Technology and FadThe technology and fad were two topics that we had to separate completely because they weren’t similar and the persons who followed one didn’t like the other, everything changed when technology and fad were mixed to create patents that nowadays are known as a “wearable” for society. The technology by its side was able to create to its step everything that we know today as smartphones, flat screen TV’s, or create virtual environments as the virtual reality and even what we see on movies, TV series or science fiction which in a future will be possible as it continues being developed.

The fad never was a topic that could be related with technology unless it was for publicity and marketing of them, however the technology comes to it to give a futurist touch but with a higher cost by the features that some have. Nowadays there are many projects opened to proposals to create clothing with functions; to work in together with smartphones, clothing automatically adaptable to the weather, clothes to know and take control in how many calories spend a person while practicing a sport, among others… There are infinities of features that can have these clothes and are yet in development, but that many of them are already designed and practiced.

Fad to improve the health

Some of the projects of technology and fad are not only based on looking well and adapting to a weather change, many of these developers go further and it’s where technological science becomes more interesting to society. In the University of California, San Diego they created a prototype to know the arterial pressure, heart rate and many features of the vital signs of who carries this clothes. An advantage of this is that the patient won’t need to pay all the services and costs of a hospital if already has this clothes, maybe it’ll be a good invest.

The science of technology has supported a lot to medicine to find new solutions and facilitate some aspects of medicine to know with more exactitude and efficiency the problems that can suffer a patient, or the possibility of its treatments. There are many proposals of clothing to adult people for including cardiac monitoring and diabetic. The doctor Wang declared that is an advantage that we have this sort of clothing at home, due to for old people was better having a treatment at home that going every day to hospital and do the same task that smart clothing does.

Medellin is preparing for the change

The Medellin city in Colombia has been presenting many patents and proposals to start showing all these clothing that were already developed and still being on development. Companies such as Inexmoda or Woma have constantly been declaring that this new technology is not come to the city, but since now the country has to prepare to give the change and being one of the Latin-American cities that will have in use this technology on nowadays, not only as a prototype if not as daily use of the users.

The problem in many companies or organizations is that they’re afraid to the change of new patents within the company without knowing that is the step that must make a company to be better than it already is. In this case we don’t talk about an organization rather an entire city and probably a whole country, the technology implies a cost, but that cost reflects to have solutions that previously didn’t exist and make ease of some aspects of the daily life

¡Wearables to the sell!

Although many of these smart accessories are still on development, there are companies that already have a final product and decided to launch it to the market. Rusty is an example of them; a clothing brand very recognized that on its smart accessories as for women as for gentleman offer a novelty on its accessories; the option to include headsets that cannot be tangled and can be washed many times. The headphones comes as adjustable braids for the cord of a sweater, the majority of the stock for this smart accessory is of a sweater.

Zerintia technologies, is another company that since it’s known a prototype of technology and fad, it has dedicated to create a perfect combination between comfort and functionality on the smart accessories. Zerintia offers multiple products that have passed through many tests before being sold; some of them prevent possible diseases and information about vital signs of the person that use this accessory, besides to adapt the capacities and functions of these wearables to our daily life or job.

The wearables are small accessories that bring advanced technology in any part of our body to process information, send it where it’s configured and even do many functions that we don’t see, but that some aspects of our daily life it makes them easier. The most recognized wearables are the smart watches that are connected to our smartphone and transfer information between them.

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