Note 7.

The new screen for the S8 will have sensors which are able to detect the level of pressure that we apply on it in order to give new ideas for applications to developers. Although Samsung by now has only done tests with the Force Touch screen, it is expected that it will be ready for installation on the S8, a Force Touch screen gives many alternatives to developers and to applications that Samsung wants to create for the future of smartphone screens. Integrating this new technology into the new S8 would be a step for Samsung to implement it in their next projects, the S8 would be the first prototype from Samsung with the Force Touch screen.

A Larger Screen

It is possible that the new S8 will not suffer from any modification of the size of the smartphone, however there are certain rumors that the screen could be 5.7 ” inches and its Edge version 6.2″ inches. So far, there have only been rumours concerning the size of the screen but it is fully certified that although the screen would cover almost all of the smartphone, there will be no need of making it bigger. Also rumors would have to be confirmed about Samsung not integrating a start button on its smartphones.

4k Resolution and Virtual Reality

Samsung is still in the process of developing the Galaxy S8 screen but as it is, it’s still in development there are also many rumors about the applications that this screen will have. Sources say that if it is possible to expand the screen of the S8, it will also be possible to integrate a 4k resolution, very little can be viewed on the devices we have presently but manufacturers like Xiaomi want to deploy new screens that cover the entire smartphone. The use of 4k resolutions would be one of the new features of 2017 that we could see not only in Samsung smartphones, but also in many other brands of smartphones.

Virtual reality is one of the applications that Samsung has worked on most in recent years, the Samsung application was fully recognized with the Samsung Gear which gave the opportunity to many to enjoy virtual reality even if they did not have enough money to buy an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive kit. If the arrival of a 4K resolution screen for the S8 is confirmed, it is more than certain that it would be a very good screen for virtual reality to be used on, currently one of the surest bets in technology for the future.

Water Resistant

It wasn’t a surprise for it to be integrated into the Galaxy S8 as we have also seen this in the S7 and S7 Edge, this feature is one of the best to come to the market for lovers of smartphones and water activities. An IP68 certification for Samsung’s new smartphone is currently being worked on, as well as enabling the phone to last under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters, but taking this a bit further they want to make sure the phone doesn’t get damaged when it is submerged. Many tests of this resistance have indicated that it will even be possible to write on the screen while underwater.

Samsung bets big on smart car technologyMany companies begin by specializing in producing a single product until they become recognized and expand into other products and grow into a large company with variety of stocks for sale. One of the best examples is Nokia, a company that manufactured phones with the Symbian operating system, it was one of the most recognized worldwide until the era of smartphones began and the Android And iOS operating system became more popular, this put the Nokia company aside because it did not take advantage of the opportunity to expand and create other patents, so its sales declined and later it had to be sold.

Samsung is a very popular company with products ranging from electrical appliances to smartphones. Presently, the company has been going through a rough patch after it suffered losses with its’ Galaxy Note 7, a lot of people made a joke of this incident on the internet with memes and GIFs mocking the product but Samsung lost a serious amount of money and apart from the money already spent in creating the product, they also had to refund money back to customers who were affected by the incident. Now, Samsung hopes to bounce back with a new investment, although it already produces a wide variety of electronic equipment, it still needs to expand its catalogue in preparation of the future, the sale of its smartphones alone will not be enough to recover all its losses and for this reason it is looking towards a new alternative for the market.

$8 billion dollars on Intelligent Automobiles

Samsung has invested around 8 billion dollars in the automotive industry, investing this huge amount gives Samsung some assurance that its recovery will be of great value. Investing so much money means that they have an edge over other companies that do not have the finances to invest in engineers, developing components, R&D and prototypes to begin with. This has given some sort of concern to start-ups that wanted to develop their own technology from scratch, since a company as huge as Samsung has commenced at a point way beyond what they are capable of.

Samsung made use of this $8 billion dollars to purchase an American company called Harman that specializes in automotive design and connectivity between vehicle components. Samsung is a smart company, it has not only invested $ 8 billion in a US company for its automotive technology, It will also make use of the sound technology that this company has developed for automobiles in its new Galaxy smartphones,
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will be on sale for next year and it will feature Harman technology.

Renault Samsung Motors

After the purchase of Harman, there have been rumours on how this company will be run. Harman’s production is based on the sale and improvement of vehicles that up till today have not gained much popularity, but it will invest all its experience in Samsung and has already equipped more than 30 million cars with devices bearing its’ brand name, some of its clients include companies like General Motors and Fiat Chrysler, Renault Samsung Motors may become popular with these new additions.

Harman’s experience has shown that it is a company that can position Renault Samsung Motors higher than we can ever imagine with implementations and development of navigation systems, internet connectivity, vehicle safety and entertainment. Renault Samsung Motors will undergo a change in its staff and system of management, this will commence when Harman installs its production equipment and implements its production system. perhaps both companies may still have to discuss the issue but it’s possible they come to a 50/50 agreement on the use of their systems and equipment.

A step closer to the competition

Samsung has invested a huge amount of money in order to guarantee its success and be on the same level with its competitors, many companies already have this kind of implementation and are only just modifying and expanding what they already have, this gives us a lot to speculate about on Samsung’s first installment in the smart car market. The $8 billion dollars invested will be put to the test and Samsung would have to compete with greats like Tesla who have one of the best developed smart cars in the market.

Samsung is not the only company betting on a new technology that has not yet been exploited on a large scale, there are other big companies that have been working in secret to take smart car technology a step further; Google has long been developing vehicles without drivers, Apple has been working for a long time on smart vehicles and these are companies that also manufacture smartphones, perhaps this is the top one among many patents available in the market. Samsung should be careful, investing heavily and not studying the market adequately could result in a loss like that of its Galaxy Note 7 which would even be a bigger failure.

Samsung's new virtual assistantWhen we talk about comfort and optimizing certain tasks, technology will always be present. It is not that we are no longer able to carry out those tasks but in most cases the use of such tools help us to optimize our work or verify that everything is in order. Many people see it as something that weakens us or as a tool that makes us useless when in fact they have being developed to optimize results and one of the best examples we have today is the calculator; A tool capable of performing complex arithmetic calculations just by the input of values, optimizing large-scale calculations to only seconds and then giving a result.

The use of tools to optimize our work is good as long as our work is legit, sometimes using tools that does all the work for us may make us look unprofessional, however it is not too bad to use these tools to compare their results with ours. There are tools like Google Translate that have helped people from different countries to communicate, however this tool does not always give the correct translations and so there are a lot of errors; It translates words but most times it doesn’t interprete sentences in a way that users can understand.

Bixby, the new Virtual Assistant

Samsung is currently one of the companies that is placing its bet on smartphones, smart TVs, virtual reality and much more … Being one of the companies that competes at the top place of the market, it did not want to be left behind without a virtual assistant for its smartphone. We’ve already got Cortana from Windows Phone / Windows 10, the new Google virtual assistant included in Google Pixel and Siri by Apple. Samsung wants to reinvent the delivery a little bit for its users and has decided to integrate in its new product (Samsung Galaxy S8) this virtual assistant which is still in development but is already known by the name, Bixby and we will surely have more news on this.

It is rumored that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 may include new features from other smartphones but there could also be something unforeseen like what happened with its’ Note 7, all rumors for now, but there are still many unknown things about the new Galaxy S8. The only known thing about the Galaxy S8 is that it will include Samsungs’ new virtual assistant and that the launch of the smartphone is planned for the first quarter of 2017 by then Samsung should have everything ready and make sure the same thing that happened with its’ Note 7 doesn’t repeat itself.

Speech recognition

Like most virtual assistants, Bixby also includes this great feature which can not be left out, this feature activates the hands-free, recognizes tasks and can even makes phone calls using voice commands that have been recognized by Bixby. This is a feature that has taken so many years to be developed by so many companies and currently a patent is being developed that can be used in prototypes and for major productions as Samsung is doing now with its new virtual assistant.

Previously, Samsung had a voice recognition software called S Voice, however it has never before being a virtual assistant. S Voice only has basic commands for interacting with the settings or help information for the smartphone. One of the companies with which Samsung also allied with was Sherpa in order to have a base software to obtain improvements and then proceed to an idea for the future of the virtual assistant. Samsung has always been at the top place in the smartphone market, both in applications and products, and by creating this software it will also be keeping up with large companies that have spent years developing a virtual assistant.

A Software in development

The software created by Samsung and registered with the trademark “Bixby” in South Korea, has proven that it will handle many commands for the management of our Samsung smartphones, computers or tablets. It is a bit logical that after the vice president of Samsung announced that there would be changes for the benefit of the future of the company, It shouldn’t be be news that it would be devoted to something more competitive in relation to what is trending in the market with companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Samsung’s innovation began after it bought a start-up company “Viv Labs” (the original creators of Siri), a compromising foundation for the future of the virtual assistant. This same company is in charge of the development Samsungs’ new Virtual Assistant, they are the ones responsible for this new virtual assistant with a totally revolutionary AI. There have been a lot of rumors since Viv Labs was bought immediately after Bixby was registered in South Korea, as it all came after Samsung’s announced that it was looking for alternatives for its future.